What To Wear For Your Next Girls' Night Out

Nothing is as fun as a night out with girlfriends. From catching up while getting ready together to enjoying light appetizers or delicious drinks at the bar to dancing the night away at the club or party to checking out hotties, all while laughing and bonding with the girls during the entire night, going out with friends is a super fun experience. Girls' nights out are so popular that some TikTok users even post videos sharing each girl's "mission" from the group for the night, such as "Don't ask to leave early for food" and "Stay out past 12" (via TikTok).

Moreover, even some celebrities document their exciting girls' nights out on Instagram, such as the talented actor Nina Dobrev, who seemed to enjoy a fun and glamorous night out with Molly Howard and Emily Ratajkowski, at the beginning of December, per Instagram. But it's not only celebrities who post about their girls' nights out; millions of girls flaunt their night-out looks on Instagram. So, if you're looking for tips for styling an Insta-worthy outfit for your next night out with the girls, we have some suggestions.

Sexy crop tops

We see an ocean of crop tops every time we go to nightclubs and parties, as these intentionally short shirts are perfect for dancing and partying all night. "Crop tops are a classic. There are many crop top lengths and styles for every age and every shape," Naz Meknat, a celebrity stylist, told Byrdie. Since crop tops are such a night-out staple, there are a plethora of looks, such as bold red options with provocative cut-outs, sleeveless black crop tops, emerald green pieces with long sleeves for cooler weather, and many more.

A classic little black dress

If you'll be attending a sophisticated venue for your next girls' night out — like a fancy lounge or rooftop bar — you can't go wrong with a little black dress, as these garments exude elegance. There's a little black dress for everyone, whether you like flowy options or sexy sleeveless garments. And don't think that little black dresses are only appropriate for fancy events; there are many casual ways to style your favorite little black dress. For instance, you can dress the garment down with a denim jacket or flannel.

Dauntless netted garments

Fitting right in with the 'dark mermaid' trend to know in 2023, clothing with netted designs and textures is sexy in an edgy way. Netted tops add instant dimension to any look for a daring goth or e-girl aesthetic-inspired look, especially if you wear them with a lot of makeup and unique hairstyles. Moreover, fishnets can be super sexy, ultra-edgy, or both. Any type of fishnet garment is a staple of the punk girl aesthetic, so these pieces are excellent for edgy night-out venues.

Trendy magenta pieces

We rely on Pantone to choose a compelling hue for each Color of the Year, and the company never disappoints us. Pantone's Color of the Year for 2023 is Viva Magenta, a lively purple-ish red hue with pink tints (via Pantone), and this bold color is perfect for making a trendy statement when you go out with friends. Therefore, why not rock a vivid magenta dress or magenta nails for your next girls' night out? Eye-catching magenta hair is super fun, too!

Vibrant color blocking

Fashion enthusiasts have been embracing everything about dopamine dressing and the dopamine nail trend in 2022, and we don't expect these bright colors to go away any time soon. So, why not take the neon trend even further with color blocking? This styling technique involves pairing pieces with notably different or opposite hues together, per TikTok, for a wild, statement-making ensemble. Since color blocking is super bold, we recommend wearing these bright outfits to a girls' night out, where you'll be doing a lot of dancing at lively nightclubs or raves.

Intense leather bottoms

Everyone knows that leather jackets are sleek and edgy, but now, leather fashion isn't limited to jackets. According to Who What Wear, faux leather pants are trending in the 2020s. You can dress your leather pants up with a chic top, pair them with more leather for an edgier look, or add a sparkly top for instant glamour. And the fun doesn't have to end with leather pants! Leather skirts are sleek and sexy, too, making them another excellent night-out option.

A crossbody bag or fanny pack

Crossbody bags and fanny packs go in and out of style, but they're the most convenient options for going out, especially if you plan on dancing or going somewhere crowded. Carrying around a big purse gets frustrating when you try to dance or make your way through a crowd. But crossbody bags hang over your body, so they're better for experiencing the party scene, along with fanny packs that wrap around your chest or waist. There are many stylish crossbody bags and fanny packs, including options with animal prints or checker-print designs.

A beautiful bralette

Wearing lingerie as clothing is trending (via Who What Wear), so why not embrace the sexy trend by rocking your favorite bralette as a top for your next girls' night out? Lacy bralettes are romantic and chic, and there are many ways to dress them up and down. For instance, a TikTok user named Erika Dolle shared a video showing various ways to style a bralette, such as adding an open flannel for a grunge look, incorporating a blazer to nail the corporatecore fashion trend, or by itself with satin pants for a sultry look.

A bold belt

We can't think of anything more embarrassing than enjoying a girls' night out and showing off our favorite dance moves — followed by our pants falling down. Of course, this is an unlikely worst-case scenario, but it's better to be prepared, wearing a belt, than to risk a humiliating moment that can potentially ruin your night. You can use a belt as a stylish accessory to elevate your outfit, and belts often look excellent with blazers, subtle hues, and matching pieces, per MasterClass. Plus, statement belts are super fun, whether they feature a bold design or lively colors.