20 Best Gift Ideas For The Self-Care Fan

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Self-care used to be somewhat of a taboo. It was reserved for those who were deemed by society as high-maintenance or for those people thought of as being vanity-obsessed with too much time on their hands. Mothers were labeled selfish and neglectful if they dared take a moment away from their kids to indulge in a candle-lit bubble bath. Hard-working employees were viewed as unfocused if they stepped away from the job for a momentary mental break. A single woman with no children would receive sideways glances if she mentioned that she schedules monthly massages.


Then, somewhere in recent times, society started to realize that trying to pour from an empty cup can cause more harm than good. "Self-care is important because it enhances our well-being by keeping us connected to ourselves and what matters most," says clinical psychologist Kaylee Crocket (via The University of Alabama at Birmingham). "It can help prevent illnesses from occurring or recurring, and it builds our capacity to handle stress and recover from adversity." 

It's likely that in this day and age most of us have people in our lives who take their self-care routine very seriously, and what better way to cater to their mental health than by gifting them tools to add to their regimen? To help out the self-care lover in your circle, we've scoped out some of the best products on the market for a complete holiday gift guide.


How we chose the self-care products

Self-care involves more than just soothing bubble baths and getting your nails done. (Though, these are still great ways to practice self-care). Depending on your likes and interests, self-care can mean anything from enjoying the perfect cup of coffee in the morning all the way to making sure you get adequate rest at night. What taking care of yourself truly entails is stepping back and listening to what your mind and body need.


So, in order to choose the best self-care products out there, we considered all of the different ways self-care can be executed — this includes everything from a relaxing tea session to post-workout rejuvenation. From there, we looked at user ratings and reviews to ensure none of the products on our list stoop below a 4.3 rating. We also looked at accessibility and availability and made sure prices were affordable and reasonable, offering our readers a completely unbiased list of the best products out there.

Best gift for a spa day

Wine, chocolate, candles, and a relaxing bubble bath — we really can't think of better items to create a luxurious spa day. Giving someone the gift of bringing the spa to their own home is perfect for anyone in need of some unwinding time.


With an Amazon shop featuring thousands of glowing reviews, it's safe to say Hickory Farms doesn't disappoint. The company's Holiday Cheers Sparkling Wine and Spa Gift Set features all of the essentials your loved one will need for a dreamy spa day at home. Complete with wine, chocolate, a relaxing candle, a bath bomb, a brightening face mask, and shea butter hand cream, your recipient will be thanking you for months to come — if they can somehow force their way out of the tub.

Purchase the Hickory Farms Holiday Cheers Sparkling Wine and Spa Gift Set from Hickory Farms for $75.

Best gift for the bookworm

Reading is a quintessential self-care practice. It opens the mind and keeps our wits and vocabulary sharp, and depending on the topic, it can offer us insights into ourselves and the world around us.

"The Self-Care Year" by Alison Davies is a book that features activities and rituals for each season. For example, Davies guides us in appreciation activities in the springtime when the birds are beginning to croon outside our windows and flowers are budding all around us. "With simplicity and clarity, its words and illustrations work together to capture the essence of winter, spring, summer, and fall and offer meaningful suggestions, reflections, meditations, and rituals to connect you more deeply with each season's gifts and our natural world," one five-star reviewer writes.


Purchase "The Self-Care Year" from Amazon for $15.

Best gift for nail care

We all know that nails are a solid part of any self-care routine, and sometimes it can be hard to shop for someone who loves doing their own — they probably have it all! How to combat this? Go for a nail kit that offers healthier ingredients than what they already probably have.


Glu is a clean nail company that offers a variety of all-natural products. The OG GLU DIY At-Home Manicure Kit is ideal for someone looking to try out better alternatives to the strong chemicals we're used to in nail care. One raving reviewer states, "The custom packaging is thoughtfully designed and all of the items in the kit are clean and accessible in a beautiful range of colors. The interactive video tutorials are thorough and just plain fun and the phone holder makes it easy to chat with friends during your mani!"

Purchase the OG GLU DIY At-Home Manicure Kit from Glu for $50.

Best gift for haircare

Sure, spending the day at the hair salon is a great way to stack up some much-needed me-time, but your friend's wallet might not think so. Instead, help them out with a gift set that will bring the salon right into their own home.


