Your 2023 Financial Horoscope Might Make You See Stars

After a three-year-long pandemic that just won't quit and all the economic implications associated with it, many people are more anxious than ever to hear a financial forecast for 2023. If you're a believer in astrology, you know that financial horoscopes are long-awaited every year, offering a glimpse into the upcoming year for your sun sign. In fact, according to the International Journal of Economics and Business Research, financial astrology has been used since the year 463 B.C.


If you're curious about what the stars have in store for your bank account in 2023, here is your guide. However, keep in mind that these predictions are based on your sun sign alone. If the outlook seems less than promising, it may be worth your time to dig deeper into the other placements in your birth chart to expand upon the basis of what you're about to learn (via Café Astrology). 

Money makers

Good news: the year 2023 looks to be one that will be financially prosperous for most of the zodiac. Libra, Scorpio, Leo, Gemini, Taurus, and Aquarius all rank at the top of the pack when it comes to receiving money and opportunities.


Libra, a sign known for enjoying excess and luxury, should see increased success in business and investment ventures in 2023, thanks to Jupiter in the seventh house (via Astrostyle). Scorpio, on the other hand, is known as the sign of taxes —along with sex and death — and should have no problem handling the return on previous investments headed their way. Fiery Leo can expect brand new income opportunities to present themselves as the sun enters its eleventh house but will have to reel in their generous ways if they'd like to keep their new money, according to Best Life.

Gemini natives may face some financial challenges during the first quarter of 2023. However, things should turn around in a major way in April when Jupiter transits in the eleventh house. Stubborn Taurus will also experience a slew of ups and downs, but the ups should largely prevail. Aquarius, the wateriest of air signs, might see a large increase in investment opportunities that will all pay off, especially over the summer when the sun transits its twelfth house (via AstroSage). 


Penny pinchers

Not every sun sign can prosper every year. In 2023, Cancer, Virgo, and Pisces might have to face some financial difficulties. Cancer will receive many opportunities to invest. However, these investments are likely to lead to losses or even to financial ruin, according to AstroSage. Best to stay in the shell when it comes to these opportunities. Virgo may experience financial growth at the start of the year, but once Jupiter transits the eighth house in April, expenses and losses could rise to the point that previous profits for the year are wiped away and then some.


Pisces, the fish, may swim into some dire financial waters in 2023. In mid-January, Saturn will enter its twelfth house, bringing with it large, lasting, and unexpected expenses. Try to plan ahead while you still can, Pisceans, by setting aside some extra savings (via Securian Financial). This is likely to be a rough storm, but it should ease up around September. 

Middle of the road outlooks

Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Aries are the most likely signs to break even or come out just slightly ahead or behind financially in 2023, according to InstaAstro. Sagittarius, the feisty archer, should find plenty of opportunities to make more money throughout the year. Unfortunately, they will be equaled in rising expenses to the point that the increased income is unlikely to feel noticeable.


Capricorn will tread along steadily, as usual, facing a fair number of ups and downs as a Sun-Mercury conjunction takes place in the twelfth house for most of the year. Finally, Aries will face an increase in income that is matched by an increase in expenses. Due to the sign's generous nature, the drive to give charitable donations, especially during the holiday season, might end up creating a negative cash flow without caution (via Purewow). Always be sure to give from a position of overflow — one cannot pour from an empty cup.