The Importance Of Protecting Your Energy And How To Do It

Every time you interact with another human being, you are taking part in an energetic exchange. Every molecule on the planet, including those that make up the cells in your body, is constantly vibrating. These tiny vibrations can be detected using an atomic force microscope, and they create electromagnetic energy waves that have a direct effect on the way your cells — and, therefore, your body — function (via Healthline). It is theorized that changing the vibrations in your body can increase or decrease your overall sense of well-being.


When you have an exchange with another person, you're being exposed to their vibrational energy, and it can alter your own. Spending time in close contact with a person who is joyful can heighten your own mood, while sharing space with someone who is sad or depressed can elicit those same feelings in you. This is especially true if you are a highly sensitive person (HSP) who absorbs energy from others more intensely than average, as detailed by Psychology Today. Whether you're an HSP or not, it's vital that you protect your own energy. Here's how you can do it. 

Fill and maintain your cup

The first step to learning how to protect your energy is to acknowledge and respect the fact that it is a limited resource. You cannot give your energy endlessly without burning out, and you cannot absorb negative energy without tainting your own. Visualize your supply of energy as a cup full of the glowing white light energy that makes up your very essence as a person. Each time you give away your energy, you deplete this supply. Every time you let negative energy penetrate your energy barrier, you allow your own to become tainted with dark swirls of low-frequency vibrations.


In order to keep your energy cup full and clean, you need to regularly engage in activities that raise the frequency of your vibrations. According to Sustainable Bliss Collective, these can include practicing gratitude, spending time in nature, meditating, caring for houseplants, decluttering your space, creating, and eating nourishing foods. Any practice that brings you pure joy is a good place to start. Once you feel that your cup has been replenished, notice how your mind and body feel so that you know what state you're trying to get back to in the future. Your new goal is to only ever give from overflow, as explained by Straight Talk

Set healthy boundaries

The only way to ensure that your energy stores aren't depleted by your interactions with others is to set healthy boundaries around them. This might mean learning to say no for the first time ever. If you have people-pleasing tendencies, this could be a terrifying proposition. However, it is truly necessary to protect your energy and stop giving from a place of lack. If you're new to saying no, it is perfectly okay to practice doing so until you find the way that feels most comfortable for you (via BetterUp).


It is also necessary to set firm boundaries around people and activities you find negative or draining. This might mean limiting the amount of time you spend with certain people or speaking up when the gears change in a negative direction. For example, if your family tends to engage in negative gossip, clearly and calmly state that you're no longer available for that type of conversation and change the subject. Whether you want to explain yourself or not is up to you. You are certainly not required to (via Finish Stronger). 

Observe, don't absorb

You don't have to avoid all displays of emotion in order to protect your energy from low vibrations. The key is to differentiate between observing another person's moods and emotions and absorbing them. It can be helpful to put what you're observing into words, even if only in your mind. This can remind you that it is the other person experiencing these feelings and not you. A simple thought such as "Sharon is feeling really sad and disappointed" can help make the switch in your mind, even if you've already started to feel the emotion yourself (via Keir Brady Counseling Services).


Mantras are similarly helpful when it comes to separating yourself from what others are feeling. When you feel yourself start to take on the sour mood or negative feeling of someone close to you, recite an affirmation such as "observe, don't absorb" or "this feeling is not mine" and take a moment to allow the feeling to pass you by and to reconnect with your own energy. Mantras are not the same as affirmations, which center around self-worth, as detailed by HealthyPlace

Examine your triggers

Once you've become accustomed to identifying when you're absorbing energy from other people, take some time to assess which experiences tend to trigger you the most. If you experience intense anxiety, fear, or an overwhelming need to flee when you sense that someone near you is angry, for example, ask yourself why. Anger is a normal human emotion, and if you have a strong negative reaction to it, even when you know you're safe, you are likely experiencing a trauma response (via Healthline).


You may find that you are especially triggered by experiences that should be considered positive, like a friend celebrating their new engagement or promotion. This type of reaction is typically fueled by envy. The way you respond to the energy of others can be used as a mirror to show yourself where you need to focus your own healing, goals, and personal development efforts (via Vox). 

Explore metaphysical tools

There are many tools that can aid you in protecting and replenishing your energy. A lot of people swear by crystals, which are said to provide unique energetic vibrations that can raise your own to match them (via Energy muse). There is no hard science to back up these claims, but it certainly can't hurt to give them a try. The same can be said for other energy-cleansing tools like smudge sticks and singing bowls.


Energy healing practices such as acupuncture and reiki, on the other hand, have been scientifically studied with rather promising results, as reported by Health. The best thing you can do is experiment until you find what works for you, whether that looks like writing in a journal and doing yoga for 15 minutes every morning and night or scheduling a chakra cleansing session with a reiki master once a month. Only you can find what heals your energy and creates joy for you.