What Is Progeline Cream And How Do You Use It?

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Taking care of your skin at home has a ton of great benefits, especially as we grow older. As the American Academy of Dermatology Association points out, a good skincare routine can dramatically change your appearance and even make you look younger.


But finding the best skincare products to achieve beautiful skin is kind of like seeing a unicorn — if you can find it, you're either the luckiest person in the world, or you're telling a lie we'd all like to believe. So are ideal skincare products truly a myth, or is it something we're just overlooking?

Progeline cream is a skincare product that is getting a ton of attention thanks to its claims of being an anti-aging product. Anti-aging products can be used by anyone, no matter what age you are, to reduce wrinkles, moisturize your skin, and shave years off your appearance (via Medical News Today.) It might sound too good to be true, but there are plenty of products waiting in the beauty aisle that can help you combat signs of aging. But is progeline cream among them? Is it really the fountain of youth people claim it to be?


Progeline cream was built to restore collagen and firm skin

Progeline was created by Lucas Meyer Cosmetics, a cosmetic brand that focuses on creating powerful and innovative ingredients in skincare products. They've crafted solutions meant to cure dry skin, promote brighter and healthier hair, and even lessen the appearance of rosacea symptoms. But it's their progeline cream that's generating so much buzz in the beauty community. This fountain of youth cream even won an award in 2012 for in-cosmetic's Innovation Zone Best Ingredient.


According to the skincare brand's website, progeline cream is one of the anti-aging products that actually work. Fans of skincare will be excited to hear that progeline is said to turn back the hands of time. To do so, it introduces our skin to biomimetic peptides, progeline's key ingredient. As the skincare experts at Dermalogica put it, biomimetic peptides are scientifically engineered to behave like naturally occurring peptides. These copycat amino acids work in our skin to produce collagen and other skin-firming proteins that will restore your youthful appearance.

How to use progeline cream the right way

Ready to give this wrinkle-fighting cream a try? The best place to apply progeline cream is your face, says Health Web Magazine. This is where you'll see the most visible results. But before you start applying, you should try testing a small bit of the cream on your forearm to see how your skin reacts. Progeline on its own is a powerful ingredient, so it's best to take precautions if you have sensitive skin and perform a patch test. Since progeline cream has moisturizing effects, it's best to use it after washing and toning your face.


So is progeline really the miraculous anti-aging product it's marketed as? The jury's still out. Although there are many that love the cream, not all experts are convinced about its efficacy. Talking with Skin Wellness Dermatology, licensed dermatologist Dr. Deanne Mraz Robinson expressed doubt over whether the product works or not. "There isn't much third-party data or clinical research to back the claims made by the company that produces progeline," Robinson explained. Alternatively, retinol serums have more research behind them.