The Hat Trends That Should Be On Your Radar For Fall And Winter

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It goes without saying that one of the most exciting things about fashion come fall and winter is layering. Indeed, staying warm becomes a gorgeous game of delicately choosing sweaters, jackets, scarves, and gloves. Accessories are just as important as big clothing pieces, and unlike summertime when we bare all, fall and winter call for creative ways to stay cozy. During the season when you need socks, gloves, and a scarf, throwing on a hat is the most exciting part.

Hats are the statement piece of a good outfit, whether they're wide brims, fuzzy, or cowboy style (which are having a serious moment), according to Asi Central. This year is no different, with certain headwear definitely becoming the star of fall and winter. While a good coat is necessary for any cold season, nothing tops a stylish headpiece that can take a look to the next level. As 2022 comes to a close, we've narrowed down the top trending hat styles this fall and winter.

Newsboy hats

Newsboy hats, or pageboy caps as they're also called, had a major moment in the early 2000s. Worn as the preppy accessory typically paired with streamlined uniforms and tailored suits, this style has resurfaced as the latest fall and winter trend. In particular, the classic lid goes perfectly with tweed blazers, skirts of any length, and sexy androgynous styling. The California hat designers at Brixton have perfected the newsboy hat design with multiple variations that are available at Nordstrom.

Baseball hats

Sporty is always in — and that goes for fall and winter, too. Vintage baseball caps are the perfect accessory to complete a cozy effortless look. When wanting to pull off laid-back chic, especially on cold days when you don't want to overthink an outfit, baseball caps should be a go-to in your closet. They pair great with oversized blazers and any winter coat. To try the look, consider the Outsider Supply's Expressionism cap or go a step further in all fur with Rag and Bone's faux fur baseball hat.

French berets

French is always in style, and that also goes for in-season berets. Similar to the newsboy hat, there's been a recent uptick in preppy fashion. With the Hadids wearing suits and ties, there's a return to sophisticated streamlined fashion happening. The military beret is structured — and sharp — and offers a vintage feel to any look. As nostalgic ballet shoes resurface as one of the trending shoes this season, berets feel like the perfect romantic pairing to flaunt like a French girl.

Fuzzy hats

The fur hat has been trending for quite a while now — bad girl Rih Rih and Emily Ratajkowski have been sporting it since last year — but fuzz is still in. Indeed, there truly is no bigger statement piece than a fur-filled headpiece. Seen mostly as bucket hats, fur hats have been all the rage, styled with tinted glasses to give the perfect Y2K steeze. To try the look, check out this oversized faux fur pink bucket hat available from Revolve

Veiled hats

Adding a bit of drama to the trends this year is the appearance of veils. Regardless if it was Kylie Jenner wearing a veiled baseball cap at the Met that started the trend, there's certainly been an uptick in textured caps. Trend forecaster Jessica Richards told Marie Claire that she predicts net veil details, like black veils over berets, are in order to "balance sophistication with drama." Try the look this holiday season in red with this stunning wool felt veil cap by Eugenia Kim available at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Western hats

It's fair to say 2022 was definitely the year of the cowgirl, with western themes blowing up in fashion everywhere. From Off-White's For Walking cowboy boots to Shein's glitter fringe jackets, western fashion is definitely having a moment. This year's holiday parties are a great opportunity for playing up the festivities, so why not go full cowgirl? Go full glitz with the Star Cowboy Hat from Revolve or choose a rhinestoned wide brim available on Amazon. These felt-brushed hats are warm and sure to get the holiday parties started.