What Does It Mean When You Have An Itchy Lip

Ever been bitten by a nasty bug or had a sudden rash appear on your leg? You'll probably recall a red spot popping up on your skin. But the awful feeling that shows up afterward and makes you want to rake your nails over your skin like crazy is probably what you remember most. It's an itch, or, as Verywell Health puts it, "an irritating sensation on the skin." It shouldn't cause you any pain, but the itchiness can be annoying and even impede on your day.


From bug bites to poison ivy, there are plenty of factors out there that could cause your skin to itch (via WebMD.) These usually have easy fixes, like hydrocortisone cream. But, much like if your eye itches, having an itchy lip can be an extremely annoying feeling that can be hard to cure. It might even have you wondering if something's wrong with you. No need to worry; we've gathered together some of the reasons why you might have an itchy lip and what you can do to get rid of the feeling.

Having an itchy lip is most likely not a serious health concern

Itchy lips may be a bother, but you'll be happy to know that having itchy lips is quite common. Better yet, itchy lips are rarely a reason to be concerned. According to Medical News Today, itchy lips can be caused by a variety of natural occurrences, including a change in weather or allergies. Even having dry or chapped lips can split the skin on your lips and cause an itchy feeling to arise. Itchy lips can also be a sign of herpes, which causes painful blisters to appear around the mouth (via Medical News Today).


In most cases, an itchy lip can be treated at home with over-the-counter medications. To ease the itchy sensation, Healthline recommends adding a daily dose of hydration to your lips with a moisturizing treatment. Make sure the product you're using is gentle and hypoallergenic. If the problem persists, you may need an antifungal cream or another topical ointment to treat it. Reaching out to your doctor is the best way to find out what products can help you fight itchy lips.

An itchy lip could mean you're the target of gossip

There's another reason your lip might be itching, and it doesn't involve the weather or the opinions of medical professionals. For this one, we'll look to superstitions from the past.

When your body is feeling itchy, some people believe this could be the universe giving you a little heads-up. We'd really love for it to be good news, but depending on where and what is itching, the universe might have a bit of bad news to share with you instead (via Feng Shui Beginner).


Unfortunately, for those who believe in superstitions, having an itchy lip isn't good news unless you adore being the center of attention. Made any enemies lately? You might have someone talking about you behind your back. According to The Sun, if you find your lip just won't quit itching, it could mean that you're the subject of someone's conversation . . . and not in a good way. Being gossiped about isn't fun, but do your best to ignore it and have great a day anyway.