The Best Day Of The Year For Each Zodiac Sign In 2023

With a new year comes a new us, right? Who are we kidding? After January 1 rolls around, we're insisting that our diet will start on Monday; before we know it, it's February, and we're still washing down those leftover frozen holiday cookies with milk. We swore we'd be up at 4 a.m. every day to hit the gym, but that chilly January air seems to make our beds feel so much warmer than ever before. Since our New Year's resolutions don't always bloom into fruition quite the way we planned, many of us turn to the stars in January to provide us with a glimpse of what may come in the year that lies ahead, at least so we can prepare a bit better. So, what exactly is in store for 2023 according to the zodiac?


"2023 will have its ups and downs (like most years), but it will bring us closer to what we want and need as individuals," astrologer Lisa Stardust tells "For the first time in a long time, we are putting ourselves first and moving towards who or what we love — which may turn out to be ourselves in a plot twist brought on by all the cosmic lessons we are learning this year." But as we know, each sign has its own unique set of triumphs and drawbacks. By digging a bit deeper into which day out of the year ahead will be the best for our particular sign, we can be waiting and ready to take on this day excitedly and headfirst.

Aries: May 16

For you, our Aries friends, 2022 was a year of fresh starts and reinvention. Because Jupiter was in the house of Aries from May to October, this was your competitive nature's time to shine. Due to that, it's likely that you thrived both professionally and financially this year. In fact, 2022 is the first year in over a decade that you've seen Jupiter — the planet of luck, good fortune, and growth — in your house (via Jessica Davidson). Jupiter headed into your house once more in October and closed out the year with continual favorable blessings — talk about a great end to your year!


And guess what, Aries? notes that Jupiter will remain in your sign until May 16, 2023. While it may sound like a bad thing that Jupiter is leaving your sign, this is actually great because its influence has affected you so strongly that it will carry on your high streak of opportunity all the way into 2024. From May 16 onward, your "money, personal possessions, valuables, and self-worth begin to expand, increase, improve, and grow," according to This is the beginning of an important cycle in your life and is the perfect time to make major life-influencing decisions.

Taurus: May 16

For Taurus, 2022 was a year of vast self-discovery. Astrologer Rachel Lang explains that this is because on January 18, 2022, the Lunar North Node entered Taurus. The Lunar North Node is essential in shaping our karma, destiny, and purpose. You reflected much this year, Taurus, and it's said you will continue to do so all the way until 2024 when a new cycle in your life begins. Moreover, Uranus, the planet of individuality, has been in your sign since 2018 for the first time since 1942 and will remain there until 2026 (via AstroStyle).


May 16, 2023, is the day that Jupiter, the planet of luck, good fortune, and growth, will leave Aries and enter Taurus, as noted by This is great for both you and Aries, dear Taurus. Because your sign is so grounded and practical by nature, the effects of the higher powers of Jupiter can lift you off of the ground a little, loosening you up and providing a sense of peace. The energy in your life during this time is going to be reflected in this, making it a great moment for you in terms of career and success.

Gemini: January 17

In a positive twist, 2022 was notably an ideal career year for Gemini. This is due to The Lunar North Node stepping into Gemini in 2020 and causing an intense shift and reinvention, which lasted until 2022, according to AstroStyle. This phase was all about self-rediscovery and starting anew, so when this cycle ended in 2022, it was time to turn all of that fresh energy into real and tangible new beginnings. While at times you may have taken an overly aggressive approach to your dreams and plans, it's likely that your smooth knack for communication took you to great heights this year, Gemini.


AstroSage shares that Saturn will move from Capricorn into Aquarius on January 17, 2023. This is Gemini's destiny house, so that means that any moments of stress or exhaustion will be coming to an end. You will be able to make more swift decisions and if any aspects of your current career are bothering you, you will have no fear of making the necessary changes needed in order to get you to where you need to be, Gemini. After all of the work you put in during 2022, it's time to make the shifts you need at the start of the new year.

