15 Luxury Oral Care Products To Help You Glamorize Your Tooth Health

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Having a good oral hygiene routine will not only help keep your teeth white and prevent bad breath, it will also ensure that your mouth remains healthy. According to the American Dental Association, your dental health is often an indicator of your overall health. In fact, if your gums or teeth are in a bad state — which causes gingivitis and periodontitis — this can also reveal other diseases that could be present in the body.


With plenty of oral hygiene products on the market, picking out what you need and what is actually a product of good quality can be overwhelming. Luckily, we have rounded up 15 amazing oral care products that will make brushing your teeth and flossing a glamorous experience. From water flossers to electric toothbrushes that work with your phone app, these fabulous items will take your morning and evening oral hygiene routine from dull to ultra-luxurious.

How we selected these dental products

There is no doubt that it is possible to find incredible oral hygiene products at a lower price point. After all, oral hygiene is an essential daily practice and the tools for it need to be easily accessible to everyone. However, for the sake of luxury, we did not take prices into account. But, the products we recommend fall within the $8 to $200 price range, depending on what they are.


We made sure to cover all aspects of oral hygiene, which means that we researched toothbrushes, different kinds of toothpaste, mouthwashes, tongue scrapers, and even tooth serums (yes, those are a thing), amongst other oral care products. Thanks to numerous reviews, as well as expert recommendations, we ended up picking products that seem to be both effective and very lavish. Of course, we also took social media trends into account as oral hygiene routines like oil pulling have become much more popular thanks to platforms like TikTok.

Best electric toothbrush

If you're looking to invest in a great electric toothbrush, the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart 9300 is a great choice. The Philips toothbrush has four modes and three intensities, but it's the sensors and the accompanying app that take your mouth cleaning experience to a whole new level. What is fancier than your phone giving you real-time feedback on how well you're brushing your teeth?


One buyer raved, "This is a great value, and my teeth are so much cleaner after brushing. You do not notice until you have one. It is the same feeling you have after you go to the dentist for a cleaning."

Purchase the Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart 9300 Electric Power Toothbrush at Amazon for $190.

Best manual toothbrush

While many people think electric toothbrushes are necessary for keeping your teeth glowing and healthy, that isn't true. You can have beautiful pearly whites by using a regular one. "If you get good checkups and your dentist is confident you're doing a thorough job, you don't need to change from a manual brush," dental surgeon Matt Messina tells Consumer Reports.


The Clic Toothbrush Deluxe by Oral-B is an excellent choice for those who prefer manually brushing their teeth. According to the brand, the toothbrush has angled bristles, advanced plaque removal, and a modern and sleek design. In a review on Amazon, one buyer wrote, "I love ... this brush. It's very well made ... this changed everything for me."

Buy an Oral-B Clic Manual Toothbrush at Amazon for $19.

Best toothpaste with fluoride

If you want to upgrade your toothpaste choice, try out Linhart's Linämel Toothpaste. According to the brand, this paste offers enamel protection — formulated with aloe, theobromine, fluoride, and xylitol. Created by dentists, those who have purchased it claim that it's worth the money.


"With sensitive teeth, I'm always a bit anxious trying new products ... A little goes a long way, and I didn't feel any burning like you often can when it comes to whitening toothpaste and products," a buyer raved on the brand's website.

Purchase the Linämel Toothpaste at Linhart for $12.

Best fluoride-free toothpaste

If you prefer toothpaste without fluoride, we have you covered. The Ojook Toothpaste With nHA And Bamboo Salt is one of the best ones on the market, and the numerous five-star reviews are certainly proving it. 


One reviewer said, "Definitely the best toothpaste I ever used in my life. The first impression was a bit salty (literally), but as I got used to it, I could feel that Ojook was far different than all those artificial toothpastes I had been using."

Buy the Toothpaste With nHA And Bamboo Salt at Ojook for $18.

Best toothpaste tablets

While most people still use toothpaste in tubes, the eco-friendly tablet market has been growing. To avoid the packaging that comes along with the tube variety, the fluoride-free Toothpaste Bits by Bite are a great choice. With three flavors to choose from, one bottle lasts for a month. You can't go wrong with thousands of reviews and 4.9 stars on the Bite website. "According to my dental hygienist, my teeth and gums are in very good shape after four months of use," one buyer wrote.


Purchase Bite Toothpaste Bits at Bite for $12.

Best dental floss

If you're not already flossing, this is the time to start. A great product to invest in is the Delicious Mint Dental Floss by Cocofloss. The floss is naturally scented with spearmint oil, cornmint oil, anise camphor, and menthol to help your breath stay clean for longer. 


A happy buyer raved, "Simply the best! I floss, and I don't bleed. My gums are sensitive, but Cocofloss is gentle." Apart from users who love it, this item also won the Cellerant Best of Class Hygiene Award in the category Best Floss twice.

