What Does The Dating Term Doppelbanger Mean?

Have you ever seen a couple who looked eerily similar to each other? Sometimes, the similarities are subtle, like the same eye shape and color. Other times, you might see two partners that look like they came from the same set of parents. The resemblance is so uncanny; it makes you wonder, are they siblings, or are they dating? It's kind of freaky when you first notice it, but then you start to wonder ... do they know they look alike? Perhaps you have been interested in someone who looks like you and didn't realize it until a friend pointed it out.


If that's the case, then you may have found your "doppelbanger." The term is commonly used to describe celebrity couples, such as Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, but it isn't exclusive to famous partners; everyday people just like us can have a "doppelbanger" too, New York Post states. But what does that word even mean? Don't worry — it's not as scary as it sounds.

You're into dating yourself ... sort of

Taking a look at Urban Dictionary, a "doppelbanger" refers to someone you're romantically or sexually interested in simply because they look like you. It may seem odd (and creepy) to be attracted to someone who looks like they could be your sibling, but there's actually a scientific reasoning behind the phenomenon. According to Time, people are drawn to others with similar features for numerous reasons. The first is that these features are comforting because you're so familiar with them already. On the other hand, lookalikes may be attracted to each other due to nothing other than genetics.


Research shows spouses share comparable genetic makeups, which results in a variety of similar characteristics, from their foot size to how good they are at math. Essentially, being involved with a "doppelbanger" is subliminal — the genes want what they want (and sometimes, those genes want 5'9' brunettes with brown eyes that love jazz). Come on, what's better than having a partner you can share shoes with?

Online dating is changing the game

Online dating has significantly changed the way many of us approach the topic, especially when it comes to how we choose potential partners. Time explains that dating apps have given singles the opportunity to find someone outside of their everyday environment or people they're typically drawn to. We aren't confined to dating within our social circles anymore. Nowadays, dating apps allow users to filter potential matches by key demographics, so now's your chance to switch things up!


Going out with someone who looks like you can be fun, but with such a wide variety of people in the dating pool, why not broaden your horizons? By going out with someone who isn't your usual type, you might just learn that your taste in partners has changed. Of course, this means we might be seeing fewer "doppelbangers" than we have in the past (but don't worry, there will still be plenty to ogle at).