How Does A Cancer Show Love In Relationships?

The award for the most nurturing and sensitive sign of the zodiac always goes to Cancer. These intuitive, emotional beings are known to be homebodies who prioritize family above all else. If you or your loved one were born between June 21 and July 22, then you likely know a thing or two about Cancer's capacity for empathy and tenderness. These crabs are maternal to the core and can read a true emotional state through the toughest of poker faces.


"Cancer is an ocean of emotion, submerged in infinite consciousness and intuitive memory. It is where we find both the mother and the home within ourselves," said astrologer Valerie Mesa in an interview with Bustle, who just so happens to be a Cancer herself.

This water sign is ruled by the moon, which means there are no depths too deep when it comes to emotional vulnerability with a Cancer, and here's what you can expect that to look like when it comes to being loved by one.

Cancers will take care of you emotionally

If you know you need an avid listener to spill your heart to, then dating a Cancer might be a gift from the heavens. Cancers show their love through nurturing care and, unsurprisingly, are most compatible with other Cancer natives. However, these cardinal signs need to know their romantic relationship will be a stable and predictable environment — with few surprises (via Co-Star Astrology). If you've passed the safety test, a Cancer will likely invite you for an intimate date in a more secluded environment, read: a picnic on the beach or takeout on the couch.


The Cancer lover also needs to have a deep emotional connection with their partner, and once they find it, they will offer up the entirety of their heart (via Women'sHealth). But if their efforts go unnoticed or undervalued, then they'll be deeply displeased -– as would anyone. Cancers tend to struggle with setting healthy boundaries and can fall into a cycle of over-giving and depletion. So, if your Cancer lover is pouring from an empty cup, offer help or at least space for some self-care to emerge from their deep wells.

Cancers want to build long term relationships

When a Cancer commits, they are fully and truly committed. They prioritize a deep, stable connection with their loved one and protect it at all costs. Cancers could be considered to be some of the more traditional lovers of the zodiac. Dating apps, one-night stands, and meaningless flings likely just won't cut it for Cancers. They prefer to go slow and are looking for the real deal. They have the future in mind and value the home and hearth –- so if they can't see marriage and children with you, they probably won't waste their time, per Your Tango.


It's also important to note that Cancer will not be the one doing the chasing — these water signs are very unlikely to make themselves vulnerable to the possibility of rejection (via Collective World). So, if you like a Cancer and suspect they like you too, prepare to be the go-getter.