65 Gifts For The Tech-Savvy Person In Your Life

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Technology began to take on a whole new life in the latter portion of the 20th century. In typical old-school '70s and '80s teen movies, the "techies," as they were often called, were always the kids who were subjected to endless bullying from the cool, suave upperclassmen of the school. They were the stereotypical "nerds" and "geeks" who endured wedgies and moments of scrambling on the ground to find their freshly smashed oversized glasses. Sadly enough, this wasn't reserved for only the movies; those of us with an affinity for technology were no exception to ridicule. Fast forward 20 or so years, and we came to find out who had the last laugh — those kids labeled "nerds" are often the ones who become multi-millionaires and billionaires.


In the 21st century, most people have evolved to appreciate technology, and many invest their time in learning to continuously make it better. Technology is all around us, and, admittedly, most of us couldn't last one day without it. Grandma, who swore she'd never own a cell phone, now can't sleep without playing a round of Candy Crush on her iPhone, Dad has somehow learned to text faster than you, and your 5-year-old nephew wants nothing more than a pair of Beats for his birthday. The goal of achieving bigger and better technology has no plans of stopping any time soon, so why not help the true gadget lovers in your life stay up to date with all the latest tech products?

How we chose the tech gifts

The ultimate purpose of technology is to make our lives simpler and easier in unexpected ways. Each year, new and interesting items and gadgets hit the market in order to make everyday tasks easier for consumers. For people who genuinely adore all things tech, every new invention proves to be more and more exhilarating than the last, and for some, they ignite just a touch of inspiration for all of the aspiring inventors out there. While products are becoming more efficient for the everyday user, there still remains a special place for those who were born with the natural gift of technological understanding.


True and die-hard technology fans may be a bit harder to shop for than someone who just loves to keep up with the latest and greatest. They likely have an apartment stocked up with wires and strange little electrical machines that you can't seem to figure out the purpose for, so we made sure to think a little bit outside the box. The gifts we selected were chosen to either make life simpler for anyone with a tech-savvy thumb or for someone just beginning to get into electronic gear. We chose each gift based on overall reviews, ratings, and easy accessibility for simple online ordering.

Best nostalgic gift

Every technology lover started somewhere. For most, it likely began at a young age when digital or electronic gaming was just beginning to grip and fascinate your techy loved one. Help your person to recall simpler times with the Divoom Ditoo Plus Retro Pixel Art Game Bluetooth Speaker. Inspired by decades gone by, what makes this little device so cool is the fact that you can actually design your own pixel art, play music through it, use it for white noise or an alarm, and even make friends with other gamers.


Purchase the Ditoo Plus Retro Pixel Art Game Bluetooth Speaker from Divoom for approximately $90.

Best gift for that special someone

As much as your techy partner loves hearing you verbally tell them you love them, sometimes going the extra mile to show it can make a meaningful impact. The perfect way to share this sentiment with them is with the Lovebox Black & White Love Note Messenger — an adorable electronic box that allows you to send messages, drawings, love notes, or animations and stickers via your phone to the box. "I got this for my daughter for Christmas thinking it would be a great way to communicate when I'm not there," a reviewer writes. "Anyone else who wants to can send messages, too. The whole family enjoys it and looks forward to the heart spinning with a message inside!! Highly recommend!!"


Purchase the Lovebox Black & White Love Note Messenger from Amazon for approximately $100.

Best gift that keeps on giving

It seems like there's a subscription box for just about anything anymore, and technology is no exception. Breo Box is a subscription box company that offers monthly surprise boxes featuring over $300 of tech products in each one. Items like rechargeable batteries, digital photo frames, and even drones are just some of the cool gadgets that have been included in previous boxes. This box is here to make any tech lover's life even sweeter.


Purchase the Tech Subscription Box from Breo Box starting at approximately $160.

Best gift for music lovers

When someone loves music, hearing it echoing from every corner is a magical moment for them. With the ANERIMST LED Flame Light Bluetooth Speaker, your music lover is going to have the ability to have quality sound playing from a lighted Bluetooth speaker set that works as an ornament as well; you can hang them from the tree, the patio, or wherever you'd like. The best part of all is the HD sound that these speakers deliver — something any tech lover will appreciate.


