Can You Actually Be A Cusp Sign In Astrology?

When it comes to astrology, some have their birth charts nearly memorized and are sure to check the stars before making any big decisions — while others may merely skim over their daily horoscope if it happens to be in front of them. Either way, you've most likely heard of cusp signs when it comes to the zodiac -– but just as a refresher -– if someone says they're on the cusp, it means their birthday falls in between the date ranges of two sun signs (via Today). The concept of being a cusp sign actually stems from the launch of newspapers printing horoscopes.


"Since the Sun changes signs at a different time each year, it can vary by a day or so. In order to help people decide which horoscope to read in these offerings, they approximated the date that the Sun would change to the next sign. Some years, Gemini season starts on June 20, others on June 21. Because there are 365 days a year and 12 signs, you can't evenly divide the year by 12 without having 5 days remaining," the AstroTwins told Mind Body Green. So, does the cusp theory actually hold weight?

Cusp signs are a myth

Even though someone born on June 20 may feel like they embody the qualities of both Gemini and Cancer, the sun can't actually be in two places at once, read: cusp signs aren't real (via Today). If you've long identified as a "cusper," check where the sun was at the exact minute of your birth –- and include the year. This will show you your true sun sign. It can be a bit of a shock if you've always thought you were a Leo/Virgo cusp sign and it turns out you're 100% a lion, but ultimately the clarity should simplify things.


"No matter what you've heard, if the sun was in Gemini when you were born, it was in Gemini, however near it may be to the cusp, and that's that. The influences which may be impressed on your personality from the sign preceding or following Gemini will never blot out your Gemini characteristics enough to turn you into a Taurus or a Cancerian. Nothing can dim the brilliance of the sun, while it's actually in a sign, and the variations you get from being born on a cusp are never strong enough to substantially alter your basic Sun sign personality," said Linda Goodman, author of 'Sun Signs,' per Vice.

Why you may identify with two signs

So, why then, according to the cusp theory, do some people feel they've inherited influences from two side-by-side signs? There are many explanations for that, as birth charts are complex, and placements like our moon and mercury sign can often reveal a lot more about our inner landscape than our sun sign can. "Being the very next planet from the sun, Mercury is never far from it," Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer for, told Refinery29. "If you're a Scorpio sun, your natal Mercury has to be either in Libra, Scorpio, or Sagittarius. In the case that your sun sign is Scorpio and your Mercury is in Sagittarius, sure, you can easily attribute the strength of your Mercury to your sun 'being on the cusp.'"


If you do come across an astrologer who swears by the cusp theory and insists that you are actually a Pisces/Aquarius cusp sign, exercise caution. According to Vice, any professional astrologer who has put in the considerable work of studying the zodiac and understanding astrology as a whole knows it simply isn't possible for the sun to be in two signs at once.