Key Tips For Nailing The Layered Skirt Trend

Spring is just around the corner, which means it's time to read up on all the newest trends. Before stocking up on new pieces, it is important to note that spring 2023 fashion seems to be all about taking basics and re-inventing how we wear them. You have probably heard of layering with sweaters, jewelry, and oversized button-downs, but this spring, we are layering with skirts. That's right; this spring layering will take on a new meaning as you layer your favorite dresses, creating dimensions with different lengths, textures, and cuts. Kate Davidson Hudson, editor-in-chief of Luisaviaroma, tells TZR she thinks "fall/winter 2022 was very much a focus on a return to classic staples (i.e., the perfect white tank, classic denim, suiting separates, and the pleated skirt), so it makes sense that spring would evolve that idea by way of artful layering and mixing and matching those core investment pieces".

We saw this trend first populate on the runway at spring/summer 2023 fashion shows, being featured in the Tory Burch runway show and then showing up in heritage brand shows like Prada and Lanvin (via YouTube). If you are looking to nail this fresh-off-the-runway look, we have you covered! We have curated five key tips for nailing the layered skirt trend this spring.

Length matters

Length of the skirts you choose to layer matters. Stacking multiple skirts of the same length will leave a frumpy end result with no way to show off the special details each skirt brings to the table. When choosing the skirts for your layered skirt look, choose skirts of different lengths. The length difference can be significant or minimal as long as it gives each skirt a chance to shine. Style blogger @tutti.toetee on Instagram shows us how the length of your layers perfects the look as she layers a lace skirt under a denim mini.

Play with texture

Textures can make the layered skirt trend so phenomenal. The contrast between the skirts' fabrics makes a noticeable difference in layers. Whether you are choosing to contrast denim and professional, sheer and floral, or any other combination your heart desires, the end result is sure to be a fire representation of this trend. On the S/S 2023 runway, Lanvin was a prime example of this trend pairing a sheer and shimmering skirt over a longer skirt that was covered in hanging embellishments (via YouTube).

Y2K is here to stay

The early aughts brought us many questionable trends, but most of these traditional fashion faux-pas have made their way back onto the scene in recent years. It would only be fitting that one of the most interesting trends would make its way back in spring 2023. The layered skirt trend doesn't have to only include skirts. Layering a skirt over pants is a Y2K trend to look out for this upcoming spring. You may remember this trend in the form of Ashley Tisdale at the 2005 "Ice Princess" premiere, but today we have seen this trend on many fashion-focused Instagram accounts, such as @sofiacaicedog.

Avoid maxi skirts

Show a little bit of leg when practicing the layered skirt trend. Maxi skirts layered under shorter skirts may initially seem like a great way to nail this trend, but oftentimes, this look ends up looking frumpy and not as chic. They often take away from the trend itself and simply look like you need another layer to stay warm. Instead, stick with your longest skirt being a midi length or at least above the ankle, as @alitheacastillo on Instagram does. Pants under skirts can, of course, be longer as they hug the body, leaving the look polished.

Sheer beauty

Sheer skirts are a great and simple way to add this trend to your spring outfits, which is why they seem to be a common theme on and off the runway. They are easy to throw over another skirt for added dimension and texture or to throw under for a peek-a-boo surprise. Maryam Nassir Zadeh showcased an untraditional office wear look in her S/S 2023 show, featuring a sheer slip peeking out from underneath a pinstripe miniskirt (via Instagram).