How To Rock The Extreme Edge Nail Shape

Nail shapes like coffin nails, almond nails, and square nails are perfect for everyday wear. But with changing seasons comes the need to spice up your routine, plus it can get boring getting the same tame shape with every nail appointment. To break the monotony, you may decide to try more daring nail shapes like stiletto and arrowhead nails. Yet those can be a little too out of the comfort zone for many people. Cue edge nails, a nail shape Kitten Claws Parlour confirms is like the stilettos, arrowhead nails, and mountain peak nails but with a fashionable twist.

To achieve the edge nail look, nail techs and educators like Angel Smith sculpt the nails using medium-wet acrylic beads and nail forms which are a paper tool used to shape and sculpt nails (per NAILS). The form is folded to create a spine that forms the edge, and the bead is sculpted and shaved down side by side rather than in horizontal motions. This is to keep the spine or edge sharp and visible.

Edge nails offer a break from the nail norm and can be daring or tame, depending on how you like your nails. And if there's one thing we love about edge nails, it's the versatility. Here are five ways you can rock your edge nails, as well as inspo to take to your nail tech from other nail techs around the world.

French tips on your edge nails

If you thought French tips could only look good on coffins, almonds, or squares, think again. Spice up your tips by adding a spine between, whether in a v-cut or classic mani, and it will leave a barrage of compliments on your trail. Little nail home also adds a tiny detail we will definitely be trying — applying a barely visible outline of blue on the tip, the same shade of blue as the nail crystals on the ring finger. A cohesive look and a win for lovers of both edge nails and French tips.

Orange you glad you tried this trend?

While trends which favor nude palettes are now more popular (eyes on you, pearlescent nails), it's a comfort to know that colorful nails will never go out of style. With nail artist Jenni Baker's technique, your edge nails can be long, thin, and have a fiery mix of red, orange, and yellow. You can also add some color to your nails by trying out colored French tips, like Nail coach Yulia Kalashnikova's orange French-tipped edge nails. This nail shape fosters creativity, so feel free to try yours with any mix of colors you like to wear.

Galaxy-inspired edge nails

It's no secret how much nail enthusiasts love a good blurry mix of colors, whether it's a good old jelly nail set or the Instagram-famous aura nails. Edge nails are no exception, and you can create your own galaxy-style nails just like Vikki Nails' purple galaxy set, which incorporates French tips with this nail shape. To achieve the look, many nail techs prefer to embed the glitter and colors quickly during sculpting (per NAILS). Be sure to ask your nail tech about what technique they plan and watch the magic happen.

Solid colors for solid nails

When in doubt, wear black. Picking a mix of colors for your nails can be difficult, but that's where edge nails excel — its ability to remain a conversation starter even without the color. With inspo from nail coach Yulia Kalashnikova's all-black set, you can choose to rock your edge nails with only one color on every nail. Blue, white, or green edge nails allow you to cut the fuss and still look fun. So try it!

Get creative with it

Remember the newspaper nail trick in the 2010s where you'd apply some gel polish and place a newspaper on top to transfer the words? Turns out edge nails and the newspaper nail trick are a match made in heaven, and nail artist Negin Khalaj proves it. Crystals and edge nails are another good blend of nail techniques, as they add drama and character to your set. Whether around your cuticle or along the length of the nail, crystals and stones also help spice up a set you do not want to take off yet.