The Foundation Hack That Claims To Give More Even Coverage

Whether you're going for full-on makeup or a "no makeup" makeup look, you need to put on foundation. The mainstay of any makeup look, foundation keeps your blemishes under wraps, enhances your underlying skin tone, and offers a smooth canvas for other makeup products to sit on. If you often wear makeup, you're probably no stranger to wearing foundation and probably have your own trick to getting more coverage from your foundation. From using a brush to spread foundation to tapping with a beauty sponge to blend, there are various coverage-building hacks to help you obtain a flawless base.

For makeup artist Kelsey Deenihan (via Reader's Digest), applying more coverage in the center and diffusing the base as you work the foundation out will help you even out your complexion, but Claire Talks Beauty, applying foundation in layers is the key to achieving even coverage. While these hacks are all legit, they are not the latest foundation application trend on TikTok. Hailing from South Korea, this much-hyped K-beauty foundation hack is touted to give you a natural-looking and lasting foundation with zero caking.

The spatula hack gives flawless coverage

And the prize for the most raved-about foundation application trend in South Korea this year goes to the spatula hack. Don't worry, it's not the same as the kitchen tool you use to scoop food from sizzling oil. The spatula hack involves a makeup spatula, a cosmetic tool that looks like a butter knife except with a longer edge and an angled tip that's perfect for slicing off and spreading makeup. For years, spatulas have been a fixture in the makeup kits of professional makeup artists in South Korea. Per TikTok creator @jennypysh_, the spatulas are the key to helping K-pop idols achieve "perfectly natural beautiful skin." In her video, which has garnered over 1.1 million views, Jenny shows the audience how to ride the trend.

First, she smears about half a pump of foundation on the back of her hand. Then, she gently glides the edge of her spatula across the foundation and slides the spatula smeared with foundation thinly across one side of her face. After that, she dabs the formula into her skin with a beauty sponge, adds another layer of foundation for more coverage, and dabs some more to blend the product out. Once she's done with half the face, the final effect is flawless coverage with a sheer, dewy finish. Trying the hack on her bumpy chin, TikTok user @soobeauty814 concludes that the hack gives her a seamless foundation but that she wouldn't try this hack every day lest it aggravates her cystic acne.

The spatula hack only works with liquid foundation

As you can see, the spatula hack involves smearing a makeup spatula with foundation like you would jam, so it works best with liquid foundation. "They blend so easily," Korean makeup artist Pircilla Pae tells Allure. Fortunately, liquid-based foundations work well on all skin types, from oily to dry to sensitive skin. They soak up excess oil and smooth your complexion without giving your makeup a cakey finish. If your foundation is stick-based or powder-based, you might not need this tool. If you have acne-prone skin, make sure to use an acne-free liquid foundation to avoid clogging your pores and minimize the risks of breaking out.

While there's no denying this foundation application trend can give you desirable coverage, caution is advised when it comes to gliding a blade across your skin if you have infected pimples. Although a makeup spatula isn't sharp and safe to use, gliding it across a face full of acne might inflict undue pressure on the bumps, causing them to pop and exacerbate the infection. "In fact, overuse of makeup, especially foundations, can lead to skin irritation or acne breakouts," Dr. Joshua Zeichner tells NBC News. Skipping makeup for a while and letting your skin breathe can help it repair itself faster. If you have chronic skin conditions, consult your dermatologist before using a spatula on your face.