The Zodiac Signs Ranked From Most To Least Romantic

At times, the world of romance and dating can feel like a minefield of red flags, horror stories, and general incompatibility. If you're feeling burnt out from bad dates and ready to give up on love, consulting the zodiac signs and their unique romance styles may be able to help (via Greatist).

Of course, people's individual ideas about romance exist on a spectrum (via The Conversation). Some zodiac signs have an innate ability to woo and charm their intended, while others don't possess a single romantic bone in their body. Certain signs are more willing to plan romantic dates or memorable excursions, but some prefer showering their beloved with gifts. There is no right or wrong way to be. However, knowing your partner's astrological sign can help provide valuable insight into their love and dating style and save you plenty of heartache down the road.

Whether you're in a long-term relationship or in the throes of an exciting new romance, refer to this guide on the zodiac signs ranked from most to least romantic.


Taurus wears the crown for the most romantic zodiac sign. Equal parts headstrong, sensual, loyal, and romantic, this grounded earth sign is a steady partner to have by your side and one that makes an excellent, lifelong companion.

According to Horoscope, it is important for Taurus to feel a strong physical attraction to their partner from the get-go. They require genuine conversation over mindless chit-chat and crave physical connection with their partner. Stable and steady doesn't translate to boring, however. Taurus may not be overly flirtatious or showy with their emotions at face value, but they certainly know how to set the mood for a romantic evening.

Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, attraction, and beauty, Taurus has an intimate knowledge of the finer things in life. They cherish refinement and beautiful things which means the dates they set up are always aesthetically delightful (via Expect a romantic night full of candlelight and sumptuous food. Taurus love to spoil the object of their affection, heaping luxurious material gifts upon them in order to woo them straight into their hearts. In long-term relationships, Taurus is tender, patient, and sympathetic. They prefer to live peaceful, harmonious lives with their beloved, avoiding dramatic fights and nitpicking at all costs. Taurus also savors every moment with their lover, taking care to make them feel loved and cared for every moment of the day.


According to Co-Star, Pisces is an excessively romantic sign with no boundaries and a rich fantasy life. Although they can be sensitive and insecure when it comes to their relationships, no other sign will go to the same lengths to make their relationships work. 

Pisces' natural charm and boundless capacity for love allow them to jump into romantic relationships head first, with little regard for the consequences (via Astrology by Dr. Prem Kumar Sharma). They aren't afraid to power through their natural hesitancy and fear to be vulnerable. They also love to communicate their deepest desires with their partner and strive to be their most authentic selves.

Pisces prefer to live their lives like a romance novel (via Co-Star). They long for overwhelming, overpowering love that consumes them body and soul. To them, every interaction with their romantic partner is like a beautifully written poem. Their intense emotional natures translate into a style of romance that is deep, meaningful, and dreamy. As such, when Pisces falls in love, they romance their partners in a number of sweet and chivalrous ways. Compliments are frequent and genuine. They hold open doors and pull out chairs at dinner. Pisces shower their partners with meaningful, romantic gifts and are super affectionate. They also strongly believe in "the one," and will go to the ends of the earth to find them. More than anything, their main goal is to ensure their lover feels happy and adored.


Ruled by the moon, Cancers are highly sensitive, emotional creatures that fall in love easily (via Like their ruling planetary body, Cancers have nurturing souls with charming personalities, a knockout combo that makes the object of their affection feel consistently adored and cared for. Astrologer Valerie Mesa told Bustle, "Cancer is an ocean of emotion, submerged in infinite consciousness and intuitive memory." Although this sign suffers from contradictory moods and can fall into periods of deep melancholy, they try hard not to burden their romantic partner with their pain. They have huge hearts, celebrate sentimentality and sincerity, and are loyal to a fault.

Cancer is a warm, comforting presence in relationships. They connect with their loved ones on deep, emotional levels and consistently tend to their partner's needs. Romance from a Cancer is simple and quiet. It looks like a cozy, home-cooked meal, candlelight, and cuddles in front of an old romantic movie. They are major homebodies that feel most comfortable in their own space. When they do plan a romantic outing, Cancers tend to go for picnics in the park or enjoy a lazy day strolling through vintage record shops and used bookstores.


Fiery Leos are known for being the dramatic kings and queens of the zodiac calendar, both in their personal lives and in their romantic relationships. They may struggle with vulnerability and a fragile ego at times, but when they fall in love, they tend to shout it from the rooftops.

Leo is associated with the fifth house, which influences their flirtatious natures and love of love (via Labyrinthos). Ruled by the sun, they are spontaneous, kind, and attractive people who love the spotlight. They need to be adored by their partners. According to My Pandit, Leos crave their partner's undivided attention but don't mind lavishing the same attention back onto their partner when the moment arrives. They will go out of their way to cheer up their partner on bad days, showering them with gifts, compliments, and genuine flattery.

