30 Of The Best Astrology Gifts For Everyone On Your List

Astrology is hotter than ever right now thanks to Gen Z's opening of the Instagram and TikTok zodiac floodgates. But had you mentioned the word astrology anytime before the last decade, most of society would have looked at you like you had just landed from Mars and quickly cast you into the "hippie stuck in the New Age era of the '60s and '70s" category. Nowadays, we can't make it down an Urban Outfitters aisle without eyeing an Aries-themed bookbag or through a first date without being asked about our sign over appetizers.


Despite its current popularity, astrology has certainly had its ups and downs over the course of history. In fact, Toronto-based astrologer Charm Torres reports a spike in her business since the beginning of the pandemic, and she attributes that to the fact that "people were forced to really sit down with themselves and reflect on what their life was about and where their head was" (via the BBC). However, whether the majority of people in this generation actually believe in astrology or just follow along because Lady Gaga told us it was cool, remains up for debate, per Discover.

One thing that we do know, though, is that the zodiac and horoscopes bring people from all over a sense of comfort in times of uncertainty. This is why we've taken the liberty of rounding up some of the best astrology-themed holiday gifts on the market for anyone in your circle focused on the stars.


How we selected the gifts

Selecting a gift for someone who loves astrology can be a bit intimidating — especially if it's not something you're into. Astrology-themed gifts are not much different than regular gifts in the sense that they, too, come in various levels of craftsmanship, ratings, and company reputability. There are high-end products and low-end products, prices anyone could afford or more indulgent price tags, and even ones that can be put to use or kept for the sole purpose of decoration. Our list covers the bases in all of these categories.


For us, a great product means high ratings, trustworthy companies, and accessibility. We made sure each gift listed was either generally zodiac-focused or included an option to select each specific sign for customization. We looked at user ratings and reviews first and foremost to ensure that our readers are presented with an unbiased and easily accessible list of the best astrology items on the market and tried to select options that we found to be unique.

Best mug

Sipping out of your favorite mug in the morning seems to just make coffee taste better, and it just so happens that a mug with your sign on it can amp up the experience even more.

The DuofLily Ceramic Mug offers a different and highly individual construction compared to the typical mug. The unique lid, shape, and starry golden constellation designs elevate everything to a simply magical style, and with 4.8 out of 5 stars, this mug is sure to win any zodiac lover's heart. "The mug is just as described, and so much prettier in person," writes one reviewer. "I will buy these as gifts, they're so unique! Beats a world's-best-whatever mug any day!"


Purchase the DuofLily Ceramic Mug from Amazon for $29.

Best necklace

A necklace is a highly personalized gift — if you don't cater to someone's specific attributes and styles, it can be quite easy to go wrong. This is why we love the Melinda Maria Zodiac Amulet Necklace in either gold or silver. The design is simple but stunning, and the mother-of-pearl inlay backing adds a timeless shine that anyone can appreciate. Created with one necklace for each sign in the zodiac, selecting your loved one's next best gift is as easy as clicking on their sun sign. The Zodiac Amulet Necklace has 4.5 out of 5 stars. 


Purchase the Melinda Maria Zodiac Amulet Necklace from the Melinda Maria website for $108.

Best coaster set

Who doesn't need a good coaster set? The great thing about them is that you don't need to be married to one set — they can be swapped out throughout the year or can be placed in different rooms for different vibes. The 4-piece West Elm Moon Marble & Brass Coasters is a lunar dream for the home, and any astrology-lover knows that a great portion of the zodiac is centered around the moon. Crafted from marble and brass, these strong and durable coasters are sure to withstand any daily use.


Purchase the West Elm Moon Marble & Brass Coasters from WestElm.com for $32.