Cancer: August 30

Cancer, we're so sorry that 2022 may have started off with a bit of a rocky start, but somewhere in the mix of any downfalls you were experiencing, the South Lunar Node in Scorpio was able to raise some steamy ignitions within you, per YourAstroGenes. Though you're noted for being the sentimental caretaker of the zodiac, 2022 was a time of breaking out of your hard shell and proving yourself as so much more than just an emotional creature. For Cancer, 2022 was a time of learning, traveling, and lucrative career moves.


According to AstroSage, August and September 2023 are going to be months of great strength and determination for you, Cancer. Right in the middle of the two months — August 30 — is what reports as being the luckiest day out of the year for Cancer. This could possibly be due to the fact that the sun will transit through Leo on August 17, which means it's in the house of family — something Cancer is notably keen on. Furthermore, this is a time that will inspire Cancer to reach for the stars in all ways possible, whether it's in love, career, health, or money.

Leo: February 7th

Earlier in 2022, shared that it would be a year of action for Leo. Partnerships, whether romantic or professional, were your driving force for this turn around the sun. (Just look at Leo power couple Bennifer 2.0). You were able to find areas of harmonious balance in your life in places that seemed to be hiding before. It was the perfect time to plan for a baby, purchase a new home, get engaged, or begin a new business endeavor with a professional partner. It was a great year for traveling and you may have even found yourself going abroad a bit for work.


Indastro explains that because of the positions of the planets in 2023, you may have some adversity to overcome in the latter part of the year, Leo. However, rest assured that this is meant to make you stronger and will result in valuable lessons learned in the future. In terms of a day when love, career, and family will be at their strongest in your favor is February 7, 2023; this is because the positions of Jupiter and Mercury will cause you to feel your most successful and confident. Furthermore, Venus will also lend its positive effects on your career during this time.

Virgo: April 1

Astrotalk reported 2022 as a year of great luck and good biddings for you, Virgo. Initially, you may have had to err on the side of caution during the first half of the year, but as 2022 nears its end, you likely are beginning to see everything come together to finish things off on a positive note. Because Jupiter was in Aries from May 10 to October 28, you may have caught yourself thinking about the future a lot, particularly in ways to invest your money for long-term security. Jupiter's pass through Pisces may have given your personal relationships a major boost, too.


AstroTalk's report for 2023 says that the best time of the year for Virgo will begin right as the second quarter commences; the second quarter begins on April 1, 2023. Venus's influences will help intensify your romantic relationships, while Mars and Mercury open up the opportunity for travel and business opportunities. shares that April 1 is part of a cycle that will last until May 16. In the cycle, which begins on December 20, 2022, your personal life will experience an invigorating and exciting new burst of energy. This will give you the opportunity to intensify and strengthen a relationship or learn a new form of self-love.

Libra: October 30

According to Allure astrologist Sophie Saint Thomas, 2022's horoscope predictions for Libra were extremely positive. This year, you may have experienced an abundance of reminders that it was time to step into a new role of maturity — both personally and professionally. Thomas noted that there was a wide array of opportunities open to you in 2022, Libra, but it was up to you to do the growth in order to achieve the results you were looking for. The year ends with Ceres — the ruler of "nurturing, food, and even grief" — in your sign starting on December 18. This means that as 2022 comes to a close, so does any emotional baggage you may be carrying.

Advertisement announces that an overall pleasant year is to be anticipated for Libra in 2023. There may be some highs and lows, as well as emotional fluctuations, throughout the year, but everything will all smooth out by October 30, per AstroSage. This is due to the fact that the Lunar North Node will enter Pisces on this day, so your prosperity is said to be greatly impacted in a positive way. This is a time when a cycle of protection will begin for you — any lawsuits against you or enemies in your life will not be able to touch you in harmful ways.

Scorpio: November 16

The Times of India revealed that 2022 may have not started off in the most positive way for Scorpio. Anxiety may have distracted you and held you back in a number of ways, but this didn't persist in the long run. In fact, the year likely closed out with you seeing quite the opposite — your concentration and time management were at a peak during the last quarter. The Lunar South Node entered Scorpio on January 18, per Saturn and Honey, meaning that any karma from past lives that may have latched itself onto you could have caused some internal soul-searching within.


