Is There A Difference Between A Twin Flame And A Soulmate?

If you've ever crossed paths with someone and the connection was so overpowering (and maybe even hypnotic), you just couldn't ignore it -– yet the odds of finding one another were so slim, you've likely wondered if you two were fated to meet all along. Many spiritual teachers would answer that pondering with an astounding yes -– there are people we've signed on to meet within the 'before life,' and they are either our soulmates or our twin flames (via Bella Magazine). These people are sometimes part of what is called our 'soul contract' and arrive to help us learn lessons -– through both beautiful and painful events.


The terms soulmate and twin flame may seem interchangeable, but there are some key differences between the two, and with a little background study, it shouldn't be too tricky for you to discover which category a powerful romantic or platonic relationship in your life falls into.

Your soulmate will feel like home

Soulmates are two people who are fated to be together. The relationship has ease and a deep sense of comfort. It's sturdy and flows naturally. You'll feel like your true self around your soulmate, and you won't have anything to prove. Keep in mind that we can have many soulmates, and this bond doesn't always manifest as a romantic relationship. Friends can be platonic soulmates, as can siblings or parents and children, per The EveryGirl.


"We meet our soulmates every day," said expert Aycee Brown in an interview with Brides. "When it comes to a romantic soulmate, you will know because it will feel like you are meeting someone you've known forever. It will be a comfortable feeling; it will feel like home."

While soulmate connections are typically peaceful and long-lasting, twin flame relationships, while just as magnetic and enticing, tend to put us through the wringer. 

A twin flame bond is often challenging

We encounter our twin flames when we are ready to look in the mirror and evolve. It is said twin flames are actually one soul in two bodies –- hence the deep connection (via The EveryGirl). A key difference between soulmates and twin flames is that twin flames are always romantic relationships -– and we only have one. They will shine a light on our insecurities, and this will be, well, not fun.


"We all will encounter a twin flame relationship but it's something you shouldn't seek unless you're ready to experience ranges of emotions that could break you down," said expert Aycee Brown in an interview with Brides.

So, you may be wondering, why on earth would anyone want to meet their twin flame? As intense as it sounds, the twin flame connection isn't all bad. There'll obviously be a deep love between the two. One of the telltale signs you've found your twin flame is the almost psychic sense of knowing what the other is thinking. "It's so easy to be around them; communication mostly happens through the aura and the subtle body," said expert Amrita Kaur in an interview with Brides. "It's the closest we can ever get from telepathy."


Twin flames often have a higher purpose besides just being together, and their relationship tends to serve others. "Twin flames come together to achieve bigger things together, and their mission is always related to uplifting humanity," said Kaur. "The connection will be instant and powerful."