What we love about Dae Hair is that its products contain natural, simple ingredients that are loaded up with plenty of vitamins and antioxidants for all hair types. The On-the-Go Gift Set features six of the company's best-selling products for a dreamy at-home salon experience. "I'm honestly blown away," a five-star reviewer writes. "My tired, dull hair is looking and feeling more alive than it has in a long time and it smells amazing. So happy I finally took the plunge. Worth every penny."

Purchase the Dae Hair On-the-Go Gift Set from Dae Hair for $42.

Best gift for the spiritually aware

For those who are interested and invested in their spirituality, reading tarot can be a soothing and mind-easing aspect of self-care — especially when a tarot deck is geared specifically towards self-care needs.


Jill Pyle, the creator of the monthly subscription box Goddess Provisions, has released an oracle deck that is said to tune into exactly what your mind, body, and spirit are in need of the most. The deck has a 4.9 rating with over 3,000 reviews on Amazon – many of which state how refreshing the art on the cards is and how this is a must-have deck for those who are in need of self-awareness.

Purchase the Sacred Self-Care Oracle from Amazon for $18.

Best gift for resting

Rest and relaxation: What could be more essential to mental and physical health? And those who practice great self-care know it. But sometimes, when our minds are busy and thoughts of the day come creeping in, peaceful sleep can be difficult to come by.


Nodpod is a brand that seeks to eliminate the issue of insomnia with its Weighted Sleep Mask. The mask is made with cooling cotton and warm microfleece, four weighted pods, face-contouring edges, and a special ice pod for placing in the freezer. "Since the first day it arrived in its cool tube box, I've drifted off to dreamland in comfort," a verified reviewer shares. "This far exceeded my expectations. Great design — one side warm to the skin, the other side cool comfort when needed. Weight is just perfect and stays where you place it."

Purchase the Nodpod Weighted Sleep Mask from Kohl's for $34.

Best gift for the tea lover

Tea time is truly a magical self-care escape. It can transport us from a boring Monday at the office into a sweet, aromatic, getaway to a far-off country we've always dreamed of traveling to. The herbs found in tea can even be beneficial to our physical health.


The VAHDAM Weekend In Paris Tea Set proves to be just that — a weekend escape to the enchanting city of love. The packaging itself is enough to have us saying bonjour to la vie en rose, and it just so happens that pink is often thought of as the color of self-love (via Becky Prater). What's more, reviewers are exceptionally pleased. "This is beautiful tea, totally authentic, [and] tastes amazing," writes an Amazon reviewer.

Purchase the VAHDAM Weekend in Paris Tea Set from Amazon for $24.

Best gift in the self pleasure department

Long gone are the days of keeping the details of intimacy on the down low with our friends and partners. Sexual health is a huge portion of self-care, and whether it's part of a self-pleasure routine or fun with your partner(s), taking care of those needs means taking care of yourself. Moreover, gifting self-pleasure items isn't only for your significant other — it can be a great self-care present for any friends, or even family members, who we share openness with.


CBD has taken the health world by storm, and that includes the sexual health world, too. Quim is an intimacy company with an array of CBD-infused personal serums and oils. The Smooth Operator Intimate Serum is a five-star rated CBD serum for increased pelvic blood flow and relaxation, and decreased pain and inflammation. The serum can be used alone or with a special someone.

Purchase the Quim Smooth Operator Serum from Quim for $48.

Best gift for a wine night

Does drinking wine scientifically qualify as self-care? Not exactly, but the CDC reports that enjoying an occasional glass of wine in moderation is safe. Having friends over for a relaxing wine night or sipping on some red wine during a decadent bubble bath can do wonders after a stressful day, and according to Healthline, can even provide some health benefits.


What we love about wine company Usual Wines is that it gives us the option to purchase individual small bottles for single-serving. This way, the amount of alcohol you're consuming is moderated, and your gift recipient will have an assortment of options including red, brut, and rosé. "When I just want a glass or two, I can enjoy it without having to toss out half of a regular-sized bottle the next day because the bubbles have gone flat," writes a five-star reviewer. "I keep a few bottles chilled at all times!"

