How To Get Rid Of Armpit Fat

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We know how frustrating it can be when you find the perfect shirt that you've been searching high and low for, but then you try it on, and it doesn't fit the way you want it to. And it's all because of that unsightly "bra bulge" jutting out the back caused by armpit fat. Having armpit fat can steal the joy out of an otherwise perfect outfit. This bulge can be caused by a number of things, including obesity, an ill-fitting bra, or even genetics (via Finallybra).


Fortunately, there are plenty of workouts that target specific parts of the body. Want attractive, powerful legs that look great in shorts? You can easily find leg exercises that will make a difference by targeting those muscles and building strength in your legs. But what about armpit fat? According to Trainer Josh, armpit fat is incredibly difficult to target because it's in an area that is hard to tone or sculpt. However, luckily, there are some techniques you can easily implement to get rid of this unwanted fat, making your shirts fit amazingly and helping you feel like the best you can be.

Change your diet and workout routine

It may be sort of obvious, but the best way to combat any fat in your body is to change your diet and the way you're working out. In an interview with Women's Health, nutritionist Lauren Simmons, R.D., C.S.C.S., of Core Dynamics in Indiana, says getting rid of armpit fat starts with being aware of what kind of calories you're taking in. She suggests dedicating half of your daily calorie intake to carbs and then splitting up the remaining percentage between proteins and fatty foods like nuts and olive oil.


When it comes to exercises, Healthline recommends cardio and weightlifting that targets your underarms. So, grab your nearest weights and head for the bench to tackle some triceps presses and extensions. And for those of you who want something less intense, you can even incorporate yoga positions that target your arms, such as a downward-facing dog or the cat-cow pose.

Make sure your bra fits correctly

That unwanted fat you're seeing could also be just as easy to conquer as switching up your bra. Per Healthline, it can be amplified when you wear a bra that's too tight or is built in a way that pushes your armpit fat up instead of concealing it. Did you know that there are bras made just for the purpose of concealing spillage? These have to be the most useful bras in existence, and People agrees; they tried the Warner's No Side Effects Bra — an undergarment loved by actress Jennifer Lawrence — and found the results to be effective and simple to achieve.


Wearing a bra made to hide armpit fat may not solve the actual problem, but it's a quick and easy way to minimize its appearance while you work on diminishing it. If you're still unsure as to why you have a bra bulge after following a healthy diet and incorporating exercises for that body area, there may be another cause. Your armpit fat may be something else, like excess breast tissue, which can be difficult to remove without surgery.