How To Get Rid Of Pesky Hat Hair

It's an early morning and you go in front of your bathroom mirror to fix up your hair. You spend at least an hour styling it, and in the end, it looks fabulous. But when you go outside, you realize it's only twenty degrees, and you're going to need to wear a hat if you don't want to freeze. Lo and behold, once you make it to your destination and remove your hat, your perfect hair has been reduced to a flattened disaster with a few flyaway strands, and your hard work in styling it has been an utter waste. You've been afflicted by hat hair — the flattening of your crown and deep ridges around your hair that can completely ruin a hairstyle.


It's an all too familiar situation. With winter just around the corner, it's nearly impossible to avoid hat hair because more and more days call for you to wear a hat. So are we really forced to just grin and bear the humiliation of flat hair and a ruined hairstyle? The answer is, thankfully, no. To make staticky hair a thing of the past, we've rounded up a few tricks you can use to get rid of pesky hat hair.

Prepare your hair beforehand so it's not prone to flatness

Wearing a hat for a prolonged period of time is likely to cause your hair to become flattened beneath it. It can also cause dents in the hairstyle where your hat is cinching in towards your head. These things can be hard to battle after the fact, but there are some preparatory steps you can take before putting on a hat that will protect you from the dreaded hat hair.


As noted by NaturallyCurly, if you build volume in your hair before putting on a hat, you'll notice the flattening effect on your hair to be dramatically less apparent. One of the best methods to build maximum volume in your hair is to use a volumizing spray or root lifter. You can also look for these haircare ingredients that are great for boosting volume

Another hack you can use before putting on your hat is to part your hair on the opposite side you plan on wearing it, says Women's Health Magazine. After you remove your hat, flip your part to reverse flat hair.

If you already have hat hair, here's how you beat it

Sometimes prepping your hair isn't enough on its own to combat pesky hat hair, especially if your hat is particularly tight around your head or made from a material that creates a lot of static. If you remove your hat and find that you resemble the bride of Frankenstein, it's time to take corrective action.


Dry shampoo and styling cream are your best friends when it comes to getting rid of hat hair. If you think far enough ahead to pack those your favorite dry shampoo, head for the nearest bathroom to use it to restore volume to your flattened hair.

Are you already at your destination, without your trusty styling cream, and your hat hair still can't be tamed? If you can't beat hat hair, it's time to fully embrace it, suggests L'Oréal Paris. We don't mean waving the white flag and continuing your day with embarrassing helmet head. Try giving your hair a few run-throughs with a comb or your fingers. This will give your hair a tousled, lived-in look that will turn heads — for all the right reasons.