The Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Be All-In On Their Relationships

There are never any guarantees in life, especially when it comes to finding love and a partner who will stick with you through everything. People can get lucky and grow old with the first person they ever love. But for others, we have to go through a few tough heartbreaks to find The One. For reasons such as love, people often turn to astrology to sort of predict the success of or give insight into their partners and relationships.


Again, even astrology can't predict how a person will be in a relationship or in the long term. Not every zodiac sign is the same, despite people's love for hating specific signs. You have to take into account their past experiences, track record, and trauma (potentially) to fully understand how someone is in a relationship. Astrologically, aspects such as their rising or moon, or even their Venus in this case because it's the planet of love and relationships, will dictate individuals' views on life and how they'll be as a partner. A Virgo sun with a Virgo Venus is potentially going to be way more loyal, attentive, and motivating than a Virgo sun with a Venus in Pisces. That being said, some sun signs have a reputation for being more loyal while in a relationship. If you want a look into how all-in your partner is based on their zodiac sign, we've got you covered.


Empathetic Cancer

Angel Eyedealism, an astrologer and performance artist, wrote for WikiHow that water signs, in general, are "super loyal." But when it comes to Cancer, they're more than all-in, they have a one-track mindset on their partner, and not in a bad way. According to WikiHow, Cancers never "dream of cheating on a partner or betraying a friend" because of their empathetic nature and ability to really understand how someone else would feel or be hurt by such deception and fakeness.


This loyalty could potentially be because Cancers struggle at the start of relationships, specifically waiting to get into a serious one until they're sure they won't get heartbroken by their chosen partner, per Astrotalk. They also write that Cancers expect their partners to be just as loyal as they are because they don't even think of cheating or hurting their beloved. Astrotalk writes that Cancer "gives you all of them, and you would rarely have the reasons to doubt their love." Per WikiHow, Cancers are in it "for the long haul," so for all those reasons and more, don't betray a Cancer's heart because they'd never do the same to you.

Passionate Scorpio

Scorpios get a bad rep for many reasons. They're called the fire sign of water signs for their ferocity and passion, per AstroSage, but that can come off in negative ways sometimes, especially if they do not like you. However, MSN wrote, "Scorpio is the one person you can always count on through thick and thin; it's true, a Scorpio will defend their loved ones in any situation." When in a relationship and in love, Scorpios are "ride-or-die" for their partner, per StyleCaster [via Yahoo]. And having such an emotional and fierce partner in Scorpio will feel great when they fight others on your behalf and are intensely supportive of you.


StyleCaster also wrote that because Scorpios are so in-tune with their own emotions and who they are, they can't waste their energy on or open up to anyone who isn't going to be a strong bond for them. But once they find their love, Scorpio will protect their partner and their relationship with their life.

Reliable Virgo

Much like Scorpio, Virgos aren't interested in anyone that isn't going to be a serious match. And much like Cancer, Astrotalk writes that "the thought of getting caught cheating is very horrific to imagine for them." Virgos are typically rational and goal-oriented, so screwing with their own relationship by cheating or starting a relationship with someone who isn't going to be their One and Only is not a move Virgos make often (or ever).


YourTango also writes that Virgo's awareness and reliability are part of what makes them so loyal as well. It can sometimes be a downside, but Virgos' aforementioned rationale is one of the main reasons why they are able to put their partners' feelings in front of their own. Their partner is their "number one priority," per YourTango. They're overall intensely committed, and as Astrotalk wrote, they strongly attach to their relationship and partner. This can be negative because they might have a hard time if someone isn't as all-in, but as for being in the relationship, Virgos are truly one of the "most loyal zodiac sign[s]," according to Astrotalk.

Loyal Capricorn

Sticking with earth signs, Capricorn is another zodiac sign that is all-in on their relationship. According to Astrotalk, Caps "would take drastic measures to stay loyal." So that means, much like Cancer and Virgo, Capricorns don't think of cheating at all. Their commitments, including relationships, are serious things for them, and they are honest to a fault. That can, of course, be a negative factor when they're not feeling like their partner is there for them in the same way because they can be brutal, but they'd rather do that than go behind your back and be adulterous.


On Zodiac Talks' YouTube, they reported Capricorns' commitment to promises and obligations is increased "tenfold" when regarding their relationships. Much like Cancer, Caps tend to take longer and are "more hesitant" to move into a serious relationship, but once they're in, they're locked in. Astrotalk calls Capricorns "fantasizers" who plan their future intently. So they'd rather do anything to keep their partnership alive and well before thinking of breaking up and screwing with their planned futures.

Bold Aries

Like many signs on this list, Aries is fiercely loyal (duh). But what makes them stand out a bit is the fact that on top of being all-in with their partners, their partners are their life, and they will fight for their relationship to work. "If an Aries believes you to be the one for them, they will struggle to keep you in their life," Pinkvilla wrote. "They'll exert every effort to maintain their happy connection." That might not be the healthiest for Aries, but if you're partnered with one, just know that breaking up is most likely not on their radar or even a desire of theirs in the slightest.


Also, don't take advantage of that. It'd be good to remember that Aries are fire signs and "warriors," as Zodiac Talks says in their YouTube video on "signs [that] will never give up on a relationship." So that bold and passionate Aries that you're dating, who will protect and fight for their relationship until the end, is not someone you want to have as an enemy, either. But while in a partnership, this sign will truly be a precious and loyal love.

Dependable Taurus

Lastly, there's Taurus as one of the most loyal signs in a relationship. Rounding out all of the earth signs, it makes sense that all three of these grounded signs made this list. Just like Capricorn and Virgo, Taurus is "straightforward" and sees loyalty as their "ultimate goal," according to WikiHow. They write that they're "one of the most honest and dependable signs" due to the fact that they're devoted to their partner once they find a stable and strong relationship. They write that Tauruses have simple desires, which include reliability and consistency, and so if they have a partner that can also give them that, they're totally all-in.


Tauruses are great with advice and want to help their partner out just like they do with others they care about. According to Pinkvilla, Taurus is the "ideal romantic sign," meaning that once they find someone who fits all their needs and who sees Taurus just as significant a partner as Taurus sees them, they'll stay "for all time." They won't give up easily when times get tough, and they exert some of the strongest efforts to save or fix a relationship out of all the signs.