Purchase the ANERIMST LED Flame Light Bluetooth Speaker from Amazon for approximately $90.

Best gift for the beer lover

Who ever thought beer and technology would be two things that merged together beautifully? While not the most common duo, the Smart Planet TD-1 TapDraft Beer Dispenser makes the at-home beer experience better than ever before. Once the beer is poured inside the canister, sonic waves are emitted from the machine into the beverage, allowing the natural balance to be restored to the ultimate freshness and consistency.


Purchase the Smart Planet TD-1 TapDraft Beer Dispenser with Sonic Foam Generator from Amazon for $45.

Best gift for the planner

Anyone who either loves or needs to plan has to continually worry about buying new planners once the old one is filled. With the Rocketbook Fusion Smart Reusable Notebook, that's not something your planning loved one will ever have to worry about again. After filling in the pre-designed templates in the book, simply take a photo and scan your notes into the special app. Everything you've written can then be wiped clean and used over and over again.


Purchase the Rocketbook Fusion Smart Reusable Notebook on Amazon for approximately $21.

Best gift for the one with an eye for style

Ever thought polarized prescription glasses with Bluetooth, audio, touch control, and waterproof technology were something of our wildest dreams? Well, think again because Lyte delivers all of this and more with their Darkside Bluetooth Glasses. Taking calls and listening to music through smart glasses has never been easier — just touch the screen and your recipient will be well on their way to maximum multitasking with sun and eye protection all in one.


Purchase the Lyte Darkside Bluetooth Glasses from Lucyd for approximately $100.

Best gift for the art aficionado

Digital photo frames have been popular for some time now, but what if you could take one of these a step further? With the Meural Canvas II, you're able to bring an entire art gallery into your own home. The digital rendering technology essentially takes photographs of art and produces them to look just like a real-life painting. "The paintings look real and photographs (my own and downloaded HD pictures from the internet) are beautiful," raves one reviewer.


Purchase the Meural Canvas II from Amazon for Approximately $600.

Best gift for the green thumb

Having an outdoor fresh produce garden often seems like a great idea, but the thought doesn't always pan out. Gardyn is here to change that with their Garden Home Kit 2.0. This indoor gardening system allows you to grow up to 30 produce plants in just a small 2-foot space while controlling the water, temperature, and light all from an app on your phone.


Purchase the Home Kit 2.0 from Gardyn for $649.

Best VR headset

VR headsets have to be one of the coolest inventions to hit the tech market, and users young and old seem to agree. With a 4.8-star rating from over 75,000 Amazon users, the Meta Quest 2 Virtual Reality Headset is the prime example of how beloved these devices are. One reviewer even goes so far as to say that this headset "will likely occupy more of your time than you were willing to sacrifice, but you will enjoy every minute of it."


Purchase the Meta Quest 2 from Amazon for $399.

Best gift for the one who's always hot

If your loved one is someone who finds themself sweating or hot no matter where they go, they certainly understand the difficult task of finding a good fan. The Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Fan TP01 will become their best friend in no time once they try the 11-speed controlled air flow along with the circulating air purification system the fan contains.


Purchase the Dyson Pure Cool Purifying Fan TP01 from Best Buy for approximately $280.

Best gift for the skincare lover

Technology is so expansive that it's even made its way into the beauty field. The PMD Beauty Personal Microderm Classic Device is an at-home weekly microdermabrasion tool that removes dead skin from the outer layer, revealing clean, smooth, and healthy-looking skin. "This PMD Classic Microderm helps to clean my large pores by vacuuming, exfoliating, and hydrating," shares a reviewer. "The system comes with easy to follow instructions — even for a beginner."


Purchase the PMD Beauty Personal Microderm Classic Device from Best Buy for approximately $101.