Best sweatshirt

You can't beat the present of a cozy sweatshirt — it's truly a gift that keeps on giving, and for the astrology-obsessed, it's the perfect chance to show off who they are. Why not dig a little bit deeper and give your loved one a sweatshirt with not only their sun sign but their rising and moon sign as well? (Trust us, knowing your person's three and getting them right on a sweatshirt will earn you major brownie points). With a five-star item rating, fans of this quality sweatshirt are raving.


Purchase the Custom Big Three Astrology Signs Sweatshirt from Etsy starting at $34.

Best journal

Dabbling in astrology means tracking moon cycles, keeping note of manifestations and affirmations, and setting personal goals. This means that a quality journal is essential to any seasoned or budding astrologer, and James R. Eads Shop couldn't have made finding the perfect one any easier. What we love about this particular journal is that it's handmade, the cover is crafted from an archival-quality giclee art print, and there are an impressive 50 lined pages for endless hours of writing time.


Purchase the James R. Eads Shop Astral Visions Journal from James R. Eads Shop for $20.

Best earrings

Some days, rocking a pair of five-inch gold hoops feels like the right thing to do. On other days, a minimalistic pair of studded earrings seems right. Uncommon James is a company that knows exactly how to meet in the middle. "I bought these as a gift for my 21-year-old granddaughter and she just loves them!" writes a five-star reviewer. "It's hard to find things that really catch her eye because she is a huge influencer, but I did good in finding these! She loves them!"


Purchase the Uncommon James Zodiac Huggies from the Uncommon James website for $58.

Best candle

Interestingly enough, scents have a major correlation with the zodiac. Certain herbs, essences, spices, and fruits are said to align with a particular sign, and candle companies have taken note of this in the recent astrology surge. Prosperity Candle has an option for every sign in the zodiac, which is why we love this collection. Each sign's candle has positive adjectives written on the packaging to bring forth words of affirmation, and the signs' natural elements are taken into account for a pleasing aesthetic. As a company with "superb scents," according to one reviewer, Prosperity Candles also includes "a story card about the woman artisan who made it" with each purchase.


Purchase the Prosperity Candle Zodiac Candle from ProsperityCandle.com for $16.

Best tumbler

Okay, we get it: Iced coffee is just as important as hot coffee. A mug for someone who solely drinks iced coffee just won't do, so finding them a tumbler is a better option. Callie gives us the option to take our tumbler personalizations to the next level. Its personalized zodiac tumbler includes your name, zodiac sign constellation, and birth flower — don't worry if you don't know it, just pick your birth month and the site does the rest.


Purchase the Callie Personalized Name Zodiac and Birth Flower Tumbler Glass from Callie.com for $23.

Best gift set

Gift sets may just be the greatest invention of all time in the world of gifting. They take out the stress of purchasing a present and oftentimes are put together in a much more tidy and professional presentation than most of us care to take the time to do. The zodiac has its fair share of astrology-themed gift boxes and sets on the market, but it was the Lavender Zodiac Box Spa Gift Basket from Etsy that caught our attention. Complete with sage, soap, incense, a bath bomb, lip butter, and much more, "This seller really went above and beyond!" shares an excited reviewer.


Purchase the Lavender Zodiac Box Spa Gift Basket on Etsy starting at $19.

Best blanket

Why give your loved ones another boring and plain throw that they will probably just end up re-gifting to someone else next year? Sure, we all love warm and snuggly blankets, but as a typical go-to yearly gift, they can start to get a bit redundant — that is, until you decide to spice things up with an exceptionally crafted woven astrology-themed blanket. "My aunt is into astrology and all things beautiful, cozy, and unique ... and this blanket is exactly that!" a reviewer writes of the Zodiac Banket from Frankie Print Co. "The quality and the pattern are wonderful."


Purchase the Frankie Print Co. Zodiac Blanket from Frankie Print Co. for $79.

