What Is Your Moonstone Aura?

Taylor Swift is no stranger to standing in the spotlight. In fact, since the 11-time Grammy winner released her 10th studio album, "Midnights," on October 21 -– she's been lighting up everyone's playlists, social media feeds, and even the Billboard Hot 100. And just like with many of her previous albums, fans have spent weeks combing over every lyric, social media post, and music video looking for easter eggs that Swift is famous for leaving for fans. One of the most popular fan theories currently taking the internet by storm is the one that Swift has a personal astrologer — and that everything she does with her music is heavily influenced by the cosmos.

Over the years, Taylor has made countless lyrical references to her fascination with numerology and zodiac signs. And in her latest hit, "Bejeweled," Swift appears to drop a hint at her aura color when she sings the line, "But some guy said my aura's moonstone, just 'cause he was high." Many savvy Swifties were left wondering if this lyric was a tongue-in-cheek way to diss a bad pick-up, a nod to her limited edition moonstone vinyl, or if there's a possibility that Swift's energetic aura really is a dazzling shade of moonstone. So, what color aura could the woman who knows how to make the whole room shimmer possibly have -– and how can you find your own aura color and meaning? Keep reading to find out.

What is a moonstone aura?

Moonstones come in a variety of colors ranging from pearlescent to blue, yellow, pink, or purple, and spiritually they symbolize light, compassion, intuition, and hope. So, is Taylor Swift one of the rare individuals with a moonstone aura? According to celebrity psychic and aura-reader Mystic Michaela, yes -– she is! And according to Michaela, Swift has a combination of a purple and yellow aura, similar to the colors that a moonstone reflects back under bright and intense light. Like many purple and yellow aura people, Taylor Swift is extremely forth-coming, raw, and genuine in her work.

Michaela goes on to explain that since the debut of "Lover," Swift's aura has shifted more toward the dreamy and soft pinks, purples, and blues that moonstones are famous for. "A blue aura reveals someone who is calm and has the ability to express their truth. The lighter the blue, the more peaceful and positive the energy is," explains energy healer and spiritual expert Dilosh of Girl and Her Moon. She further explains that the pink and purple hues of Swift's aura indicate a deep connection with one's higher self and spiritual alignment with her higher purpose. In fact, since her Saturn Return, it seems that Swift has been learning to let go of her yellow perfectionism, and she's embracing the more individualistic and creative flow of her purple aura energy over the years – and it shows in her music.

How to find your aura color

Auras are the ultimate vibe check. Your aura is a hazy halo of color composed of energy that encapsulates all living things. Much like your rising sign in astrology, your aura isn't something you can always see about yourself. "An aura is the vibration we are at, kind of like an octave or a musical note. Our auras change at different times depending on our spiritual level, our feelings, our traumas, and what we are giving out to the world," spiritual expert Audrey Hope tells Woman's Day. And because your aura color is so closely connected to the energy you're putting off -– it's not uncommon to have multiple aura colors or for your aura color to change over time.

While there are a few different ways to find a person's aura color, one of the most popular and accurate ways is with aura photography. These specially built cameras are designed to capture people's auras by picking up on the electromagnetic field surrounding the body, via Goop. A reader will then look at the aura colors and energy centers in the photo to find your energetic strengths and weaknesses. "Perceptions can pivot with the click of a shutter, illuminating our truest selves and giving new light to what was there all along," explains aura artist Christina Lonsdale. Not only are aura readings a fun way to learn more about yourself, but they also give you the chance to see which sides of yourself shine the most vibrantly when moving through the world.

What your aura color reveal about you

There are many layers to understanding your own aura. "Aura colors are our way of understanding ourselves on the outside so that we can have a deeper understanding of what we are wanting on the inside," professional aura reader Susanna Merrick told TODAY. If your aura is composed primarily of warm hues like reds, oranges, yellows, and pinks –- you're someone who reads very confident. There's an inner light and energy about you that seems to naturally draw others in. If your aura is composed more of cool colors like green, blue, purple, indigo, and violet–other people see you as more introverted, thoughtful, sensitive, and introspective. And because each color has its own vibration, everyone's aura color field is completely unique to them.

Once you've found your aura colors, you'll want to see how the other aspects of your aura photo add more depth. According to aura photography studio AURA AURA, the anatomy of your aura portrait also depends largely on which parts of the body the colors are concentrated on. For example, major aura energy around your heart means you're a deeply emotional person, whereas an aura focus around your head or forehead indicates a desire to express yourself and leave your mark on the world. You'll also want to keep your eyes peeled for any aura anomalies like streaks, beams, or guide energies in your photo -– as these rare aura spotting's can show where you're spiritually aligning to your higher purpose.