Your Guide To The Perfect Shoes To Wear With Your Flared Jeans

Fashion is a revolving door, with trends coming and going constantly. Flared pants (also known as bell bottoms) are the epitome of "what goes around comes around." They have consistently left and come back into the fashion scene multiple times since they first became popular in the 1960s. Originally only worn by sailors in the U.S. Navy, they gained popularity as a sign of the counterculture lifestyle (via Startup Fashion). The trend eventually trickled up into high-fashion designer collections and is worn by fashion icons today, such as Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid.

These days, switching to flared pants is also symbolic of a change in culture, but perhaps a bit less extreme. With millennials ditching their skinny jeans and needing an alternative to the baggy denim Gen-Z loves, it is the perfect time for flared jeans to make a comeback. This season, flared jeans are back again and being styled to fit almost any fashion aesthetic. A common dilemma with this trend involves footwear. Which shoes look best with flared denim? If you want to get in on the trend, don't fear — we have curated six perfect shoes to wear with your flared jeans to rock the look.

Platform boots

Platform boots are a great way to spice up the flared denim look for those who love a bit of grunge. With darker aesthetics on the rise, it is no surprise that edgier boots, such as platforms, are also trending. These shoes are great for those who prefer a less-formal look, as they provide enough height to prevent the flared pants from dragging the floor, but aren't as dressy as high heels. Instagram fashion blogger Katherine Owen styles her light-wash flared denim with a black top, black bag, and grungey black platform boots to add an edge to her look.

Heeled booties

Heeled booties are a great way to counter the length of flared denim. With the covered toe pointing out from beneath the jeans, heeled boots are a great way to add dimension to a plain-jane denim look. Elongate your legs with the look, like Kendall Jenner did when she stepped out for Paris fashion week (via Footwear News).

Pointed-toe heels

If you want to make your flared denim look more formal, pointed-toe heels are the way to go. The pointed toe sticks out from the bottom of the jeans, giving the illusion of longer legs. This style of shoe is particularly great if your jeans have a longer hem, as it will prevent your flared jeans from bunching up and looking frumpy. Lifestyle Instagram blogger Jessica Reed shows us how pointed-toe heels can take a simple sweater and jeans look go from casual to classy.

Classic sneakers

If you prefer a casual and comfortable look, classic sneakers are still an option with flared jeans. Simple chunky sneakers or platform sneakers are our favorites to style with the look, as they may not have a heel, but still offer added height. This is particularly important for people on the shorter side, as the bottom hem of their flared jeans may skim the floor without additional inches. Digital creator Jessie Chanes posted a photo on Instagram of her and her daughter rocking the flared denim and Converse shoe look.


Clogs are one of the hottest shoes this season, prompted by the return of Birkenstock's famous Boston Clogs. The shoe is now being recreated in a variety of ways by different brands. The Birkenstock clogs feature no heel, so to wear these with flared denim, you need the height to prevent your jeans from scraping the ground. Heeled wooden clogs are also becoming more common and are super flattering with flared pants, as fashion blogger Amy showcases on her Instagram.

Cowgirl boots

Cowgirl boots have trickled into the fashion scene over the past several years as western wear has made its mark. Traditionally, cowboys and cowgirls have always worn bootcut jeans, because like the name says, they fit over your boots. Flared jeans are the more fashion-forward version for the trendiest cowgirls. Luckily, you don't have to be a cowgirl to rock the look. Western-style brands, such as Boot Barn, showcases a variety of flared jeans across its website, almost exclusively styled with cowgirl boots.