How Does A Leo Show Love In Relationships?

Feeling love in a relationship is a must. Yet so many of us do without or find ourselves actively trying to understand our partner's love language. Luckily, studying up on astrology can be a gateway to understanding each individual's expressions of love. Our cosmic blueprints provide a detailed understanding of the complexity of our human nature and how love manifests itself within us. Declarations of romance specifically can vary from person to person, and more than just our sun sign can tell us why. Be sure when studying expressions of love within yourself and others you check your complete birth chart, getting a good read on the different transits, planets, and houses that create the beautiful complexity unique to you. To find your birth chart, be as specific as possible, entering your birth information using a birth chart calculator like this one from Café Astrology.

One sign that knows how to crack open their heart space is Leo. Known as the king of the star-studded jungle, these lovers share love like no other. If you find yourself with a Leo or have heavy lion energy in your chart, feeling love is surely the least of your problems.

They might come off as aggressive

Leos tend to get a bad rap as attention-seeking or self-absorbed. The truth is that as a fire sign, they have a natural intensity propelling them forward to energize themselves and others, per Tarot. They have an internal warmth that needs to be shared with others and with a large presence that is meant to be felt at all times. Their love, therefore, is bold, courageous, and in your face. Because they are so self-assured, their energy can come off as conceited or even aggressive to those who don't know how to stand in their power, according to astrologers at The Times of India. Their authoritative and commanding presence, however, actually stems from a reliability that wants to expand love.

Leos are not afraid to express how they feel, and, in fact, they put everything on the table in hopes that you will return the favor. They are all about building a love that can be seen and felt at all times. Expect big demonstrations of emotions and even dramatics played out in front of friends and family so the world can see how caring they are. These lions need an expressive partner who can meet them on the stage of love and won't back down from flamboyant displays of affection. They live for PDA and sloppy kisses in public. Don't be surprised if they send a bouquet of roses to your desk at work to be admired by coworkers either.

They want to show you off

Leos are ruled by the Sun and therefore have a creative life force running through their veins like no other. They are bursting with vitality, strength, positivity, and, most of all, love. If there's anything Leos love more than being in the spotlight, it's sharing their views on love by making others feel life's radiance. Leos also rule the heart chakra and are constantly challenging us to crack ourselves open. A Leo friend or lover will constantly push you to be your authentic self, to speak from within, and make you feel good about yourself. Expect endless compliments, grand adventures, and a bit of showing off while in partnership with a Leo (via Tarot). 

Leos thrive in the spotlight, and that goes for their partner, too, who is an extension of themselves. The way they see it, you are the trophy, and they are the prize. The world needs to see your love. Rather than seeing their displays of love as performative, which we'll admit they can be, understand that Leo's purpose is to show others how great life can be. For them, life is a grand stage, and you are the stars. Let yourself be seen in love in order to manifest more.