Best gift for relaxation

Getting proper relaxation in this day and age is no easy feat — that is, until you get a little help from the Muse 2 Brain Sensing Headband. When a user puts on the headband, the sensors are able to detect responses from your body in order to send signals for a personalized guided meditation. "Muse 2 is a game-changer for me," writes a reviewer. "I've not only learned mindful awareness through some of their courses, but I've also learned how to tune everything out and focus on my breath without the device."


Purchase the Muse 2 from Amazon for approximately $200.

Best gift for audiophiles

A lot of times, people who enjoy vinyls have a deep appreciation for the old, weathered, vintage sound of a record player. But sometimes, hearing a vinyl through top-notch audio can be quite the experience. Cambridge Audio's Alva Solo is an amplifier designed to maximize the quality of sound coming from a vinyl. The amp is specialized to detect any static or imperfections from a record, so a sound much more flawless than a regular record player speaker will be the end result.


Purchase the Cambridge Audio Alva Solo from Amazon for $179.

Best gift for the one with a tapping habit

No matter how old we are, it seems like there's always someone in our life who loves tapping — whether it's their fingers or a pen, this is a habit that usually dies hard. Why not help your person out with the Sphero Specdrums — a set of finger drums that produce music through an app when tapped on any surface? While it sounds like a product that's mainly meant for kids, these are actually "very engaging for all ages," as one reviewer put it.


Purchase the Sphero Specdrums from Amazon for approximately $55.

Best gift for grooming

Many people who shave agree that a good shave is an art form. However, why skimp out on comfort when it comes to the art of shaving? Gillette's Bugatti Special Edition Heated Razor delivers both precision and comfort with its heating features. With different temperature options to choose from, flexible discs to move with the contour of the skin, and a magnetic charging dock, any tech lover will be appreciative of the cozy feeling of a warm shave.


Purchase the Bugatti Special Edition Heated Razor from Gillette for $140.

Best gift for the movie buff

For someone who loves watching movies, viewing them on the magic of the big screen is ideal, and with at-home projectors, this becomes as easy as a click of a button. The Nebula Capsule by Anker is a mini movie projector that allows you to view clear, HD movies projected essentially anywhere. The small size and Wi-Fi connectivity make this product perfect for a hassle-free experience.


Purchase the Anker Nebula Capsule from Amazon for approximately $300.

Best high-end gift

Splurging on products of quality is often highly justifiable because you're investing in an item that is likely to last a lifetime. TAG Heuer is no rookie to the world of quality timepieces, and the company's new Connected watch takes the average smartwatch to a whole new level. With Bluetooth, fitness tracking, phone syncing, and ad touchscreen navigation, your loved one will be taking on technology with style.


Purchase the TAG Heuer Connected Watch from TAG Heuer for $1,800.

Best gift for stress-relief

Technology has been a godsend in the relaxation world because of all of the tools and gadgets we have at our fingertips for relieving stress. One such invention is that of the at-home massager, and the heated HoMedics Shiatsu Deluxe Neck and Shoulder Massager easily qualifies as one of the most efficient out there. With straps for the arms, one can easily adjust how much or how little pressure the rolling massage balls apply, making it almost like you're getting a real massage.


Purchase the HoMedics — Shiatsu Deluxe Neck and Shoulder Massager from Best Buy for $119.

Best gift for the sporty kid in your life

Teaching kids to play a sport isn't always the easiest task, so when technology comes in to save the day, it's best to jump on board as soon as possible. The Dribbleup Smart Basketball is a personalized system that allows the user to have one-on-one basketball training sessions via an app. Many reviewers note how much the app has helped their overall game and how it even can double as a great warmup before game time.


Purchase the Smart Basketball from Dribbleup for approximately $80.

Best gift they didn't know they needed

Believe it or not, gadgets that make your garage door opener even smarter than before do exist. The Chamberlain myQ Smart Garage Control works by allowing you to manage all garage door functions through an app. Forgot to close your garage door? Easily close it no matter where you're at with the touch of a button. "Peace of Mind!" a reviewer shares. "Never have to ask yourself, "Did I close it?"'