Purchase the Usual Wines Mixed Pack from Usual Wines for $48.

Best gift for the mother-to-be

Being pregnant is a joyous, wondrous time for many people. But with all of the excitement, nerves, and days ahead to look forward to, pregnancy can be a whirlwind of emotions. On top of that, all of the physical symptoms related to pregnancy can take a toll very quickly. This is why it's highly important for all moms-to-be not to be afraid of looking after themselves in the self-care department.


Help pamper the future mommy in your life with the Pregnant + Pampered Gift Set from Honest. Featuring soaking bath salt, body oil, nip balm, cooling jelly, and belly bump butter, this set will help any pregnancy run a little more smoothly by giving mom-to-be time to relax. One reviewer shares, "Bought as a gift for my friend. She loved it. I'm thinking of buying this for everyone when they are pregnant!"

Purchase the Honest Pregnant + Pampered Gift Set from Honest for $75.

Best gift for the busy mom

We can't think of a better gift of self-care for a busy mom than the gift of some time away. Because the important job of being a mother offers no days off, giving the moms in your life an opportunity to take a break for a while is a gift they will truly never forget.


Tinggly is a company that offers gifts of experiences. The Superwoman Collection is a five-star rated gift card that allows you to purchase a voucher for the super-mom — or any amazing woman, for that matter — in your life, and she can choose an experience out of 1,900 options in over 100 countries. Whether it's an experience in your own city or one on an upcoming trip she has planned, you can purchase an experience for one (great if mom needs some solo time), or two (if mom wants to bring along a friend).

Purchase the Tinggly Superwoman from Tinggly for $90.

Best gift for a holiday sweet treat

Eating sweets goes hand-in-hand with drinking wine — while it's not technically a science-backed method of self-care, we still do it anyway sometimes because it's okay to do so — in moderation. And what could be better than enjoying a few bites of a tempting chocolate cake during a night of pampering — especially during the holidays?


But what do we do when we just want to gift something small for a self-care routine and don't have any desire to bestow a massive cake onto our recipient? Enter: Milk Bar. With 846K followers on Instagram, the population's love for this sweet shop is pretty apparent. Just in time for the holidays, Milk Bar has released its Chocolate Mint Chip Cake — a rich, seasonal twist on mint chocolate chip ice cream. The best part of all? It can be purchased in a mini six-inch size, which is the perfect addition to a night of some me-time.

Purchase the Milk Bar Chocolate Mint Chip Cake from Milk Bar for $62.

Best gift for fitness fanatics

We have to give it up to our regular gym-goers — your motivation and dedication are truly inspiring. Physical fitness is perhaps the number one aspect of self-care because it not only keeps your body strong and healthy, but it does the same to your mind.


While physical health may already be one of the greatest gifts one could have, helping the fitness-lover in your life further their self-care routine even more is perfect for their workout regimen. The Good Hippie's Recover & Unwind Athlete's Box is a trio of post-workout recovery body care products. With a 4.8 rating on Faire, the company's products are a favorite among consumers.

Purchase the Good Hippie's Recover & Unwind Athlete's Box from Uncommon Goods for $66.

Best gift for skincare

We've heard it time and time again: A great beauty routine starts with great skincare. Not only does skincare benefit us on the outside, but the act of applying the products feels rejuvenating and luxurious on the inside.


For a skincare product where you need to "look no further," per a reviewer, set your sights on the Honest X Vanity Planet Aira Ionic Facial Steamer. The at-home steamer brings a spa facial into your giftee's own space by offering clarification and hydration, impurity-steaming, and an overall fresh feeling. Hand-picked as a favorite by Honest creator Jessica Alba herself, this sauna-like experience will have them wondering how they ever lived without it.

Purchase the Honest X Vanity Planet Aira Ionic Facial Steamer from Honest for $50.

Best gift for holiday movie-thons

The holidays add an immense touch of sparkle and joy to any self-care routine, and this includes snuggling up for those holiday binge-worthy movies we invest ourselves in each year. There's just something about slipping into warm PJs and curling up with a toasty mug of hot cocoa that can push any day on an upward turn.