When it comes to romance and date planning, adventurous Cancers like to go big. They prefer fun, memorable dates with plenty of action and love to push their partners out of their comfort zones. Karaoke nights, going dancing at the hottest new club in town, and playing competitive games like putt-putt golf or bowling are Leo's preferred romantic hangs. They are also forward, creative, and assertive lovers that make wonderful lifelong partners, per The Times of India.


Dating a Gemini is a non-stop thrill ride. These adventurous social butterflies are always on the hunt for new experiences and like to involve their partners in the fun. Dates with a Gemini could mean a spontaneous road trip, going skydiving, camping out for concert tickets, or heading down to the bar for trivia night. Romance for them is all about celebrating the here and now, with little concern for the future. As master communicators and witty conversationalists, Gemini is a flirtatious zodiac sign that always knows exactly what to say to win their beloved's heart (via Bumble). 

This sign is an expert at interacting with other people and loves getting to know what makes a person tick. They love the chasing and wooing aspects of dating, although this often makes them susceptible to flings (via AstroStyle). Although Geminis love flirting and are great at dating, they struggle with commitment. They fear being tied down and losing their individuality. They loathe even the idea of giving up the freedom of being single and the thrill of hookups and casual flings. Geminis are also not big on sentimentality and touch-feely emotions, which means their dates are never rooted in nostalgia. A Gemini is never going to propose at the restaurant where you went on your first date, for example. When they finally find their soulmate, they prefer to demonstrate their love with honest communication and grand gestures like a glamorous vacation rather than romanticizing memories of the past.


Libra is the sign associated with the seventh house or the house of partnership (via Astrograph). As a result, this warm, intelligent, peace-and-harmony-loving air sign is an extremely thoughtful partner. Their compassion and empathy know no bounds, and they are extremely focused on their partner's emotions and feelings, often to their own detriment. According to Women's Health, this sign may fall in love easily and desire to be in a relationship, but they take their time fully committing because they want it to last.

When it comes to romance, Libras are normally quite assertive. They like to plan dates and treat their partner with care and attention. Libras are interested in mutual activities that help them feel centered and their partner feel pampered. They will likely plan couples' massages or book a weekend at a fancy spa. This sign also loves grand romantic gestures and will happily organize beautiful dinners or meaningful outings.

Very often in Libra romances, opposites attract. Chris Brennan, host of The Astrology Podcast, notes that Libras "...[want] to be one half of an equation with another person, where once you're together with another person it sort of creates a whole singular unit of itself." They aren't necessarily interested in mindless flirting or casual hookups, but rather seek out a partner that can bring skills and knowledge to the relationship that they lack. Attraction, passion, and chemistry are all important to Libras, but they also want an equal partner to share their lives with.


Dating an Aries is kind of like riding the best, most exhilarating roller coaster of your life. There are endless twists and turns and things move incredibly fast, but even the lows are exciting. According to the New York Post, romantic relationships with Aries are always full of passion and fire. 

Aries individuals are headstrong, wicked smart, and possess a level of confidence so attractive it draws people to them like moths to a flame (via LiveAbout DotCom). Romance is not always top of mind for Aries, simply because they are too busy jumping from activity to activity to give it much thought. However, when they are in the mood for love, romance comes fairly easy to them. They have alluring personalities and are major flirts. At times, Aries can be demanding lovers and partners. They tend to come on strong and require someone who can keep up with them physically and mentally in order to feel romantically fulfilled. However, they balance this part of their personalities by showering their partner with warmth and generosity.

Paired Life suggests dates full of action and adventure for an Aries lover, such as heading to a professional sports game, hiking in a national park, or going horseback riding. Activities that require plenty of physical touch are also encouraged, including taking a tango class or snuggling up beside a bonfire.


Capricorns are not an unromantic sign, but lovey-dovey, exciting romance is not high on their list of to-dos. Pragmatic, responsible, and hard-working Capricorns crave stability, so they spend their free time planning for the future (via Astrology Zone). Building a steady foundation for their long-term relationship is far more important to them than exploring the minutiae of their feelings or executing grand romantic gestures. They are not overly affectionate individuals, but no one will be more respectful of your worth or celebrate your wins like a Capricorn.

According to Zodiac Sign, Saturn's rule is directly responsible for some of Capricorn's unromantic traits. Saturn's imposing and restrictive natures give Capricorns their reliable, responsible, self-disciplining style, but it can make them cold and distant. Their earth sign tendencies also keep them rooted in what feels safe and comfortable. As a result, they can be difficult to get to know, and even more difficult to fall in love with. Although they can be quite sensitive, Capricorns struggle to open up to their partners on an emotional level, and require endless patience and kindness in order to do so.