Purchase the Chamberlain myQ Smart Garage Control from Best Buy for approximately $20.

Best gift for someone on the go

For someone always on the move, finding places to charge and store their belongings can be a hassle. But with the Nordace Siena Smart Backpack, they're always covered as far as convenience goes. The backpack features a USB charging port, an anti-theft compartment for storing valuables, laptop space, and even water bottle and sunglasses compartments. For someone into electronics, this backpack's storage is an absolute must-have.


Purchase the Siena Smart Backpack from Nordace for approximately $110.

Best smart ring

For those who aren't much into smartwatches, there's always the option of a smart ring. The features are essentially the same — health and activity tracking, Bluetooth connectivity to your smartphone, and plenty of other cool features to keep everyday activities on track — but in the much smaller portions of a ring. Circular's Smart Ring comes in four metal finish options and has days of battery life. Plus, it's specifically engineered to be comfortable. 


Purchase the Smart Ring from Circular for $284.

Best gift for the dog owner

Any dog owner knows the great lengths we would go for our fur babies. We want the best life possible for them, but when bad habits like excessive barking emerge, it's hard to know how to handle it. Thanks to the technology of the Petdiary Smart Bark Collar, training your dog is a breeze. The collar is designed to track and control dogs' barking by emitting vibrating frequencies to reduce barking.


Purchase the Petdiary Smart Bark Waterproof Dog Bark Collar from Chewy for approximately $52.

Best gift for the golfer

Have a golfer in your life? Help improve their game with a little help from the technical side of things. The Smart Insole from Salted is the perfect set of shoe insoles that measures a golfer's foot placement in order to train and coach for better performance. "Finally, a training aid that works!" one reviewer writes. "The pressure points do not lie! This product is well made and serves the purpose it was made for."


Purchase the Salted Smart Insole from Amazon for approximately $230.

Best gift for the chef in your life

The only true, accurate way to know if meat is done is with a meat thermometer. There are countless thermometers on the market, but what makes Yummly's Smart Thermometer different is the featured app that comes with it. The app uses the temperature from the thermometer to tell you exactly when to flip the meat, how long it should cook, and when things may be getting too hot.


Purchase the Smart Thermometer from Yummly for approximately $80.

Best gift for the environmentally friendly

Climate change is an important conversation, and fortunately, there are things we can do to slow that process along. The Lomi Composter is an electronic compost pile that reduces waste by up to 80%. "So impressed with how Lomi can take a full bucket of waste, paired with a Lomi pod, and turn it into nutritious dirt for our garden!" one reviewer shares. "Not to mention how it reduces waste from our weekly garbage. A double win!"


Purchase the Lomi Composter from the company's website starting at $499.

Best gift for the one who hates cleaning

If someone you know doesn't have a natural affinity towards cleaning, the iRobot Roomba Braava Jet 240 Robotic Mop is the product for them. Similar to its sibling, the Roomba vacuum, the Roomba Mop is a sensor-guided cleaning device that cleans by itself. The smart navigation system moves the device in hard-to-reach corners and spaces, so the days of getting on our hands and knees are long gone.


Purchase the iRobot Roomba Braava Jet 240 Robotic Mop from Kohl's for approximately $150.

Best gift for the cocktail lover

We typically leave cocktail-making up to skilled bartenders, but with the Bartesian Premium Cocktail Maker, you can make your own delicious cocktails without any of the guesswork. After filling the device with your favorite liquor, simply add one of the pre-made Bartesian capsules filled with all of the mixers that you would typically have to add by hand. Finally, you can use the touchscreen to design your perfect cocktail.


Purchase the Premium Cocktail Maker from Bartesian for $366.

Best gift for the one who loves saving time

Anyone who has ever made mashed potatoes knows the peeling portion takes more time than anything else. The Starfrit Rotato Express is great because it cuts the peeling time out of not only potatoes but also an array of other veggies. "It's my job to do the mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving every year, and peeling potatoes for a big crowd was something I started to dread after 20 years or so," a product fan shares. "Dread no more. Just did about 10 pounds in a half hour or so. No backache, no cuts."