Gifting holiday pajamas can be cute and appreciated, but in order for your special person to get the most out of their present, opt for giving them a cozy set that can be worn after the holidays are over, too. Cozy Earth's Long Sleeve Bamboo Pajamas in Stretch-Knit have a 4.9 rating and are here to bring us maximum comfort, breathability, and a wide option of sizes. The stretch-knit regulates temperature throughout wear, so those movie-thons next to the fireplace are sure not to get too hot.

Purchase the Cozy Earth Long Sleeve Bamboo Pajamas in Stretch-Knit from Cozy Earth for $111.

Best gift for journaling

Letting out your inner thoughts on paper is extremely therapeutic. Anyone who's tried journaling can attest that it helps keep your deepest emotions in check and staying in tune with them creates essential balance in our lives.


To help out your self-care lover, why not present them with a daily journal that offers prompts and sections for dreams, goals, self-care rituals, and intentions? Davy Boutique's My Daily Self-Care Journal provides all of that plus more, as it even guides you through each day of the year with 365 days of self-care planning and checkups. With a website rating of five stars, Davy Boutique aims to please customers in all departments.

Purchase the Davy Boutique My Daily Self-Care Journal from Davy Boutique for $42.50.

Best gift for a music escape

Not only is listening to music a self-care ritual in and of itself but playing music during any method of self-care practice can enhance the overall experience and mood. This is exactly why it's important to ensure that music is being played with the right equipment.


The Life Q30 Headphones from Soundcore by Anker offer noise-canceling technology for the ultimate self-care experience. With a comfortable fit, 40 hours of playtime, and high-resolution sound, relaxation will become easier than ever before. "So impressed by the noise cancellation, it's like magic," one reviewer exclaims. "At the gym, I put them on my head and already loads of sound is blocked out. But then I turn them on (without music) and it blocks out all the sound of the machines, even though there's no music playing."

Purchase the Soundcore by Anker Life Q30 Headphones from Amazon for $85.

Best gift for the foodie

Cooking is a relaxing, mood-enhancing experience that ignites all of our senses. It's no wonder that so many people turn to the culinary world as a method of self-care. Whipping up healthy, flavorful dishes enriches both the body and the mind.


Making food should be a positive experience, so help take any of the stress out of your foodie's self-care time with a subscription or gift card to HelloFresh. HelloFresh provides meal plans that come with pre-portioned fresh, real ingredients for a wide array of recipes. With a CNET rating of 8/10, HelloFresh is sure to steer any foodie in the right direction in the kitchen.

Purchase a HelloFresh Gift Card from HelloFresh starting at $75.

Best gift for art therapy

Leaving out art on any self-care list is arguably a crime. Creating is one of the most beneficial, enlightening, and thought-provoking experiences we as humans can have. Even if we don't consider ourselves creative per se, art is subjective and can be more about the process than the result.


The Sculptd Pottery Kit is a child or adult beginner-friendly set of everything needed to create your own piece of pottery. The kit includes air-dry clay for molding, paint for decorating, clear varnish for a glazed-like effect, tools, and a step-by-step instruction guide with video tutorials to help you along the way. "I've been conducting my own search for the best air-dry clay and I have finally found it — Sculpd!" shares a reviewer. "Their clay is smooth, pliable, and does not crack while working with it. It is pleasurable to use and produces high-quality sculptures. I'm obsessed!"

Purchase the Sculptd Pottery Kit from Sculptd for $65.

Best gift for post-work relaxation

Work is stressful — we get it. After a long day at the office or job site is often when we turn to self-care time the most, and we have to say, it works. During the evening is when our minds need clearing, our bodies need restoring, and it's time to prepare ourselves to hit the restart button and do it all over again in the morning.


When we get off work, most of us cook dinner, relax for a while, and suddenly, it's already time for bed. Incorporating self-care somewhere into this routine can make sure we're adding it into our daily lives, and shower steamers are the perfect way to do this. Shower steamers are basically bath bombs for the shower — you just place one inside the shower and let the dissolving work its magic. The Calming Shower Steamers Gift Set from Uncommon Goods has a respectable 4.4 rating and comes with the essential oil scents most linked to calmness.

Purchase the Uncommon Goods Calming Shower Steamers Gift Set from Uncommon Goods starting at $28.