Best art print

Finding subtle, unconventional ways to sneak astrology into everyday decor can be loads of fun, especially in the art category because options are literally limitless. Whether it's an abstract piece or a depiction of a bull or ram, the zodiac has plenty of symbolism to offer artwork. Artist Danielle Kroll has collaborated with Anthropologie to bring us a zodiac series of vintage, colorful, and whimsical pieces that seem to give a nonchalant wink to each sign's symbol. Complete with a metal frame and museum-quality ink and fine art paper, your artwork is sure to stand out in your giftee's home for years to come.


Purchase the Anthropologie Zodiacs Wall Art from Anthropologie.com for $178.

Best bracelet

If your astrology lover adores stacking bracelets, a simple and dainty chain is the perfect option for them. Missoma's Zodiac Bracelet stands out because of its very Y2K-yet-psychedelic design. Backed by a 2-year warranty, this piece is forged from recycled materials and gold-plated vermeil on sterling silver. As far as the company's customer service goes, one Trustpilot reviewer shared, "I [have been] a Missoma customer for over 5 years, and it's safe to say that Missoma should offer customer care seminars to the companies out there so everyone can learn from the best."


Purchase the Missoma Zodiac Bracelet from Missoma.com for $86.

Best puzzle

Long gone are the days of thinking that puzzles are only for older folks and children. According to Progress Lifeline, working puzzles frequently can improve memory function, heighten your mood, sharpen your visual and logical reasoning skills, and provide stress relief. And thankfully for the zodiac-lover, they have options. Free People's Mini Zodiac Puzzle delivers a puzzle with an image catered toward each zodiac sign — meaning that keeping the player's attention will be a breeze.


Purchase the Free People Mini Zodiac Puzzle from Free People for $20.

Best pillow

Pillows are an essential decor and comfort item, and though they can't really be used interchangeably most of the time, it's still great to have a few of each kind. When you find one that offers both aesthetics and relaxation, you know you have your hands on a good one. The Society6 Vintage Astrology Zodiac Wheel Floor Pillow beautifully meshes together incredible imagery and according to reviewers, the comfort we're looking for, too. "It's high quality, dense, and sturdy, yet — extremely comfortable," raves a reviewer.


Purchase the Society6 Vintage Astrology Zodiac Wheel Floor Pillow from Society6.com for $89.

Best coloring book

We love that in recent years adult coloring books have become a smash, and now we can shamelessly release all of our inner tensions by staying in the lines. Or, maybe you have a young budding astrologer in your life who would love to express themself with a coloring book. Either way, the "Color the Zodiac: Astrological Signs to Color and Display" book is a fantastic coloring choice. Filled with 60 unique and captioned blank designs, coloring your way through the zodiac is sure to bring a rainbow of new lessons and fun to astrology.


Purchase "Color the Zodiac: Astrological Signs to Color and Display" from Blick for $14.99.

Best eyeshadow palette

Most zodiac-centered makeup takes a strong focus on all the best aspects of each sign. But what if sometimes we want to feel a bit naughtier? The Mini Bad Side Zodiac Eyeshadow Palette from Melt Cosmetics is perfect for anyone who wants to play up a darker theme. Featuring four different palette options for each element of the zodiac, the shades have unique names geared toward the negative traits of our signs. With color choices like "Know-It-All" and "Over Critical" for earth signs and "Emo" and "Ugly Crying" for water signs, it's hard not to have a little chuckle at ourselves while standing impressed at the extraordinary color payoff from these shadows.


Purchase the Melt Cosmetics Mini Bad Side Zodiac Eyeshadow Palette from Sephora for $38.

Best tarot deck

Astrologers and astrology followers everywhere turn to tarot decks for guidance and wisdom from the stars. What makes The Herbal Astrology Oracle deck unique is how it marries the energies from the stars into the natural world around us. The goal of this deck is to offer a connection to the universe and the stars, plants, trees, and planets within it. "I'm blown away at how beautiful this deck is," writes one reviewer. "Each card has the most incredible artwork that incorporates plants, herbs, symbols, but also animals and spiritual beings. This is truly one of the most beautiful decks I have seen and so glad to have it in my collection."