Purchase the Starfrit Rotato Express from Amazon for $25.

Best gift for the spice lover

Spices are a wonderful cooking essential, but trying to find a place to store them isn't quite as amazing. While not an electronic gadget, The KitchenArt 57010 Select-A-Spice Auto-Measure Carousel is still a fantastic tool that uses manual technology. With a simple click, each spice is measured out perfectly for whichever measurement you're looking for — all while being stored in a space-saving compact.


Purchase the KitchenArt 57010 Select-A-Spice Auto-Measure Carousel from Amazon for approximately $29.

Best gift for the TikToker

Any influencer in your life likely takes their content seriously, so the technology helping them to be the best is an extremely important factor. Pivo Pod is a 360° rotating mount that tracks movement during phone video recording. No matter which direction you move, the mount will keep you focused and in the frame. Long gone are days of tracking someone down to film you for social media or any other content purposes.


Purchase the Pivo Pod from the company's website for approximately $90.

Best gift for someone always losing something

We all know someone who just can't seem to ever find their keys or wallet, but thanks to the Mate Essential from Tile, your loved one can track down any of their lost objects with ease. Simply place the trackers in or on your most important items i.e., keys, your wallet, a phone case, etc. When you can't seem to find one of the items, just pull out your smartphone and use the app to find anything missing via GPS.


Purchase the Tile Mate Essential (2022) from Best Buy for approximately $60.

Best gift for the one with tired feet

Foot pain can be excruciating, and the cost of frequent massages can add up to a pretty penny. With the Shiatsu Foot & Calf Massager, that pain and those costs can be cut in half. The massager works by targeting the feet, ankles, and calves with deep pressurized kneading movements. "This is the first time since 2014 that I can work an entire shift and not be in pain afterwards," one verified buyer noted after purchasing.


Purchase the Shiatsu Foot & Calf Massager from Cloud Massage for approximately $300.

Best gift for the one who's always cold

Let's face it, we all have someone in our life who's constantly freezing, even when it's summertime. Give the gift of warmth this year with the iDEART Portable Electric Hand Warmer. The warmer gives the option of three heat settings and two sides of heating for maximum warmth. "This product is a life saver," a reviewer writes. "I keep it in my backpack purse and carry it with me everywhere. It's lightweight and can fit in bags or in the car."


Purchase the iDEART Portable Electric Hand Warmer from Amazon for approximately $26.

Best gift for the handyman

There's nothing worse than when we're working with our hands and suddenly need a flashlight. In times like this — when we wish we could magically grow an extra arm — there are the MOIPEJO LED Flashlight Gloves. These lighted gloves give the gift of light literally at your fingertips. They can be used for working on projects and outdoor nighttime activities, and they can even be used in the rain with their waterproof technology.


Purchase the MOIPEJO LED Flashlight Gloves from Amazon for approximately $22.

Best gift for the one always taking pictures

Have you ever taken a picture of something and instantly wished you could have a physical copy of it in your hands? Well, now you can with the HP Sprocket Select portable instant photo printer. Simply connect the device to your phone via Bluetooth and watch the magic happen as the printer prints any photo right before your eyes. One reviewer notes, "This is an amazing product, a true modern take on the Polaroid — only infinitely better quality."


Purchase the HP Sprocket Select from Amazon for approximately $72.

Best gift for the photographer

Have you ever taken a picture of something and instantly wished you could have a physical copy of it in your hands? Well, now you can with the HP Sprocket Select portable instant photo printer. Simply connect the device to your phone via Bluetooth and watch the magic happen as the printer prints any photo right before your eyes. One reviewer notes, "This is an amazing product, a true modern take on the Polaroid — only infinitely better quality."


Purchase the HP Sprocket Select from Amazon for approximately $72.

