Fans Told Glam Their Go-To Eye Makeup Look - Exclusive Survey

It's said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Perhaps this is the reason humans have been enhancing and decorating their eye area since at least 4000 B.C., as reported by the Smith College Museum of Ancient Inventions. In those days, both men and women in Egypt would darken the area around their eyes with kohl made from antimony or lead sulfide in order to create a larger-eyed look. These ancient trendsetters also believed that painting around their eyes would keep them protected from the malevolent "evil eye."


Over the many centuries since ancient Egyptians painted their lids, countless eye makeup trends have come and gone. From the frosty shimmering lids of the 1980s to the bold graphic liner looks of today, what's in fashion for our eyes is ever-changing (via Beauty Bay). To find out what the most popular everyday eye makeup look is right now, Glam surveyed 602 of its readers. Here's what they had to say. 

Subtlety steals the show

A whopping 259 (43.02%) of Glam's respondents reported that their go-to daily eye makeup look is one that qualifies as natural. It would appear that not many Glammers are actually going full glam on a daily basis. Of course, the fact that an eye makeup look appears natural doesn't mean it didn't take a lot of time, effort, or products to achieve. A look as minimalist as a swipe of undereye concealer and one coat of mascara certainly qualifies as natural, but so does a no-makeup-makeup look that utilizes a primer, three different neutral shades of eyeshadow, concealer, liner, mascara, and brow products (via L'Oréal).


With the "clean girl" aesthetic sweeping TikTok throughout 2022, it's probably no surprise that natural looks are at the top of their game. Users like Leanne_page have racked up tens of millions of views on videos detailing the minimalist makeup look. Smokey-eye looks came in a distant second with 131 (21.76%) votes.

Least popular looks

Wondering which eye makeup look was rated least favorite by Glam readers? Cut crease shadow looks only pulled in 37 votes (6.15%). A cut crease is a graphic eyeshadow technique that uses contrast to enlarge the look of the eye. The method can take some time to master and have rather dramatic results, which could explain why most people aren't reaching for it daily. A cut crease also involves shaping both your eyeshadow and liner into a cat eye, a look which ranked fairly low in the survey as well (16.11%).


If you happen to be a fan of the no-makeup makeup look, this is your time to shine. If you aren't, don't worry or feel pressured to change. Trends are ever-evolving, and the best look for you is always the one you feel most comfortable wearing. Enjoy your makeup and embrace your unique style, always. (Here's a secret: our philosophy is that you're always in style if you're doing things authentically.)