Purchase The Herbal Astrology Oracle from Amazon for $24.

Best plate

If you keep up with the world of porcelain, you know the name Sargadelos. Sargadelos is a Spanish ceramics company that creates some of the most breathtaking and unique pieces to come out of Europe. With over 200 years in business, it's safe to say the company knows what it's doing. Sargadelos teamed up with creative company Viso Project to deliver us a truly remarkable and visually pleasing zodiac collection of porcelain plates. There is a plate design for every sign of the zodiac and each one was impeccably crafted in Spain.


Purchase the Viso Project Zodiac Porcelain Plate from Viso Project for $100.

Best ring

As with most jewelry, good rings are a dime a dozen. With millions of companies offering quality, durable astrology-themed rings, it can be hard to know where to begin. The best way to make your way through thousands of ring companies is to weed them out to discover something that's truly one-of-a-kind. Uncommon Goods brings us its Zodiac Rings collection — a collection of 18K gold-plated bronze rings with handmade zodiac designs. Talk about rare and pretty all in one go.


Purchase the Uncommon Goods Zodiac Rings from Uncommon Goods for $68.

Best decoration

Keepsakes are truly heartfelt gifts that can be cherished for years to come. Particularly, a music box is something special that your loved one can use to feel more connected to you — whether you're near or far. Briskfeel's Vintage Zodiac Music Box is the perfect choice in this department for any astrology lover in your life because each sign is represented on the box with not only its constellation symbol but its constellation pattern as well. "This is such a beautiful music box," a reviewer shares. "People are in awe when I show it to them. It has a nice weight to it and is just all around very beautiful."


Purchase the Briskfeel Vintage Music Box from Amazon for $46.

Best perfume

Just like candles, perfume can be catered to the signs, too. Each sign is filled with cosmic energy that is represented by natural herbs, spices, and essences to connect us with the world around us. Zodica Perfumery has made this concept easy with its line of zodiac perfumes. With a special signature scent combination for each of the 12 signs, your giftee's astrological energy will be calling them by name with a blend crafted especially for them.


Purchase the Zodica Perfumery Zodiac Perfume from FreePeople.com for $44.

Best jewelry dish

A jewelry dish can be the perfect gift because it has so many uses. Aside from just storing jewelry, it can store keys, coins, candy, or mints, and for the astrology lover, even healing crystals. The Wooden Zodiac Constellation Jewelry Dish from Common Goods is ideal for all of that and more, and its craftsmanship takes it a step even further. "My sister (The Accessory Queen) raved about this jewelry dish for her birthday," a reviewer writes. "She loved it paired with the Zodiac tea canister."


Purchase the Uncommon Goods Wooden Zodiac Constellation Jewelry Dish from Uncommon Goods for $20.

Best planter

With Gemini and Sagittarius being two signs who are constantly on the move and always onto the next adventure, they probably are not the most reliable plant parents. But that doesn't mean they don't welcome the idea of a home filled with lush greens. Help them out in this department with Buddha Grove's Moon Phase Celestial Design Vase or Pot Planters, which are said to be inspired by the beauty of the moon's phases. Perfect for nature-loving Taurus or nurturing plant mom Cancer, these celestial designs will instill moon magic into whoever beholds them.


Purchase the Buddha Grove Moon Phase Celestial Design Vase or Pot Planters from BuddhaGrove.com for $38.

Best watch

Living in the digital age, most people use watches these days as an accessory or to elevate an outfit — admittedly, some of us don't even set them to the correct time. While organized Virgo or busy Capricorn may get the most use out of this gift, any sign is sure to be able to get maximum style out of a celestial-inspired watch. Olivia Burton presents the Celestial 38mm Blue & Silver Bracelet Watch — a stellar solar dream with flecks of silver glitter, shiny gold and silver moons and stars, Swarovski crystals, and faux mini pearls. What's more, the pictures don't even do this head-turner the justice it deserves, per a reviewer.