Best gift for the avid water drinker

For someone on the go and who is very active, having a water bottle by their side at all times is a must. But when busy schedules get in the way, keeping up with regular water bottle cleaning can become a hassle. Say goodbye to those days with the LARQ Bottle PureVis — a self-cleaning water bottle designed to kill 99% of contaminants inside the bottle and the water. If the user is ever in an emergency and needs to drink water from nature, the bottle will easily purify the water to safe drinking levels.


Purchase the LARQ Bottle PureVis from LARQ for $99.

Best gift for the one who needs more sleep

Great sleep can be hard to come by. That's why companies like Dodow have come to our rescue with devices like its metronome light. The light works by beginning a timed light sequence with which the user is supposed to synchronize their breathing. This places the body in the perfect state to create the pathway to a peaceful, natural sleep without the worry of any harmful side effects.


Purchase Dodow from the company's website starting at approximately $60.

Best gift for rainy days

While regular umbrellas can be a pain to open up quickly during the onset of a sudden downpour, automatic umbrellas open with a fast click of a button. The Zuodu Automatic LED Umbrella takes things a step even further with its LED-lined safety feature. On top of that, the bottom portion doubles as a flashlight, making this product a multi-functional must-have. The umbrella comes in four sensational colors.


Purchase the Zuodu Automatic LED Umbrella from GizModern for approximately $52.

Best gift for the griller

Gas, flames, and lighter fluid: All things that don't exactly scream safety. If your tech-savvy loved one is a griller, help them out in the heat department with the Looft Lighter. This lighter runs completely on electricity — a feature that allows for maximum safety. "I love my Looft!" writes an excited five-star reviewer. "No more harsh petroleum starter fluid on my charcoal! Lights fast!"


Purchase the Looft Lighter I from the company's website for approximately $70.

Best gift for the video gamer

Breaking the bank to gift your loved one the latest fancy gaming console doesn't always have to be the only option — gamers can now actually play video games right from their phone. The Backbone iPhone Gaming Controller snaps directly onto an iPhone or Android to create the perfect mini-sized gaming. The device supports games from all of the major gaming companies, and you can even sync it up with games you're playing on your bigger consoles.


Purchase the iPhone Gaming Controller from Backbone for approximately $100.

Best gift for the one who loves to entertain

The invention of the smart coffee table may be the greatest idea ever in the art of entertaining. This can be proven with the Sobro Smart Coffee Table — an all-in-one coffee table built with Bluetooth speakers, an LED lighting system, USB charging ports, plug-in outlets, a touchscreen tempered glass top, and even a beverage chilling compartment. With 4.7 out of five stars, need we say more?


Purchase the Sobro Smart Coffee Table from Wayfair for approximately $1,500.

Best gift for the coffee lover

Drinking coffee in the morning can be a heavenly experience, but when the liquid starts to get cold in no time? Not so much. The Ember Mug² Temperature Control Smart Mug is here to save us from all of our coffee temperature troubles with its advanced heating system. With a temperature range of 120 degrees F to 145 degrees F, the drinker can select their ideal level of heat. The best part of all is that one charge lasts up to an hour and a half, giving you plenty of time for steamy sips.


Purchase the Ember Mug² Temperature Control Smart Mug from Target for approximately $130.

Best gift for the ping-ponger

Ping pong can be great fun, but it can also be loud and the table takes up a ton of space. The Sharper Image Virtual Pong is a virtually simulated version of ping pong; the "ball of light" can bounce off of walls, tables, or the game console when facing an opponent. "This game is so fun as you continue to laugh the whole time you are playing it," a reviewer shares. "In addition, it's also proven to be a great way to lose a few pounds and build up your heartbeat."


Purchase the Virtual Pong from Sharper Image for approximately $72.

Best gift for the old soul

Know someone who's always wanted a jukebox but didn't have the money or space? This tabletop jukebox is a great way to save on money and room without skimping out on the magic of a real one. The built-in speakers are able to connect to Bluetooth or play FM radio. With color-changing LED lights, your gift recipient will be sent back in time in a musical time capsule.


Purchase the Victor Broadway Desktop Bluetooth Jukebox from QVC for approximately $115.