Luckily, 2023 is going to turn out to be a fantastic year for you, Scorpio. In fact, you are noted as being one out of the three luckiest signs of the entire year, along with Libra and Gemini. discloses that this is a result of Mars being in Scorpio's favor for all of 2023, so there will be no particularly low points for you in the year's entirety. Because Mars will travel through Scorpio beginning November 16, you are likely to experience a period of high power and lively energy, which will last until December 28, 2023.

Sagittarius: January 17

This year was a bit chaotic for Sagittarius because of Jupiter's seesaw movements in different signs. These excessive moves impacted your emotions, and you may have felt the effects whether they were good or bad. AstroYogi expanded on this by sharing that there were times when meditation and reflection were much needed, but there were also times that Jupiter in Pisces could have expanded your family, inspired a move, or challenged you philosophically. You may have noticed an improvement in your relationships and reconnected with that special someone after a period of tension.


Not to sound like the bearer of bad news, Sagittarius, but 2023 may turn out to be quite a challenging year. It is advised that you keep a close watch on the most important aspects of your life in 2023, but don't get too worried yet — there will be plenty of positive moments, too, and any downfalls are meant as important lessons. Indastro sheds light on the fact that Saturn will move on January 17, and this transition will encourage you to make important career moves that will impact your life and success for the better. This is also a time when Jupiter's position will add wonderful benefits to your relationship.

Capricorn: March 23

Capricorn's year was one of hard work, which is no surprise for a Cap. But what made this year so special in terms of your career was not typical Capricorn work style; it was actually periods of rest that allowed you to come back harder and better than ever. April until June may have been a bit slow for you career-wise, but it was after that the fruits of your labor finally began to pay off. The end of the year was met with even further successes at work even though your love life may have not had any new excitements and just stayed the same as it was at the beginning of the year.


Finally, after 15 years of being in your First House of Self, Capricorn, Pluto will make its "long-anticipated exit" and enter Aquarius on March 23, 2023 (via This move will lift your self-esteem, build confidence, shatter old illusions, and force you to love yourself for exactly who you are. What's more, 2023 will be an overall period signifying expansion and growth in your life. In fact, this may even ignite a spark that will allow you to let go of any long-term problems you may have with a family member over the years.

Aquarius: October 30

For Aquarius, 2022 was a year of high-energy movements along with some moments of intense pressure, per the Hindustan Times, but that's nothing your strength couldn't overcome, Aquarius. Beginning in December 2020, you embarked on a cycle of personal reinvention due to the 2020 Great Conjunction of two very different planets: Saturn and Jupiter. "This is a period of closing chapters and starting over for Aquarius," astrologer Alexandria Lettman told Well + Good. The Great Conjunction was such a special occurrence for Aquarius because the next one will not happen again for another 20 years.


AstroSage predicts that October 2023 will be a month of great positivity for Aquarius. The odds will be greatly in your favor and luck will be on your side financially, romantically, and in your personal life. You may make new connections and gain some respect among your coworkers. Adding on this, AstroYogi shares that October 30 will be of particular note because it marks the end of some hindrances in your work and family life. From October 30 onward, any delays or slack you may have experienced throughout the year will be picked up and you'll be ready to move forward.

Pisces: March 7

Well, Pisces, you did it! reported that 2022 was likely to be a challenging year for you, but knowing Pisces, we're sure you handled it with style and grace. Neptune plays a very important role in how a year will turn out for you, Pisces, and its retrograde that began in June may have caused some major setbacks in your life. Saturn also had a strong part to play — because Saturn spent time in Aquarius, which is an unforeseeable sign, your mutable sign energy was likely able to move steadily along with any transitions this year brought on.


Kyle Thomas Astrology explains that Saturn will enter Pisces in the spring of 2023 and remain there for close to three years. "Saturn is about maturity, responsibility, discipline, and stewardship," psychological astrologer Jennifer Freed, Ph.D., tells Well + Good. For you, Pisces, this means that a time of great transitioning will begin on March 7, 2023, the day Saturn enters your sign. You will begin laying down the groundwork that your future needs to thrive. Though you may often feel the gravity of the pressure to succeed during this new phase in your life, it's important to remember that your destiny is being shaped and formed with each new day for the next few years.