The Best Order To Apply Your Hair Products In If You Have Fine Hair

Haircare is much more than just randomly adding products to your hair. Like your skin, the hair needs a targeted routine that focuses on your hair needs. While we all go through similar steps, there's no one size fits all approach to haircare. One example of this is the fact that hair needs can change depending on the hair type. Someone with thick hair will have a different care routine to consider than someone with fine hair. Fine hair can be a challenging hair type if you don't treat it accordingly. Hair explains that fine hair is simply a way to describe thin hair strands. If you hold up your hair strand and it looks similar to a piece of thread, you probably have fine hair. 


Treating fine hair is nothing out of the ordinary. The most vital factor in maintaining fine hair is ensuring all of your products are working to provide sufficient volume while moisturizing the hair strands. These factors make layering your hair products correctly an essential part of your routine. Applying hair products in the correct order will ensure that each haircare product can absorb into the hair without affecting the rest of the haircare routine. 

How to layer hair products on fine hair

Layering hair products on fine hair is all about considering the weight of your hair products. Better Not Younger recommends starting your routine with scalp scrubs and shampoos. Like your skin, you want to cleanse your scalp from impurities like excess oil or dandruff. With fine hair, it's easy to suffer from greasy hair that causes flakes and product buildup. Cleansing is essential to start with a fresh scalp that can absorb the rest of your routine. After your shampoo, you can continue adding moisture to your hair through a conditioner.


You should also start drying off your hair with a soft microfiber towel. Fine hair is more susceptible to breakage due to its thinness, meaning you want to use something softer on your hair when drying it. Once you've soaked the excess water from your hair, you want to take extra care of your scalp. Follow up with your scalp treatment to ensure it gets fully absorbed into the scalp after showering. If your hair gets easily tangled, add a leave-in conditioner to help smoothen hair before brushing through it. After the leave-in conditioner, follow with the thickening products you use as well as heat protectant spray if you plan to use heat on your hair. 

What hair products do you need for fine hair

Choosing the right products for your hair is essential for maintaining healthy fine hair. It's A 10 Haircare explains that the most important word you need to look out for when choosing shampoo and conditioner is volumizing. Volumizing shampoo and conditioner will help make your hair look fuller and thicker. Starting with volumizing products will help make the rest of your routine much easier to plan.


Rush explains that you want to be careful when adding new products to your hair care routine. When you have fine hair, the last thing you want to do is add too many products since this will only weigh down your hair over time. Instead, choose a few volumizing and thickening products that are not oil-based to add to your hair after your shower. Products like dry shampoos, mousse, and texturizing sprays are great additions that are lightweight on the hair. These products will help give you some needed volume without the product buildup or extra weight.