Everything You Need To Know Before Getting Your Chest Tattooed

There are plenty of things to know before getting a tattoo in general, including considerations based on the techniques being used and the placement of the ink on your body. Some tattoos might not be seen as appropriate in all environments, for example, so getting tattooed in an area that is more likely to be covered by clothing can certainly sound like a plus for anyone who might be looking to express themselves by modifying their body.


Getting a chest tattoo, like most other tattoos, doesn't come without caution, notes Mayo Clinic. This may range from how much it could hurt to get it done, to what you should plan to wear to your tattoo appointment itself. There are also some considerations that you might want to make based on your gender identity and body shape — as well as where on your chest you're planning to get the tattoo.

The size and placement matter

In its guide on chest tattoos, one of the first things that TatRing points out is that chest tattoos are likely to hurt more than some other locations on the body. Removery lists the pain of both chest tattoos and rib cage tattoos as being a 10 out of 10, with one individual named Brenna explaining, "I have a black and grey ram skull chest tattoo which goes from shoulder to shoulder. The majority of my chest was fine; as soon as we got close to my collarbone and my sternum, my ears began to ring a little."


Given the potential for pain, it isn't too surprising that TatRing advises those looking to get a chest tattoo to start with a smaller piece at first. Determining the exact placement of your chest tattoo is something that you can work out with your tattoo artist based on its size, but tattoo artist Jazmin Paulino commented to PopSugar, "When it comes to the aesthetics of your tattoo, do what feels right for you and your body. My best advice would be to find a design that works with the natural curves of your individual body."

Make sure you trust your tattoo artist

Another important tip, given the location of a chest tattoo, is to make sure that you trust the tattoo artist who is going to be tattooing you. Authority Tattoo points out that getting a chest tattoo will require you to remove your shirt or wear a shirt that provides minimal coverage of your chest, so it's important that you are comfortable with this element of the tattooing process. Authority Tattoo also advises asking your tattoo artist if there is a private room in which you can be tattooed if you require one.


Additionally, TatRing suggests meeting with potential tattoo artists in person before committing to getting work done. This is especially important for a piece such as a chest tattoo, where you're likely to be more exposed than you would be otherwise. Finding an artist who shares your gender identity or cultural background, for instance, might be something that you want to prioritize.