Glam's Exclusive Survey Uncovers The Most Popular Eyebrow Treatment

Eyebrows have always played a big role in the beauty game, but in the past few years, eyebrow treatments for the perfect size, shape, and color have exploded in popularity. While it used to be popular to have skinny and high-arched brows, we now see a more natural approach to the eyebrow look. However natural, we still want to avoid overgrown and unmanageable brows. After all, the look of your brows can really make a statement. They can show authority or offer softness; you can express yourself through them perhaps more than any other facial part not named the mouth.

Though we can all agree on wanting shapely and beautiful brows, the approach we take to get our brows in tip-top shape varies from person to person. There are some methods that are more popular than others. We surveyed 587 Glam readers to determine which eyebrow treatment is the most popular, and the highest-ranking one may not be what you think.

Glam readers largely focus on their brow shape

Worldwide, people are looking to get great results at a great price, no matter the service, so it's no surprise that 48.38%, or 284, of Glam's respondents prefer tweezing over any other eyebrow service. Tweezing is easy to DIY at home if you have a steady hand, making it a more affordable option for quick brow shaping. Like with any at-home beauty treatment, there are precautions to take, as you never want to over-pluck them.

Since it is apparent that Glam readers are looking for a sharp eyebrow shape at an affordable cost, it should come as no shocker that the second most popular brow treatment is waxing, with garners 22.15%, or 130, of the votes. Waxing often requires a professional but usually costs less than $20 and leaves you with a sharp shape in minutes.

The third most popular eyebrow treatment among Glam readers is another shaping procedure known as threading. In fact, 14.14%, or 83, of Glam's respondents said they prefer threading their eyebrows over any other treatment. Threading is a technique that uses two cotton strings and sees you twist them around the hairs to remove them from the follicle in their entirety.

Shape matters the most, other factors less

Of all the Glam readers surveyed, less than half of them chose procedures that were not strictly based on eyebrow shape. In fact, 8.69%, or 51, of Glam readers chose microblading as their chosen method of eyebrow treatment. Microblading is a form of semi-permanent makeup and is essentially a way to tattoo brows onto your skin. It uses tiny hair-like strokes to distribute pigment onto the skin for a full brow look. According to Trillium Creek Dermatology, this process can cost up to $2,000 and needs to be redone once every one to two years.

Tinting is the preference of 4.60%, or 27, of Glam readers. Tinting is simply the process of getting darker brows by dyeing them, the process has to be repeated often and does not change the overall shape of the brow. Readers who choose to tint over waxing are often more concerned with their eyebrows appearing thick and full rather than shaped. Finally, only 2.04%, or 12, of Glam readers say that their preferred brow treatment is lamination. Lamination is the process of texturizing the brows, often acting similar to a perm, to create a fuller appearance. Ultimately, based on all of thee results, it can be determined that Glam readers love a natural yet shapely brow look.