How To Pick The Right Glasses Frames For A Triangle-Shaped Face

While in years past wearing eyeglasses was deemed to be unbecoming, nowadays people willingly want to wear glasses as a fashion statement. Even those who don't require glasses for improved vision often opt for non-prescription fashion frames.


In addition, blue light frames are now popular as so many of us spend countless hours staring at damaging blue light on computer screens. While it's claimed that these glasses help decrease headaches and eye strain and even enable you to sleep better, medical experts say there is no scientific evidence that the glasses reduce symptoms that occur from extended computer use (via Medical News Today).

Yet even before blue light glasses became trendy, sunglasses were a signature look for many. Sunglasses also protect delicate eyes from damaging sun rays that contribute to macular degeneration, which is responsible for age-related blindness, explains Time. Whether you wear prescription glasses, reading glasses, blue light glasses, or sunglasses, knowing what shape frames work best for your face is essential.


Identifying triangle-shaped face

Everyone wants to look stylish and modern in their glasses, whether you have to wear them or choose to use them as an accessory. One way to select the perfect frame is to look at your face shape.

Finding your face shape may be relatively easy if you have a round, square, or heart-shaped face, but when you have a triangle-shaped face, things can get a bit confusing. A triangle-shaped face is rare. It's sometimes referred to as a pear-shaped face and can be identified by looking at your jawline which will be wide with sharp angles (via All Things Hair).


Your cheekbones will be the widest part of your face and your face may be longer than it is wider (via Banton Frameworks). Your forehead will be narrow and you may also have a widow's peak at your hairline. Think of Tyra Banks, Kelly Osbourne, Brad Pitt, Ashton Kutcher, and Rihanna, all of whom have triangle-shaped faces.

The best frames for you depend on your face shape

Once you've determined you have a triangle-shaped face, there are frames you can choose from to complement your unique look. Warby Parker suggests selecting frames that accentuate your forehead rather than your jawline or chin. When you draw attention to your more narrow forehead, it will naturally take attention away from a wider jawline.


One way to do this is to choose wonder frames that can help bring equal symmetry to the top and bottom of your face. Some glasses that easily achieve this are rectangle glasses, browline glasses, and cat-eye glasses. 

Vision Center also recommends grabbing a pair of aviator glasses or oval glasses. The teardrop shape of the aviator frames will bring a harmonized and equal appearance to your forehead and jaw, making them appear more blanched while oval frames help offset sharp jawlines. Alternatively, you can also opt for adding rhinestones or other jewels on the outer rim or hinges of your glasses to bring attention to your forehead.