Your Guide To Nailing Classic Winter White Outfits

We all grew up hearing that wearing white after labor day was a fashion faux pas, but is it really? According to the Farmers' Almanac, the reason behind the saying is truly unknown, while it is mostly thought to be out of practicality. Most light-colored clothing is lightweight and not the best at holding warmth, though there are other speculations as well. Another popular speculation behind the saying is that it was a way to separate the upper and working classes. Whatever the reason, it is being proven that wearing white in winter is, in fact, a fashion statement rather than a fashion failure.

Never ones for playing by the rules, fashion icons have shown that this rule was really just a failed attempt to limit our style. Winter white outfits are beautiful and stand above the rest, which is why we see dozens of celebrities rock winter whites each year. The Christmas icon herself, Mariah Carey, posted on Instagram photos that show that she is wearing variations of white in her Christmas shows at Madison Square Garden. If you are looking to wear white this winter, you're not alone! We've curated a guide of nine ways to show you how to nail the look.

Faux fur

Faux fur is a classic way to make your winter white look chic. Whether you wear it on your coat or on your earmuffs, taking note from Chanel No. 3 in "Scream Queens," faux fur adds texture and a sense of elegance to your winter white outfits. Fur was once seen as a symbol of wealth and high social status according to Andriana Furs. While today faux-fur is both affordable and accessible, it often still triggers the wealthy stereotype in our minds, making for the perfect way to add both glamour and warmth to your winter white outfits.

Varying textures for the win

When wearing multiple clothing pieces of the same color, it is important to make sure the pieces vary in texture. Different weaves create a texture that affects how clothes look and feel to the touch, which creates visual interest in an outfit that may not have been there before. When creating a fully winter-white outfit, MasterClass says to consider mixing a neutral texture with an attention-grabbing texture. This is comparable to pairing solid-colored pants with a vibrantly printed top. It creates a distinction between the two pieces that elevate the outfit to a new level.

Dress up with a pantsuit

Pantsuits are always a good idea. The style plays off the masculine men's suit and provides a flattering-fitting blazer and matching pants. When it comes to a winter white outfit, a pantsuit is an easy way to hop on the trend, as the matching top and bottom are already a given. All you need to do is accessorize! Dress up the pantsuit with shiny heels, sparkly jewelry, and big sunglasses for a chic look. This look is perfect for date night, a holiday party, or just another day at the office.

Make it casual with a sweatsuit

Sweatsuits have become a wardrobe staple over the past few years, so it only makes sense that we make a chic winter white outfit with white sweats. Like pantsuits, sweatsuits are a full outfit, providing a matching top and bottom. Simply accessorize to make the look complete. Instagram fashion blogger Jessica Mahalaris shows us how a winter white sweatsuit look is done, as she pairs her set with a white ball cap, white sneakers, and a chunky white scarf. This all-white athleisure look will have you looking like a street-style dream this winter.

Layer, layer, layer

Layering a winter white outfit will not only keep you warm but also have you looking luxuriously chic. Adding multiple layers to an outfit creates visual interest, while also expanding the number of outfits in your wardrobe. "The main thing you need to think about when you are layering is the thickness of the fabrics," style editor Melanie Wilkinson tells The Guardian. Avoid stacking multiple thick layers of clothing on top of each other, as it's both unflattering and uncomfortable.

White accessories are essential

White accessories are a great way to add detail to your favorite winter white outfits. Whether it's white shoes, earmuffs, scarves, or even a handbag, accessories add a fashion-forward element to any look. A fan-favorite white accessory is a white boot, which is the perfect shoe to make your winter white outfits chic. Instagram fashion blogger @msnerdychica shows us how she styles her winter white look with shades of white accessories, including a wide-brim hat, white bag, and, of course, the white knee-high boot.

Flowy skirts are always a good choice

Long, flowy midi skirts are a great choice when creating your dream winter white outfit. They are a great way to make your favorite tops more formal. Swap out your go-to denim with a white midi skirt. This is particularly a great way to turn your favorite white sweater into a chic winter white look. Pair your white sweater with a flowy white midi skirt for a stylish look. Fashion YouTube star @rachspeed shows us how it's done by pairing her white cropped cardigan sweater with a silk white midi skirt for a classy and trendy outfit.

White dresses aren't just for your wedding day

Who said white dresses are only for your wedding day? A white dress is a year-round key wardrobe staple, especially in the winter. The timeless look is the perfect fit for a winter white outfit. Dresses in winter are easy to style, especially when you layer. Layer your favorite white dress with other white items in your wardrobe such as a white turtleneck, white vest, or white jacket. Instagram fashion icon and boutique owner Azzura Falcieri styles her favorite white dress with white tights, white boots, and her furry white coat.

Mix shades of white

Just like with any color, there are multiple shades of white. Wearing multiple shades of white throughout your outfit can create the monochromatic winter white outfit of your dreams. This is another great way to add dimension to your outfit so it doesn't all run together, especially if your clothing pieces are similar textures. You can always add a contrasting piece too for a vibrant pop of color. For example, Instagram fashion blogger @audreyacoyne showcased herself wearing bright white pants with an off-white sweater and for contrast, added a pair of dark burgundy combat boots.