Your Holiday Party Dress Code Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The holidays are officially upon us in all of their snow-covered, sparkling glory, which means it's also the time of year when everyone is throwing a holiday party. From office potlucks and cookie exchanges to the White Elephant event your best friend hosts every year, your calendar is likely jampacked with holiday get-togethers for the next month and a half. The good news about this is, now you have an excuse to go shopping for a new holiday party outfit or two.

The perfect holiday outfit is one that is seasonally appropriate and fashionable, and will also be so eye-catching that it will stand out at your various commitments. If your personal style leans more toward the trendy side, consider color-blocking outfits, cut-out tops, or fringe (via TheTrendSpotter). Perhaps you need an elegant option for a dinner party one night and a few casual pieces that pair well with an ugly Christmas sweater for the next. If you need something festive, but still professional, play with plenty of texture and sparkle (via Stitch Fix). 

But what if you have no idea where to start? In that case, look to your zodiac sign for guidance. While your zodiac sign is an amazing guide for navigating your inner self, it is also a useful tool for unlocking your ideal personal style. So settle in with your peppermint mocha latte, crank up the Mariah Carey tunes, and read on to find out your ideal holiday party dress code based on your zodiac sign.


When it comes to fashion, Aries signs are creative dressers that enjoy expressing themselves through a delightful mix of daring and sassy clothing, no matter the season (via AstroStyle). Arians love layers, edgy cutouts, bold colors, and statement accessories that tie their wild ensembles together. However, this sign also values comfort and function in their clothing, which means athletic styles and streetwear are often staples in their closet for use all year round.

As a fire sign with a healthy dose of powerful, fearless energy, clothing in dramatic shades of red, burgundy, and rusty oranges are always a safe bet, according to Colors Explained. Arians in the mood for accessorizing should stick to gold or rose gold-toned jewelry, sunglasses with large lenses, and funky cocktail rings.  

According to The Zodiac Style, Aries signs also tend to be trend trailblazers who prefer indie designers and bespoke pieces over trendy, mass-produced items that everyone is wearing. When it comes to dressing for a holiday party, Aries should consider a loose-fitting, head-turning dress in a shade of red, paired with an edgy leather jacket and a pair of sharp heels. Stash a pair of your favorite sneakers in your purse for later in the evening when the need for comfort takes over. And as the sign that rules the head, consider pairing your vibrant holiday look with a sophisticated beret, a wide-brimmed fedora, or an oversized headband. 


Loyal, reliable, stubborn, and grounded Taureans are not normally a zodiac sign with their finger on the pulse of cutting-edge fashion. Per Co-Star, this is because they are predictable people who find comfort in their routine. They may wear a variation of the exact same outfit every day for a week. That isn't to say that Taurus signs don't like fashion or have their own sense of style. On the contrary, their clothing choices are always high-quality and tasteful. Taurus is also ruled by beauty-conscious Venus which gives them a materialistic side that shows up in outfits for special occasions, like those worn to a holiday party.

According to Exemplore, shades of green, earth tones, ivory, and pale silver are the ideal colors for Taureans. When it comes to dressing for a holiday party, look for a dress in these colors made from flowy fabrics like chiffon or silk, and accessorize the look with a well-crafted pair of ballet flats or designer boots. If you're trying to keep your outfit classy but casual and comfortable, combine a pair of stretchy black or dark denim jeggings with a cream-colored chunky knit sweater. Top off the look with a glittering pair of diamond or CZ studs.


Few zodiac signs appreciate a holiday party quite like Geminis. According to Today, Geminis are chatty, flirty, social butterflies that want everyone around them to have a good time. They are experts at getting people to open up to them and use their communication skills and natural inquisitiveness to keep the party going long after the eggnog has run dry.

For Geminis, every day is like a new costume party where they get to experiment and play with color, patterns, fabric, and styles. They are known for their signature jewelry pieces and eclectic mix of designer items and vintage finds that create truly one-of-a-kind looks. Geminis are also excellent at crafting versatile outfits that can go from day to night. As the Astrotwins explained to Glamour, "These social butterflies get invited out a lot and may have to slip on the evening wear at a moment's notice."

Chances are, if you're a Gemini, you've got back-to-back holiday parties you have to dress for. During the day, try a green halter jumpsuit with a chic, longline blazer that will look great at the office, brunch, or a family get-together. To transition the look to a nighttime party with friends, ditch the blazer to show off your arms, slap on a wrist full of sparkly bangles, and tie it all together with a beaded vintage clutch.