Buy the Cocofloss Delicious Mint Dental Floss at Cocofloss for $10.

Best water flosser

If you want to upgrade your flossing game even more, you should opt for a water flosser. Water flossers are great for cleaning the gumline and removing plaque, but they do not replace regular floss — meaning that they should be used in addition to your regular flossing routine.


The Spotlight Oral Care Water Flosser is a top choice, with one reviewer saying, "Very impressed with this water flosser ... Takes a little getting used to but well worth the effort and the investment."

Purchase the Spotlight Oral Care Water Flosser at Spotlight Oral Care for $110.

Best mouthwash

Mouthwash is that one oral hygiene step that even experts can't agree on. Some dentists say it's essential, while others claim it's completely optional. However, a fancy one that will not only protect your teeth but also look great on your bathroom counter is the Aesop Mouthwash. With clove buds, anise, and spearmint leaves as the main ingredients, this mouthwash feels like a spa for your mouth. One buyer wrote on Nordstrom, "People ask why do you have such fancy mouthwash in your bathroom. Well because it's the best one out there. The bottle looks great in my bathroom and besides the design it tastes amazing and really leaves your mouth feeling fresh."


Buy the Aesop Mouthwash at Aesop for $25.

Best rejuvenating teeth serum

Yes, teeth serums do actually exist! If you want to make your oral hygiene routine even more luxurious, you should invest in one. The high-end dental care brand vVardis has an enamel, anti-aging serum that the brand claims to be "the first serum that rejuvenates tooth enamel to its natural radiance." A satisfied buyer on Neiman Marcus said the serum is "great stuff and worth every penny you pay for it."


Purchase the New White Enamel Anti-Aging Serum at vVardis for $149.

Best teeth whitening kit

When it comes to at-home teeth whitening kits, they often tend to be hit-or-miss. Since they are usually on the pricier side, you want to ensure you get one approved by dentists and with plenty of great reviews. Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Trays are great at getting your pearly whites gleaming again. You can pick between a non-sensitive system for heavy stains, average stains, or light stains — each of which comes at a different price. 


"This is truly an amazing product! I have struggled for years to get my teeth white — spending tons of money on kits that don't work, and countless white strips. I finally found something that was able to whiten my teeth beautifully," a happy customer raved.

Buy the Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Trays at Smile Brilliant starting at $112.

Best LED whitening product

If you're looking for an LED whitening device, the Classic Glo Brilliant Teeth Whitening Device is one of the best on the market. It uses light and heat to activate specially formulated hydrogen peroxide gel to brighten your teeth. One buyer on Amazon raved, "I was definitely skeptical about spending this much money on it, but [it] was totally worth it! I just completed the five-day suggested treatments. I can tell a huge change in the color of my teeth! I'd say my teeth are easily four to five shades more white than when I started." 


Purchase the Glo Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device at Glo Science for $199.

Best teeth whitening pen

Those who value time efficiency when it comes to teeth whitening will love the Glow on the Go Teeth Whitening Device and Pen. Go Smile claims that the product helps you achieve "maximum whitening results at maximum speed," and the buyers seem to agree. "Been using the whitening gel for a couple [of] years and finally bought the Glow on the Go after seeing it on Instagram. This thing is magical. My teeth were noticeably whiter after the first try. Definitely a worthwhile investment," said one customer.


Buy the Glow on the Go Device and Pen at Go Smile website for $79.

Best breath drops

If you're out all day, nothing can help freshen you up like an effective breath drop. One of the most luxurious ones out there is the Mahsa Rosemary and Thyme Probiotic Oral Breath Drop. It helps freshen breath, prevent gingivitis, and gum disease by destroying bacteria. And considering that you only need to apply one drop on your tongue, this product should last you a while. 


Purchase the Mahsa Rosemary & Thyme Probiotic Oral Breath Drop at Harvey Nichols for $11.

Best product for oil pulling

While there aren't many studies done on it, dentists agree that oil pulling can't harm the teeth — and most likely, it is helping them. If you want to try this method — or you're already doing it, but you want to give a new product a chance — consider the Desert Essence Coconut Oil Dual Phase Pulling Rinse. It contains organic virgin coconut oil, organic sesame, and organic sunflower oil."


Buy the Coconut Oil Dual Phase Pulling Rinse at Desert Essence for $11.

Best tongue scraper

Lastly, everyone should invest in a good quality tongue scraper to improve their breath. While there are countless different tongue cleaners on the market, one with great reviews is the Rasana Tongue Cleaner by Boka. The stainless steel device has 4.9 stars from almost 150 reviews. Metal tongue scrapers are not only eco-friendly, their shape is more efficient to get the job done.


Purchase the Rasana Tongue Cleaner at Boka for $8.