Everything You Need To Know Before You Go For An Eyelash Tint

Are you obsessed with long dark eyelashes? We are, too. While the biological function of these little hairs is to protect our eyes from dust and other eye irritants, eyelashes are also an aesthetic element tied to someone's overall look. There's no definitive answer why humans find long dark lashes attractive but science does provide some theories.

The first theory is that having full lashes is a sign of good health since many diseases and disorders are associated with eyelash loss, clinically known as milphosis (via Seminars in Plastic Surgery). Another reason that might explain our love for dark eyelashes is that they draw attention to our limbal rings, which are the dark outline around the iris. According to Healthline, limbal rings are often correlated with youth and attractiveness. Babies are usually born with large, noticeable limbal rings but these may thin out as they age depending on genetics.

Achieving dark voluminous eyelashes can be a huge investment of time and money. If you're an everyday mascara user and want an easier way to get the same results, consider getting a lash tinting.

What is eyelash tinting?

Eyelash lifting and tinting have been taking social media by storm as a semi-permanent solution to getting magazine-worthy eyelashes. Tinting, specifically, darkens the natural color of your lashes without changing their curl and length. However, the sole act of adding color to them does make them pop and look fuller. The process usually lasts under 30 minutes and uses a natural dye that isn't as invasive as regular permanent hair dye, per Shape magazine.

Speaking to Shape, Rinta Juwana, an esthetician at New York's Beau Eyelash Studio, says eyelash tinting is a good starting point for anyone interested in giving their lashes a new and fuller makeover, calling eyelash tinting "the simplest service in comparison to a lash lift or extension." Once done, a lash tint should last about three weeks.

If you want to try out the procedure, there are some pre- and post-care actions you must take to make sure your lash tinting looks its best and lasts its longest.

Follow these steps to care for your lashes

Like with any beauty treatment, there are some recommendations you should follow to enhance your experience and results. According to Utopia Beauty Salon, stay away from self-tanning for two to three days (even up to a week) in advance as it can change the color of the eyelash dye. Also, don't forget to take your contacts off before the procedure (wear eyeglasses instead) because they could get ruined by the dye.

However, there is a part of the procedure you can't really prepare for. Eyelash tinting does cause a burning feeling due to the peroxide in the dye, which is totally normal and can't really be avoided. It's only for a couple minutes, though, and right after that, you can use cold water or a saline solution to decrease the stinging, per WebMD.

After you're done with the procedure, avoid touching your lashes and keeping the eye area away from water for at least 24 hours. The color effect lasts about three weeks, but it all depends on your hair cycle, meaning how often  your lashes grow out, per Shape. Also, per the outlet, avoid using oil-based makeup removers and cleansers while your lashes are tinted as this can dissolve the eyelash dye.