Cancers adore spending time with their family and friends during the holidays. According to NUiT, the sign's innate connection to the past makes them revere their childhood holiday traditions. They seek to introduce as much magic and joyful celebration as they can into every holiday season, whether that be decorating cookies with family or dazzling party guests in a beautiful, romantic outfit.

When it comes to fashion, Cancers are creative and outgoing individuals that like to express themselves with their outfits. Generally speaking, Cancers rely on timeless, classic looks that allow them to look elegant and polished (via Fabulous After 40).

However, per Astrograph, they are also sensitive and sometimes overly self-conscious about their appearance. Their penchant for nostalgia means that retro styles and vintage pieces are heavily featured in their wardrobe, as are lovely pastels, shades of blue and green, and soft metallic colors that imitate the sign's planetary ruler, the moon. Ideal ensembles for Cancers attending holiday parties will feature soft, comfortable fabrics and refined silhouettes that flatter the body's natural curves.


According to Astrologer Chris Brennan of The Astrology Podcast on YouTube, "[Leos] are a sign that focuses on fashion as part of the presentation, and what you're wearing as an expression of [the] internal radiation of your qualities and light." A Leo's inner warmth and vivacious personality are best expressed in bold, sunny shades of orange, red, and yellow. Gold jewelry with precious gemstones and metallic accessories is also a Leo's best friend, particularly when working wearing a monochromatic ensemble.

Leos are an extremely fashionable sign year-round, but their fashion sense kicks into high gear around the holidays. They love glamor and decadence, and they never shy away from a bold print or a fair bit of sparkle. Leos make fashion choices that will keep them the center of attention at their numerous holiday party commitments. This can take the form of a bodycon dress with a plunging neckline, an open-back dress with side splits, and plenty of sheer fabrics that show off the body (via The Zodiac Style).


As a mutable earth sign, Virgos are sensible, practical, and disciplined in every aspect of their lives, even around the holidays. While other signs are busy fretting over last-minute gift wrapping or hiding from family members at the annual Christmas party, Virgos are busy getting things done. This time of year brings out their productive side because there is always a room to decorate, cookies to bake, or an awesome party to dress up for.

In their everyday lives, Virgos crave simplistic, sophisticated, elegant clothing of the boho-chic persuasion. They prefer clean, earthy looks and comfortable, flowing fabrics over anything edgy or flashy (via Exemplore). Virgos also tend to stray from bold and vibrant prints, preferring solid colors in neutral shades, creams, olive greens, or jewel tones, per Astrostyle. This preference allows their natural beauty to be the star of the show. 

However, around the holidays, Virgos tend to go full glam. Expect Virgos to break out the pieces they keep hidden away for the rest of the year, be it a stunning pair of designer heels or a magnificent vintage coat they snagged from the thrift store. They look best in mostly natural makeup with only a pop of color in the eyes or on the lips to show off their playful side. Subtle, dainty silver jewelry and chandelier earrings are ideal accessories to complete the holiday look. 


According to Tatler, Libras are easily one of the best-dressed signs of the entire Zodiac. This is likely because Libras are ruled by Venus, which is the planet of art, pleasure, culture, and beauty. Libras harness these traits and create fashion-forward, ultra-chic outfits that still manage to look effortless, despite how decked out they are in luxury items and expensive jewelry.

However, Libras are also all about balance and harmony (via The Spruce). This means they may show up to one holiday party dressed to the nines in their most expensive clothing items but will switch things up for the next party by arriving in something low-key and thrifted.

Jewel tones are Libra's favorite color palette, especially around the holidays. They may show up in a shimmering teal pantsuit with their favorite pair of stiletto heels. Or, they may decide to pair a dramatic pink silk blouse with accessories that sparkle, such as a crystal-encrusted handbag or a collection of statement jewelry. As the ruler of the lower back and butt, Libras should also consider showing off their lower bodies in a pair of tight jeans or a short skirt, both of which go great with a cashmere sweater.


The holidays are not a Scorpio's favorite time of year, but because they are loyal friends and family members, they will show up to every holiday gathering they are invited to, and with thoughtful gifts in tow (via NUiT). However, Scorpios do love a good fashion moment, and holiday parties are an ideal time to show off a bit.