When it comes to dating, reliable Capricorn will never stand their partner up for a date or ghost a potential love interest. They value their relationships too much. Capricorns put their ambition and need for control to good use when planning dates as well. They love exploring museums and art exhibits, going on historic city tours, and hanging out in their favorite bars.


Scorpios have a reputation for being mysterious, intense, and sensual creatures obsessed with passionate intimacy and the macabre. Although there is truth to this stereotype, Scorpios are more complex than their powerful magnetism might suggest. According to Huff Post, Scorpios are difficult to know. One minute they are open and emotionally expressive, the next they are dodging phone calls and ignoring texts. They have a fear of vulnerability but suffer from intense emotions, which makes dating and romance particularly difficult, although they are self-aware enough to recognize this.

Despite their air of mystery and tendency to keep people at a distance, Scorpios can establish immediate intimacy with their romantic partners when they choose to (via Co-Star). It isn't difficult for them to read their partner's emotions, and their perceptive natures allow them to give their lovers exactly what they need. They are attracted to honest, trustworthy people who keep things real. In long-term relationships, Scorpios love fiercely.

Although Scorpio's sensual, flirtatious nature is like catnip, they generally romance their crushes in a variety of unique ways (via They will take their dates to theme parties, underground dance clubs, concerts, or an edgy fusion restaurant. When they feel like keeping things quiet, a Scorpio may try to impress their date by organizing a horse-drawn carriage around the city, or exploring an avant-garde art exhibit.


A Virgo in love is a beautiful thing to behold, if only because it can take a while to get them there. Virgos are service-oriented, devoted, and supportive partners that are determined to have a successful, drama-free relationship (via They love to be needed and will do whatever it takes to make sure their partner is happy. Although Virgos can be unintentionally harsh or critical, their end goal is always to help their partner and the relationship flourish.

That being said, Virgos are a bit pessimistic about love. Not because they fear it or don't believe in it, but because they recognize its fragile, fleeting nature (via Co-Star). Virgos like order, perfection, planning, and control, all things that love is certainly not. The chaotic nature of love and romance chafes against the way Virgos prefer to live their lives. Their natural caution and analytical brains also worry about putting effort and vulnerability into a relationship that might not last. Virgos often struggle to cope with the depths of their feelings and do a lot of soul-searching when it comes to their love lives, something that frustrates more confident, self-assured signs.

In an interview with Stylecaster, professional astrologer Desiree Roby Antila explains that Virgos need perceptive, considerate, and accepting partners. "[Virgo needs] a secure partner who is appreciative of what they are and what they are not," she says. If this happens, Virgos will feel comfortable expressing their love through thoughtful gestures, acts of kindness, and words of encouragement.


Sagittarians are straightforward, optimistic, and gregarious individuals that are often quite lucky in the romance department, despite the fact that love is not a major concern for them (via The Times of India). This active, travel-hungry zodiac sign generally prioritizes travel, authentic experiences, and accumulating lovers over settling down.

According to Labyrinthos, Sagittarius struggles with committing to long-term romantic relationships. However, that doesn't mean that their love isn't genuine. In fact, Sagittarians are quite earnest about expressing their love, they just don't normally plan on expressing that love to one person forever. They get bored too easily for that when it isn't real. Their most successful relationships always include partners that also love freedom and require plenty of space to do their own thing. When dating or in a relationship, Sagittarians are excellent listeners and gentle companions that accept others for who they are. In return, they want someone who is positive, generous, and physical. Having an open mind and an open heart is all that it takes to drive a Sagittarius wild.

When Sagittarius does fall madly in love, they express their romantic side in numerous ways. They appreciate intellectual discourse and philosophical discussions with their partners and love enjoying deep conversation over a glass of wine or bourbon. They also appreciate adventurous dates such as a spontaneous camping trip, exploring a new city, or hitting up a comedy show for some shared laughter.


Aloof, cool-as-a-cucumber Aquarius is the least romantic of the zodiac signs. They are intelligent beings with an intense focus on humanitarianism and saving the world, noble goals that they refuse to let romantic feelings or a long-term relationship stand in the way of. When Aquarians are in a relationship, they tend to neglect their partners in favor of their personal pursuits, per Astrology Zone. This is never intentional, but the absent-mindedness can cause confrontation, which conflict-averse Aquarius will simply refuse to acknowledge (via

According to Vice, this sign has an incredible poker face which makes it difficult for new people to understand what they're truly thinking or if they're interested or not. It takes a long time for an Aquarius to open up and express their sensitive emotions to the object of their affection. They aren't overly affectionate or interested in lovey-dovey romance. However, they are incredibly kind and friendly people who are great at showing their dates a good time. Interactive dates are key. They may plan an outing to the planetarium or go on a nature hike with amazing views at the end. They also show off their sensitive sides through service-based dates, such as volunteering at an animal or homeless shelter.