Best gift for the positive thinker

Mental health is said to be just as important as physical health. That's why the Presence Inspiration Display is a must-have to increase the power of positive thinking. Presence is a digital display that shares messages and inspiration that go hand-in-hand with our modern-day life. The user has the capability to select different features and settings, such as a sleep mode and dimming feature.


Purchase the Presence Inspiration Display from the company's website starting at $225.

Best gift for the note-taker

The original Kindle has been a great gift for readers for some time now, but for those who like to take notes on the pages of their books, this was an impossible task. All of that changed when Amazon released its Kindle Scribe E-Reader. With the Scribe, users have the ability to take notes on the screen with the Kindle pen that's included. There are even templates to choose from like lined notebook paper for writing more in-depth notes.


Purchase the Amazon Kindle Scribe E-Reader 10.2" from Best Buy for approximately $340.

Best gift for the early riser

Sure, using a regular alarm clock has worked for years upon years for millions of people. But in 2022, why not take advantage of all the possible features an alarm clock can have? The Restore Smart Alarm Clock is so much more than just your average alarm. Not only does the clock guide you into a peaceful sleep at night but the sunrise light feature also gradually increases brightness in the morning and plays the sounds of birds chirping, which simulates a morning much later than when most of us are waking up.


Purchase the Hatch Restore from Hatch for $130.

Best electric toothbrush

It's no secret that dentists agree that electric toothbrushes are far superior to manual brushes. But what makes the SURI Sustainable Electric Toothbrush stand out is its environmental sustainability. The bristles are made from plant-based recycled materials, and each time it's time to change the head, the old one can be recycled. "From the packaging to the toothbrush design, this is by far the nicest electric toothbrush I've owned," one reviewer says. "And it's good for the planet. My teeth feel really clean after using, especially with the polish setting."


Purchase the Sustainable Electric Toothbrush from SURI for $132.

Best gift for road-trippers

Have you ever gone on a road trip but had nowhere to set your phone that was displaying the GPS? Yeah, it's not fun, but the Carmag Wireless Car Mount is here to the rescue. The mount is wireless, and not only does it hold your phone wherever you need it to be but it also charges it at the same time. The Carmag has an impressive 4.9 out of five stars.


Purchase the Carmag™ Wireless Car Mount from PWR for approximately $50.

Best phone cleaner

The germs lurking on our phones are something we all know about but choose not to think about. For when you do worry, though, you can put your mind at ease with the PhoneSoap 3. The device kills 99% of germs by using UV light for disinfection. Not only does the PhoneSoap clean your device but it also removes debris from the speaker, making sound as crisp as when you first got it. Use the device for your phone, keys, or really anything that fits inside.


Purchase the PhoneSoap 3 from the company's website for approximately $50.

Best smart speaker

For anyone who owns a smart speaker, it's easy to quickly realize how efficient they can make our lives. Amazon is continuously updating and upgrading its original Echo product, so it's no wonder that the 4th Gen version may be its best to date. The 4th Gen Echo features Dolby Stereo, music from numerous streaming services, smart home capabilities, phone calls, and so much more.


Purchase the Echo (4th Gen) from Amazon for approximately $60.

Best lighting system

Lighting can truly make or break a room. This shouldn't have to be a hard goal to come by, especially with the Philips Hue White & Color Ambiance A19 LED Starter Kit. The kit contains all of the lighting essentials you need to create the perfect ambiance for your space. With 16 million color options to choose from, the LED lights can be brightened, dimmed, and synced up with music and media, and they offer smart home features.


Purchase the Philips Hue White & Color Ambiance A19 LED Starter Kit from Best Buy for approximately $127.

Best smart plug

The Amazon Smart Plug is the perfect addition to any Alexa device you have. You can sync the plug with any outlets you have, allowing you to use voice control on lighting, fans, and kitchen appliances, and even turn them on and off when you're not home. "We are in love with this thing," a reviewer shares. "We have it outside so we can turn the patio light string on and off without going out to plug/unplug it like we used to do. It's especially nice in the winter. We've decided we're putting them everywhere!"


