The Most Laid-Back Zodiac Signs Revealed

Every type of personality has its pros and cons. For instance, intense, wild, and unstoppable personalities can be super fun on nights out and helpful for getting work done. Some zodiac signs that give off the most intense energy include notoriously passionate Scorpios, super energetic Aries, and famously bold Leos (via Best Life). These signs will likely captivate many people with their intense presence and determination. However, sometimes being around such strong personalities can be tiring and intimidating. While having fiery friends is super fun, sometimes it can be nice to hang out with more relaxed people.

Spending time with chill, low-key people can prevent arguments and fights, as laid-back people tend to dislike and even avoid drama. Plus, it's typically super relaxing to be surrounded by easygoing individuals. So, it can never hurt to make more mellow friends when looking for a low-stress, peaceful environment, and we know which zodiac signs are the most laid-back.

Totally chill Taurus

Born between April 20 and May 20, Taurus are arguably some of the most chill people on the planet. "They are often fairly quiet but always have the best words to tame down an outburst," Carol Starr, a professional astrologer, told Bustle. So, if you're in a super stressed, chaotic mood and feel like you're about to have a meltdown, you should call your Taurus bestie to help you calm down. Chances are, they'll offer some soothing words to make you feel at least a little better and improve your mood.

According to Co-Star, people belonging to the Taurus sign often enjoy staying at home more than going out, resist any changes, and love feeling comfortable. Therefore, if you're looking for someone consistent to come home to and snuggle with after a stressful day, you need a Taurus in your life. Moreover, Tauruses are typically food lovers who enjoy relaxing activities such as tending to gardens and plants, taking creative pictures of the world around them, and peacefully knitting garments, per Pinkvilla. We can imagine a Taurus saying something similar to, "why stress out when you can just eat some good food and hang out with your plants instead?"

Laid-back Libra

Happy-go-lucky Libras have birthdays between September 23 and October 22 and often avoid arguments at all costs (via YourTango). Their optimistic outlook on life makes them appear pleasant, as they aren't likely to make a fuss in most scenarios because they don't see the point in being dramatic. Thus, they often think before responding to what people say to them or what's happening around them.

Not only are Libras naturally calm people, but they can use that soothing personality as a tool to help others who aren't getting along or are in the middle of a fight. Since Libras actively seek balance, you can expect them to play the peacemaker role within friendships, families, or living arrangements as they typically won't favor one side of the story and can make both sides feel seen, per Horoscope. While it can be tempting for people to "shoot the messenger" when hearing something they don't want to hear, a Libra will likely deliver the news in such a gentle way that it's nearly impossible to get frustrated with this sign. All in all, Libra's lack of anger and dislike of fighting makes them seem super laid-back.

Always thoughtful Aquarius

The ability to think before rushing into action is crucial for keeping calm in various situations, and Aquarius has that skill. "Like a true thinker, Aquarius has the ability to step back from their thoughts and feelings. Doing so allows them to evaluate objectively, which is an avenue where the air element shines most. Since they have a fixed modality, they won't easily be influenced by external forces," Maria Hayes, an astrologer, told Bustle. While most people might panic or lose their tempers when plans don't go well or stressful scenarios arise, you can expect an Aquarius to approach the situation with a thought-out yet laid-back attitude.

According to Co-Star, people belonging to the Aquarius zodiac sign have birthdays between January 19 and February 18 and are famously philosophical. So, rather than wasting their time with fiery fights, you can expect an Aquarius to sit back on a couch and discuss the meaning of life. For this zodiac sign, hanging out and talking about deep topics with friends all night is one of the most exciting activities, making an Aquarius seem lower-key than more action-obsessed signs that would rather party all night.

Somewhat lazy Sagittarius

A Sagittarius would usually rather relax and do something fun instead of going to work or studying, even if that attitude gives them a reputation for being lazy. That laid-back Sagittarius perspective makes this sign somewhat resistant to working all day long and can cause them to avoid committing to rigid routines (via Pinkvilla). Thus, if you're stressing about work, we recommend calling a Sagittarius to vent; their almost-too-chill outlook on the situation will likely bring you back to reality and help you calm down or maybe even make you laugh.

Born between November 22 and December 21, people belonging to the Sagittarius sign are often freedom-seeking, funny people who enjoy philosophical conversations and spending time outside, per Zodiac Sign, and typically have a glass-is-half-full mindset. If you think about it, you'll notice that all these traits lead to a laid-back individual. After all, what sounds more low-key than a person who likes engaging in deep discussions but enjoys being on their own, likes to relax outside, and goes with the flow while maintaining a positive perspective? Plus, their ability to make people laugh can make tense situations more low-key and calm.