Don't Be Caught Carrying These Outdated Handbag Trends This Fall

Handbags can make or break outfits. This makes it essential to rotate your bag collection, just as you do the rest of your closet. This fall, we are seeing both innovative and classic bag trends take over the streets. Unfortunately, that means saying goodbye to a few handbag trends we thought would never go out of style.

This fall's trending bags show how our love for making a statement with accessories has developed as a society. Where we used to hide bags behind our clothing, we now want our bags to be a feature of our outfits. Not only do we want our bags to be statement pieces, we still need functionality. This season we are truly getting the best of both worlds. "I think one of the biggest seasonal changes will be in textures and overall styling and usage of handbags," sustainability-focused stylist Cassandra Dittmer tells Harper's Bazaar. Designers are creating more functional bags that are also trending in style and texture, which is definitely a win-win situation.

Wondering what bags you should carry this fall and what others to ditch? We have curated the top eight handbag trends that are outdated along with fall's hottest replacements.

Swap brights for metallics

Where bright colors were a hit in spring and summer, this fall, metallics are taking their turn in the spotlight. These bags are as cold as the season and bounce perfectly off the heavy metals and motocross trend that is seen across all of fashion. Luxury retailer Neiman Marcus even highlights metallic handbags as a trending style on its website. The metallic trend doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, as Coperni featured a metallic gold version of their iconic Swipe bag in its Spring/Summer 2023 runway show (via YouTube).

Drop plain and pickup on logomania

More than ever, we want to show off who designed our bags. Logomania is the perfect way to do so. Many potential buyers are no longer looking to purchase an expensive handbag without the logo clearly visible. This is shifting designers into creating bags with their branding visible on the bag without it being too unbearable. Dan Manioci, MCM's vice president of marketing and global digital, tells The Zoe Report, "As people, we are programmed to migrate toward something that shows status, that has relevance. To me, logomania is not going anywhere anytime soon."

Out with the nylon crossbody and in with the bowling bag

The nylon Prada shoulder bag was all over our Instagram pages in 2020, but this fall, its chicer 2000s counterpart is ready to take over. The bowling bag was an early aughts staple that we see high-fashion designers now digging out of the archives. The bags that have now become a cult-favorite are, unsurprisingly, inspired by the bags that are truly used to carry bowling balls. Cool-girl style icons such as Devon Lee Carlson are already on the trend, posing on Instagram with their favorite vintage bowling bags.

Feminine bags are overrated; try something edgier

Delicate and feminine bags serve their purpose, but this fall we're trying something edgier in the handbag game. The heavy metal and motocross grunge trends have made their way into handbags. Think of studs, straps, and shiny metallics galore to envision the trend. Perhaps one of the most prominent brands to hit the nail on the head of this trend is Diesel. Diesel's handbags put a masculine touch on traditionally feminine items by using stereotypical masculine colorways, unique textures, and plenty of pockets for functionality.

Oversized totes instead of micro-mini bags

Functionality is a key part of this year's hottest handbag trends and, unfortunately, the micro-mini bag trend doesn't cut it, as many do not even hold a phone. The oversized tote trend conquers the battle of too much stuff and not enough space, providing plenty of room for your laptop, phone, and anything else you can imagine. As many of us head back into the office, this trend is not only beautiful but extremely necessary. Saint Laurent's oversized ICARE Maxi Shopping Bag is credited for adding fuel to the fire after it was seen on the likes of Zoe Kravitz (via Instagram).

Out with elongated clutches and in with triangular bags

While elongated clutches can be a great touch to your outfit, they lack functionality. Instead, another fun and shapely trend was brought onto the scene by Prada and other major brands seem to follow suit. The triangular bag style holds as much as any other traditional crossbody or shoulder bag, making it a no-brainer option for a fall bag. Triangle bags add a unique touch to any outfit, as they were created to stand above the rest, as shown on Instagram by @sibilcetinkaya.

Slouch over structure

Where it was once deemed chic to have a firm and structured bag, this fall it is quite the opposite. Relaxed and slouchy bags, particularly a crescent shape, have taken over the bag market. As with all the popular bag trends this fall, the functionality of the slouch bag is a key element. It is flexible and often large enough to hold all of your essentials. Khaite was one of the first to bring the trend to the runways during Fall/Winter 2022 Fashion Week with its Beatrice and Olivia hobo bags (via YouTube).

Fuzzy over suede

Where suedes definitely have a time and place, fuzzy bags are the focus this fall. They add an element of comfy and cozy to any fall outfit while making a big statement. Fuzzy bags also often come in easy-to-carry silhouettes, such as a slouchy tote or a simple shoulder bag. Where fuzzy bags seem readily accessible at fast-fashion retailers, there is no shortage of fur babies in the luxury market either. Off-White was one of many luxury brands to feature furry bags in its fall/winter 2022 runway show (via YouTube).