Purchase the Amazon Smart Plug from Best Buy for approximately $25.

Best gift for the aquarium owner

Owning an Aquarium is an absolute joy, but the upkeep can be extensive. This smart aquarium kit from Amazon offers self-cleaning, colored LED light options, silent running, and an app to control all of the needs of the aquarium. The best part of all is that the kit includes the aquarium itself and everything needed to get it set up. One reviewer described the tank as a "great tank, easy to set up, and quiet."


Purchase the ERAARK Aquarium Kit from Amazon for approximately $140.

Best gift for the busy cat parents

For any cat owner, the worry of leaving their fur babies alone while away can be an intimidating thought. Help put their minds at ease with the PETLIBRO Essential WIFI & Capsule Kit. The kit features an automatic feeder in which the owner can set up personalized feeding directly from an app. You also have the option to use the voice recording feature, so any kitty can feel safe with the sounds of your voice even when you're gone.


Purchase the PETLIBRO Essential WIFI & Capsule Kit from PETLIBRO for approximately $112.

Best gift for the bathroom

Let's admit it, some of the most tech-savvy people love to show off, and that's great. One item that is sure to impress guests is this cool LED faucet from Amazon. The LED lights are temperature activated, so they will light up blue when cold water runs and warm when it's hot. The design is sleek and sturdy, and with 4.5 out of five stars, this faucet is an overall win.


Purchase the AVSIILE LED Bathroom Sink Faucet from Amazon for approximately $65.

Best smartwatch

With all of the smartwatches on the market now, sometimes it's best to just stick to the tried and true. The Apple Watch SE is beloved by thousands, and it's easy to see why. You can easily make calls and reply to texts from the watch, as well as go swimming in it! You can track activity and workouts, connect Bluetooth, and even monitor your heart rate.


Purchase the Apple Watch SE (1st Generation) from Target for approximately $280.

Best charging station

For anyone who just loves technology and all the products in it, charging for devices is an extremely important factor. The charging kit from BaseLynx is an all-in-one charging station that allows multiple devices to all charge at one time. With space for tablets, phones, smart watches, smart rings, etc., you'll never have to worry about finding a place to plug everything in all at once again.


Purchase the BaseLynx Kit from Scosche for approximately $100.

Best gift for dad

For the dad who has it all, consider the Ultimate All-in-One Kit from Panasonic. The kit comes with all of the grooming tools dad could possibly need, and the included toiletry bag will help keep everything together. "Wonderful — finally a tool that can do everything I need so I don't need to keep 3 different razors around," one reviewer writes. "I would recommend this to anyone looking for a versatile trimmer/shaver."


Purchase the Panasonic Ultimate All-in-One Kit + Toiletry Bag from Panasonic for $170.

Best gift for mom

Moms do it all, so help make their lives a little bit easier with a makeup brush cleaner and dryer. The SELENE Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer Machine is the perfect product for the job because it's one of the only makeup brush cleaners on the market that includes a dryer, too. The process is as easy as filling the bowl up with water and hitting the power button — the device will do the rest.


Purchase the SELENE Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer Machine from Amazon for approximately $44.

Best gift for the whole family

Family bonding time is both essential and special. If you're looking for the perfect gift to enhance this experience, look no further than the Bose TV Speaker Bluetooth Soundbar. Bose is one of the leading sound companies on the market, and its soundbars take any music, movie, or media to the next level. With 4.6 out of five stars, reviewers agree that the speaker is superb.


Purchase the Bose TV Speaker Bluetooth Soundbar from Target for approximately $200.

Best gift for the outer space lover

While we wish we could gaze up at a beautiful, bright full moon every night, clouds and moon cycles can get in the way. Bring the moon right into your own home with the realistic Smart 3D Moon Lamp from Galaxy Lamps. The lamp pairs up with an app for smart control and has unlimited color options, music sync, various themes, and different mood settings.


Purchase the Galaxy Lamps Smart 3D Moon Lamp from Galaxy Lamps for approximately $50.