Why You Want To Heat Up Your Lash Curler Before Using It

One of the most common beauty routine steps is curling the eyelashes and adding mascara. Mascara and curling help emphasize your eyes by creating more volume in the lashes. However, for some, this step can be extra challenging. Unfortunately, curling your eyelashes isn't always as easy as just using a regular eyelash curler. Beauty Stack explains that some will find that their eyelashes won't curl with this tool, simply because of incorrect curling techniques or having naturally straight eyelashes. Like with hair, naturally straight lashes can be challenging to curl with a simple curler.


While it's true that some may have more challenges with curling their lashes than others, there are still ways to get that dramatic curl you want. Hacks like using a metal spoon to get that curl have long been suggested as a simple adjustment you can make. Another new tool marketed for helping curl lashes is heated lash curlers. Whether it's a regular lash curler you heat yourself or a lash curler that heats mechanically, this new hack is picking up popularity for those looking for a dramatic curl.

Why you need a heated eyelash curler

The purpose of a heated eyelash curler is similar to a regular curling iron you would use for your hair. Makeup Muddle explains that a heated eyelash curler can be a time-saver for those who have straight lashes and struggle with curling them. Instead of clamping your lashes multiple times and adding multiple coats of mascara, one swipe of the wand is enough to curl your lashes. When you use a lash curler with a built-in heat function, it acts like a small round brush that needs to just pass through your lashes to curl. The heat from these lash curlers also helps set your curl so you don't need to worry about them falling throughout the day.


Luxe Luminous adds that heated lash curlers will come in various shapes and sizes, meaning you can get the best wand for what you want. Heated curlers give more flexibility to create the lash look that you want and also come with different heat settings. Additionally, these curlers work well for both natural and artificial lashes, so you don't need to worry about whether or not your natural lashes will look the same as fake lashes.

How to use a heated lash curler

There are two main ways you can get the benefits of a heated lash curler. Real Simple points out that you can directly purchase a heated lash curler, which will usually come with similar settings as a curling iron. These lash curlers are easy to maneuver and take less time; they simply involve pressing the wand against your eyelashes and combing upward for at least 5 seconds. This is the most recommended option, but you could also use your regular eyelash curler. Simply dip your curler into hot water or quickly use a blow dryer to heat the clamp. If you are using a regular curler, ensure that it hasn't heated up too much to prevent any burning. If the pads of the curler are made of rubber, be careful of melting them with heat, which can be disastrous for your eyelashes.


TotalBeauty adds that there is little risk of burning or damaging your eye, but it is recommended to only hold the heat to your lashes for a few seconds. Since the heated lash curler is a small size, you don't have the burden of having to wait a long time for the tool to heat up. Overall, curling your lashes with a heated curler should be quick, easy, and effective.