What Really Happens To Your Body When You Stop Wearing Underwear

Underwear is a critical part of your outfit. They can be pesky, but you need them for all the right reasons. Serving as the base of your outfit, a clean and quality pair of underwear can protect your private body parts from rubbing against coarser garments, prevent indecent "show-through," and inspire you to dress with confidence and with competence, according to Atelier Traditionnel. Aside from keeping you comfortable and dry throughout the day, shaping undergarments such as sculpting briefs and seamless bodysuits can accentuate your body's natural curve and help you get into shape. Given the importance of underwear, we are all expected to leave our houses with undergarments on. Having said that, it's not uncommon to bump into people who choose to do away with underwear to steal the show, like what Bella Hadid and Rihanna did on the red carpet.

Even though going commando is frowned upon in many cultures, it is increasingly the preferred course of action for many people. In fact, a fifth of us prefer to forgo underpants entirely, according to a survey conducted by Vanity Fair and 60 Minutes. But are there any more benefits to ditching panties than just for nailing the barely-there look or feeling comfortable? How will your body react when you stop wearing underwear? Here are some insights from experts.

Skipping underwear helps your skin breathe easier

Turns out, there are numerous benefits that come with going au natural. Underwear inflicts a weighty and tight-fitting feel on your skin, so ditching it will make your skin feel more comfortable and give your sensitive areas time and space to breathe. Particularly, undergarments made from synthetic materials such as microfiber, nylon, polyester, rayon, and spandex can prevent air from flowing freely and affect your reproductive organs. Obstetrician-gynecologist Brittany Noel Robles tells Bustle: "By going commando you give the labia and vagina time away from fabric." Discomfort aside, wearing panties that are too tight can compress the stomach and cause heartburn, as well as check blood circulation.

Skipping panties also helps with pimples forming around your rear end. According to Dr. Nini Mai (via Well+Good), underwear might trap excess dampness and microbes, so skipping it for a while and letting your sensitive areas release heat can spare you yeast infections and acne. The same can be said for wearing constricting bras over an extended period of time. Going braless when you could allows for better blood circulation, a more toned breast shape, and better breast skin health. If you want to enhance sleep quality, going to bed without any underwear on is a good start. Not only being naked or underwear-free on the bed lowers your body temperature so you can sleep soundly and eliminate toxins overnight, but it also prevents the risks of bacterial growth and yeast infections in the vaginal areas.

How to skip underwear the right way

If you opt to go the route of no underwear, it is advisable to wear loose, breathable pants that are not coming into direct contact with your skin to prevent chafing and irritation. For instance, loose-fitting pajama pants made of natural fabrics such as satin, linen, and cotton make a great addition to your underwear-free wardrobe, obstetrician-gynecologist Nancy Herta tells Glamour. As she states, "You really should sleep without underwear if you're prone to vaginal issues." This also means that you cannot go commando when you're in the gym, where you're supposed to be clad in athleticwear made from rough and stretchy fabrics.

Should you choose to wear pants, remember that the vulva is a very delicate area and will always be at risk of abrasions or micro-cuts from coarse fabric. Therefore, a body-hugging, straight-line dress or skirt that falls below the knee might be a safer choice. Furthermore, going commando on a daily basis necessitates additional laundry in order to keep your clothing clean from excess perspiration and stink from your genitals, which may easily rub on your clothes after toilet trips, Tushy warns. Skipping underwear also means exposing your sensitive areas to more bacteria and impurities from the environment. To get rid of excess bacteria and minimize risks of yeast infections, take care to shower and disinfect your vaginal area more often.

Going commando might also help avoid allergic reactions

If you're prone to skin irritation in general, there's another great reason why not wearing underwear might be the right move for you. According to Healthline, going commando can also keep you from exposing your skin to potential allergens. Health.com notes that this is more likely to occur for those who wear underwear that isn't breathable, such as lace underwear, but other popular lingerie materials such as silk may also be potentially problematic. This is entirely dependent on your own allergens, and understanding them is paramount.

Furthermore, allergist Tim Mainardi explains that it isn't actually that uncommon to be allergic to some component of your underwear, whether that's because of the fabric, dye, or other chemicals used to treat it (via HelloGiggles). Many of us just don't know it. If you've had reactions that don't have another cause, such as an STI or the laundry detergent you're using, it's certainly worth looking into whether going without underwear might be of some benefit to you.