Traditional reds and greens are not a Scorpio sign's preferred holiday fashion aesthetic. "Scorpios are drawn to darker, ravenous colors because it is a form of magical protection," astrologer Lisa Stardust explained to InStyle. "Being that they are the most transformative, intuitive, and witchiest zodiac sign, they require a little help from their wardrobe to maintain a clean and clear aura."

Generally, Scorpios wear minimalistic staple items that will never go out of style, such as a leather jacket (via Rebels Market). However, Scorpios usually take the opportunity to dress up a little for a holiday party. This means showing off their sensual sides in a bodycon dress or an alluring body suit and then spicing things up with chain belts, spiky jewelry, and moody makeup. If a Scorpio feels like stepping out of their vampy comfort zone, experimenting with animal prints is a surefire way to get guests talking.


Sagittarius signs make excellent holiday party guests because they are incredibly kind and easy-going. As a fire sign, they are relentless explorers of both the world and the human condition, and they are extremely adaptable (via Co-Star). They love meeting new people, can talk to anyone about anything, and have a lively sense of humor that helps people open up to them.

In general, they are going to be the more laid-back dressers of the group even for parties that call for a bit of glam. According to Astrokit on YouTube, the overall vibe of a Sagittarius is somewhere between hippy boho and '90s grunge. This means that, despite the cold winter air, they are likely still going to be seen wearing simple peasant tops, flowy bohemian dresses, deconstructed or distressed pieces, and lots of denim (via College Fashion). They also prefer comfort over sticking to what's trending. So, they will purposefully pick colorful flats, sandals, or slides that show off their personality but can easily get them from point A to point B.


Most people consider Virgos to be the most modest dressers of the zodiac. However, it is Capricorns that are the true conservative earth signs and would define their style as classic and understated elegance. Because they are the epitome of austerity, professionalism, and responsibility, their outfit choices normally reflect this in the form of tailored basics, gorgeous suits, and button-downs made from soft, luxury fabrics such as cashmere or linen (via Astrostyle). It is impossible for this sign to look anything but dignified, mostly because they stay far away from bright colors and funky prints. They also prefer practical clothing that can be used in multiple ways.

That being said, Capricorns are intuitive individuals that have an excellent grasp on how to dress for different occasions (via Star Sign Style). They are likely to rock a holiday party look with a simple but comfortable little black dress. To accessorize it, they will pair it with a sharp-shouldered blazer and a bold, statement necklace. To take the look from an office holiday party to nighttime fun with friends, they will swap the tailored blazer for an edgy leather jacket and a pair of moto boots.


Intelligent, unpredictable, and monumentally creative Aquarius is a zodiac sign that does not love large social gatherings like holiday parties (via USA Today). However, their idealistic, progressive, humanitarian side loves the positive messages of hope and charity the season brings. They will happily don a party outfit and show up to socialize as long as each piece of their ensemble is ethically and sustainably made. If their outfit displays a particular political message or a whip-smart slogan for a cause they care about, all the better.

According to The Zodiac Style, Aquarians are big fans of unique clothing items that contribute to their overall eclectic vibe. They refuse to conform to trends or arbitrary style rules that don't make sense to them. This means they often dress in clashing colors or patterns, combining different aesthetics and eras into one chaotic look that is entirely their own. No colors are off limits, although silver, violet, aqua, indigo, and turquoise are all the sign's preferred shades. Depending on the holiday party dress code, an Aquarius sign might want to put together an outfit that includes a sequined miniskirt, a flowy blouse, and a pair of lace-up boots or funky wedge sneakers.


Pisces signs are sensitive, emotionally aware, and artistic, according to The Times of India. They have a mystical quality that draws people into them and a romantic nature that is hard to resist. The combination of artistic flair and free spirit vibes makes Pisces an inspired dresser.

According to LuluBDesign, Pisces signs like their outfits to be a combination of sexy and sophisticated, with dashes of feminine whimsy and vibrant colors. This freedom gives them the ability to brighten even the dullest of parties.

During the holiday season, Pisces tend to dress in unrestrictive clothing, be it a flowing maxi dress, a wrap sweater, or a pair of comfortable linen pants. Their connection to ethereal beings draws them to fairytale-like pieces, such as layered tulle skirts or shimmering dresses paired with a majestic cape. They also love the sweet and edgy combination of leather and lace. However, as the ruler of the feet, Pisces individuals are most likely going to use holiday parties as an opportunity to showcase their impressive (and expensive) shoe collection. From butter-soft leather boots to sky-high designer heels, Pisces will brave the cold and several inches of snow if it means they can show off their favorite pairs of shoes.