Purchase the Olivia Burton Celestial 38mm Blue & Silver Bracelet Watch from OliviaBurton.com for $160.

Best book

Birthdate Co.'s "Birthdate Book" has certainly garnered its fair share of media press and attention — for good reason, too. This totally personalized book is made to order for each and every customer; the book explains all of the intimate astrological details of your horoscope and birthday all the way down to the minute you were born. Illustrated with captivating imagery, your recipient will learn all about themselves well past their sun sign. "It was the best gift I could give to my sister who has everything," one reviewer declared. "'The Birthdate' Book looks great! My sister started crying from joy."


Purchase the "Birthdate Book" from Birthdate Co. for $87.

Best soap

What star-obsessed astrologer wouldn't love to bathe in the energy of the cosmos? With a sign-inspired soap set, your gift recipient could do just that. The Explore the Stars Zodiac Soap Set from Crystal Bar Soap is your best friend when it comes to zodiac soaps; each bar out of the set of 12 is specially formulated to capture and instill the unique energy of every sign. The best part of all? Every bar comes with its own crystal awaiting you inside once the soap is finished.


Purchase the Crystal Bar Soap Explore the Stars Zodiac Soap Set from the Crystal Bar Soap website for $192.

Best socks

Sure, socks are often first on the list for gag gifts, but it's not every day you come across sustainable bamboo-blend zodiac socks. The Zodiac Star Sign Socks from Uncommon goods deliver on this end, and what's more, the bamboo material actually allows these socks to not only be comfortable but also antibacterial and antifungal as well. "Not only did I purchase two sets for my adult children," writes one reviewer, "I snagged a pair for myself — some socks for my own Christmas stocking! I can't wait. The kids are already wearing their Halloween pair and tell me they are the best socks they have ever had."


Purchase the Uncommon Goods Zodiac Star Sign Socks from Uncommon Goods for $12.

Best sweet treat

Taurus may be the notoriously known foodie of the zodiac, but no matter someone's sign, we all love food. Luckily for us, Baked by Melissa teamed up with astrologer Aliza Kelly to bring us a delectable, drool-worthy zodiac collection of cupcakes. Kelly hand-selected the assortment of flavors based on each given sign's energy and most beloved flavor notes. "Moist, fresh, flavorful, and each mini cupcake is beautifully decorated," a five-star reviewer shares. "A guilt-free way to enjoy a variety of delicious flavors! I will definitely order again."


Purchase the Baked by Melissa Zodiac Cupcakes from the Baked by Melissa website for $37.

Best cutting board

Whether it's being used for serving up an Instagram-worthy charcuterie spread or for slicing up some fresh herbs for a homemade sauce, a cutting board is a kitchen essential. In recent years, the popularity of sites — such as Etsy — that offer handmade goods has made it easier and easier to personalize and engrave just about anything, including cutting boards. Take your cutting board personalization up a notch with the Zodiac Constellation Charcuterie Board from Etsy. With a 5-star shop rating, customers have a variety of sizes and shapes to choose from along with which sign's constellation they would like engraved into the wood.


Purchase the Zodiac Constellation Charcuterie Board from Etsy starting at $25.

Best leggings

Leggings that are featherweight, have pockets, offer breathability, come with SPF 50 sun protection, are created in sizes XS-3X, and that are printed with one-of-a-kind original artwork sound like a product in the depths of our wildest fantasies. But what if we told you that these leggings actually exist? We present to you the Zodiac – Featherlight Bells from Eagle Rock WERKSHOP, and yes, they have all of those amazing features and more. "I believe I am able to sum up the incredible, mind-blowing, extraordinary nature of the Zodiac – Featherlight Bells," a reviewer writes. "Are you ready? Here it is: This is my third pair."


Purchase the Eagle Rock WERKSHOP Zodiac – Featherlight Bells from Eagle Rock WERKSHOP for $108.