How To Rock The Sleek Liquid Hair Look

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If you've noticed a trend toward extra shiny hair on celebrities and influencers lately, you're not alone. Famous names like Kim Kardashian, Zendaya, Megan Fox, and Cardi B have all been spotted sporting tresses that shine so brightly you can basically see your reflection in them (via Instagram). Light dances across it like waves, causing it to take on a rippling, mystical, fluid-like appearance. You might guess that achieving this level of glossiness comes with a hefty price tag, and for more permanent results, you'd be correct.

For long-lasting Kardashian-level shine, you'll need a professional keratin treatment that will set you back approximately $500 and expose you to formaldehyde (via Healthline). Fortunately, you can achieve shorter term results by combining an add-on rinse treatment known as K Water at the salon, that will run you about $25, with heat tools and shine spray at home, per Kérastase Paris. Whichever route you choose to get to ultra-glossy, here is some inspiration for how to bring the look to life. 

Go ombré

If you want to take advantage of the full spectrum of light bouncing off your shining mane, consider an ombré color, which has been trending for at least two decades (via L'Oréal). Your hair will showcase rich, dark hues at the roots and cascade into a shimmering light blond at the ends, fading into and out of several mid-tones in between.

Add a pop of color

High gloss hair looks amazing on dark colors, especially if they aren't quite natural hues. If you're nervous about all-over color, you can add a peekaboo layer that appears when you pull the top half of your hair back (via Short Hair Styles). Midnight blue and deep plum purple are both excellent options for maximum shine. You could also play around with blonds and reds. 

Don't fear the curls

Liquid hair is typically associated with straight hair, but it doesn't have to be (via Real Simple). The same products that are used to iron out straight high-gloss hair can be applied to curls and dried with a diffuser. If you'd prefer to keep your natural curls, don't give up until you find a salon that knows how to work with them. 

Go short

You don't need to have long hair to embrace high gloss. Shorter hair can rock the liquid look just as well, which as Beauty Crew explains, is known as the "liquid bob." It's also much easier to maintain less length, and the salon will be much more affordable if you decide to splurge for more expensive treatments to achieve high shine. 

Ride the waves

If you're not into super curly hair but you're also not really a fan of the pin straight look, you can rock shiny waves instead. They're just like everyone's favorite carefree beachy waves, but without all the salty texture and frizz (via Merwave). This look comes with all the added glam you could ever imagine.