Lexi Inks

Photo of Lexi Inks
Jacksonville, Florida
Jacksonville University
Lifestyle, Pop Culture, Sex & Relationships
  • Lexi is a news writer for The List.
  • She has previously written for POPSUGAR, and is also a staff writer for Bustle's Sex + Relationships vertical.
  • Lexi loves to sing, drinks entirely too much Diet Coke, and has a codependent relationship with her rescue dog, Remi.


Lexi is a lifestyle journalist and has been writing professionally for over two years. With an educational and professional background in music and theatre, Lexi has always loved using her creative skills in her work. This translated into freelance writing for POPSUGAR, covering a wide array of lifestyle and wellness topics like sex and relationships, mental health, pop culture, and more. Lexi is a staff writer for Bustle's Sex & Relationships vertical, and also joined The List as a lifestyle news writer in 2022.


Lexi has a BFA in musical theatre from Jacksonville University, located in her hometown of Jacksonville, Florida.

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