Is There Any Reason You Should Be Shaving Your Arms?

Shaving is one of the most controversial forms of hair removal, whether that's because people are concerned about their unwanted hair growing back thicker or because they prefer a more permanent way to get rid of their hair. One part of the body that has gotten more attention when it comes to shaving is the arms — not the underarms but the hair on the arms themselves. Several guides have popped up online detailing how to properly shave one's arm hair, and this form of hair removal is now becoming increasingly popular among men, per D'Marge.


Though shaving any part of the body is ultimately a personal decision for an individual, the popularity of arm shaving brings up some important questions. Is shaving your arms becoming more popular simply because people prefer the bare look to having arm hair, or should you consider picking up a razor for skin and hair benefits? Fortunately, there are experts who have already weighed in on the subject.

Shaving your arms doesn't cause miracles

Although some have been led to believe that there are skin or hair benefits associated with shaving arm hair, it turns out that there aren't really any, apart from the fact that your skin is temporarily smooth and your hair is temporarily gone. As Nutrafol explains, you aren't really doing anything except removing the hair (and possibly boosting your self-esteem), so whether you shave your arms or not is ultimately your call to make.


Dr. Kally Papantoniou, a dermatologist, did tell Bustle that those looking to remove unwanted arm hair might want to opt for laser treatments over a razor or even waxing: "This is because the cost and time that goes into having arm hair treated permanently is more effective and wiser than spending days/weeks/years shaving or waxing." She also cited some common side effects of shaving, in particular, that make other forms of hair removal superior choices to those who have access to them. 

There are potential effects of shaving itself

While there aren't any health benefits that have been found to be associated with shaving one's arms, there are some potential negative effects that those who do choose to shave should look out for. These apply whether you're shaving your arms or anywhere else. Cuts and nicks caused by razors can provide an opportunity for bacterial infections such as folliculitis to flourish, as noted by Healthline, which could lead to a host of additional problems.


Dr. Papantoniou also told Bustle, "Shaving and even waxing can leave ingrown hairs, unsightly bumps on your skin, discoloration, and even scarring."

If you are still planning on removing the hair from your arms because you like the look of hairless skin, all the power to you. But the best thing to do is make sure that you are getting rid of your hair safely — and that goes for whether you choose to shave off the hair or opt for another method of hair removal entirely. Always use shaving cream and shave gently to reduce the risk of cuts, and exfoliate ahead of shaving to limit the appearance of ingrown hairs.