The Makeup Hack That Will Clean Up Messy Shimmer And Glitter Eyeshadows

Eye makeup is more versatile than most people might think, and can be used to create all kinds of looks. Whether you're going for a more neutral, daytime vibe or full glam for a night out, playing with different eyeshadow colors and types can help you achieve whatever style you prefer. Believe it or not, even shimmer and glitter eyeshadows can be used in a variety of looks — from natural daytime to dramatic nighttime.

According to Byrdie, glitter and shimmer eyeshadows are actually easier to apply than they may seem, and you can use items you likely have on hand to make the process easier. The outlet explains that household tools like tape or cotton swabs can make applying glitter or shimmer eyeshadows a cinch. Bustle shares that glitter and shimmer eyeshadows really came back into style in 2019, and they've lasted as a makeup trend since then. A makeup artist who spoke to the outlet also said that glitter eyeshadow will always be "messy," so preparing for that possibility is key to creating a great look.

Even after you've figured out how to apply glitter eyeshadow, there's still a chance that it might have gotten a little messy in the process. To fix this, there's one simple tip that you'll need to clean it up.

This makeup hack takes just seconds to complete

If you're planning on using glitter or shimmer shadows when you're applying a makeup look, you'll want to prepare for both a messy space and the possibility that your application might end up slightly messy, too. Byrdie reports that the two main types of glitter eyeshadows are either loose glitter pigment or a liquid glitter eyeshadow. For a more intense color payoff, the outlet says that loose glitter would work better. If you're aiming for an easier and less chaotic application, however, try going the liquid glitter eyeshadow route.

Either way, getting your eyes to shimmer and shine can be a fun process, but sometimes even the most seasoned makeup enthusiasts can make mistakes or get a little too extreme with their application. When this happens, sometimes your glitter or shimmer eyeshadows can appear too high up on your eyelid, or get smudged or otherwise in places you don't want it to be. To fix this, beauty guru Johnny Ross made this YouTube short video to share the easiest makeup tip for fixing glitter eyeshadow. In the video, Johnny instructs you to take a clean mascara brush or spoolie, tip your head backward, and gently run the brush across the line where you want your shimmery eyeshadow to stop. This will clean up the line, and the spoolie will pick up any excess or loose glitter that you want to remove.

It also helps to understand the different products

While there are some easy tips and hacks out there for cleaning up glitter or shimmer eyeshadows, before you apply them, it's very helpful to understand the differences between all the shiny products out there. Pretty Designs shares that there are clear differences between glitter eyeshadows and shimmer eyeshadows, and each can create very different looks. The outlet says that if you're looking for a more subtle vibe, a shimmer eyeshadow is the way to go — and that you'll want to avoid products that have micro-glitter or micro-sparkle. These shadows will be a bit too sparkly for a look that you'd like to be more light and shimmery.

On the other hand, if you're looking for a dramatic look and some real sparkle and shine, choosing an actual glitter eyeshadow would be best. While there are plenty of loose pigment glitter eyeshadows on the market that would make your look super intense and stand out more, if you're new to applying glitter makeup or if you simply want a cleaner look (and countertop), Meraki Lane recommends liquid eyeshadows with a wand applicator, like the Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow from Stila. Regardless of which route you choose, like the Rihanna song says, you're sure to "shine bright like a diamond."