What Does A Wolf Moon Mean In Astrology?

The new year is a time for celebrating endings — and looking forward to new beginnings. And if the cold winter months have got you down or you're just looking to daydream of brighter days ahead, this month's full moon will provide you with the emotional breakthrough and clarity you've been searching for. "If the new moon is when you're supposed to plant seeds, then the full moon [is] when those seeds bloom. It's really about illumination and also release," explains astrologer Dalanah of the Moon Matters podcast. And you won't have to wait very long for the cosmos to deliver their divine intervention. The first full moon of the year will reach its peak on January 6, 2023, at 6:08 PM EST, per NASA, and with it comes the opportunity to review your current state of affairs.

Full moons occur when the sun and the moon are opposite each other, causing the moon to reflect the sun's light back as they face–off against one another. As The AstroTwins explain, the conflicting relationship between the sun and moon that happens as a result of the full moon can cause you to feel pulled in opposite directions, causing a tug of war between your ego (the sun) and your emotions (the moon). So, while full moon cycles can be very rewarding and personally enriching, it isn't without its own struggles and hurdles as well, so the best way to navigate these monthly lunations is to approach them with an open heart and mind.

Why is it called the Wolf Moon?

The January full moon is annually known as the Wolf Moon, Snow Moon, or Ice Moon because it marks the time of year where the darker mornings and longer nights create the right conditions for nocturnal wildlife to thrive; and in turn the Native Americans were more likely to hear the harmonic howls of wolves late at night, per Farmers' Almanac. The wolf moon is said to represent the final ending of cycles ahead of new beginnings and moving toward new light and opportunity as the days grow longer. In astrology, this lunation marks a similar time when the promise and potential of the new year ahead invites you to reflect on your subconscious dreams and desires.

The spiritual meaning of the wolf moon is a reminder that nobody can get ahead without the support of their chosen "pack" in life. This year, the wolf moon will occur in the sign of Cancer, the sensitive and emotional nurturer of the zodiac. And because Cancer is the sign traditionally ruled by the moon, you can expect to feel more in tune with your sympathetic, intuitive, and spiritual side during this time. During the annual wolf moon, one of the key lessons to keep in mind is learning how to better utilize your emotional support system and reach out during your times of need, per Full Moonology

What to expect from January's Full wolf moon

On January 6, 2023, the full wolf moon in Cancer will light up the night sky when it forms a harmonious sextile to Uranus, the planet of rebellion and change, as well as a heavenly trine to Neptune, the planet of dreams and inspiration. This cosmic combination will usher in a more creative, forward-thinking energy that allows you to dream bigger than yourself. This full moon also forms an opposition to the sun and Mercury retrograde in Capricorn (via Astro Seek). With Mercury, the planet of communication, linking up with the sun in Capricorn during this full moon –– you may find it more difficult to express yourself clearly and communicate your boundaries, which is what makes doing so all the more important.

The Cancer–Capricorn polarity in astrology deals with finding the balance between your private and public life, so this full moon is about balancing your commitment to your work and your family. The last year may have caused you to reconsider where your true loyalty lies and whether or not your efforts are being reciprocated. There's a chance you're seeking to switch careers or make another major decision that benefits both you and your loved ones in the long–term. So, this full moon is the perfect time to identify and rid yourself of the old patterns and limiting beliefs that have kept you from pursuing personal enrichment and daily fulfillment.

What does the Wolf Moon mean for each zodiac sign?

The monthly cycles of the moon affect every zodiac sign differently, and the message behind this full moon for every sign is all about jumping in and pushing things forward. "The full moon is the best time to practice self-reflection because there's 100 percent light and there's maximum exposure. You can see the whole issue rather than just parts of it," astrologer Celeste Brooks tells Well+Good. If you don't have any prominent cardinal sign placements within your birth chart, you can look to where 16° of Cancer falls within the house placements of your birth chart to see which area of life this full moon will shine its focus on.

This month, the full moon occurs on January 6, 2023, at 16° in the sign of Cancer, affecting anyone with major cardinal sign placements (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) the most directly, per Cafe Astrology. So, these folks can expect to tie up some loose ends regarding a personal decision or major career decision they've been thinking over for the last several months. Meanwhile, fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius) and mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) should prepare for their calendar to book up fast -– as Venus in Aquarius will form a trine aspect to Mars retrograde in Gemini, giving your social life a major boost for the next few days. This might be a good time to reach out to old friends and reminisce on old times.