We Already Know What Fashion Styles Are Going To Be On Trend For Spring 2023

The end of a season always brings an exciting new chapter in the form of another season. With a new season, we also get a brand new wave of fashion trends. Whether or not you are a fan of these fashion trends, there's no denying that it is exciting to see how creativity reveals itself in a new form. Steve Dool, creative director at Depop, tells Elle Australia, "The line between dressing for day and night is getting blurrier as younger consumers continue to try on different looks as a means of self-expression throughout their lives. High octane will be met with low effort and unexpected textures will find their way into everyday style." While we can expect to see many classic fashion trends popping up once more, they will be styled and shown in a new way.

For spring 2023, many trends across various industries have started to show a unique and fantastic new display of self-expression. Although many of these trends may seem niche, designers and brands have shown that any fashion trend can fit your style. Regardless of the trends, it's safe to say that spring 2023 will involve creativity and fun.

Cargo everywhere

Nothing says practicality more than cargo fashion. While the cargo trend tends to get a reputation for having a more rugged and harsh aesthetic, cargo can fit in no matter your style. At the Dior Spring/Summer 2023 show, the brand showcased silky floral cargo pants as the ideal way to mix a feminine style with the cargo trend. Besides cargo pants, all types of cargo are welcome. Between jackets and vests, don't be surprised to see head-to-toe cargo outfits. To fit cargo into your look, keep in mind the colors and fabrics that fit your wardrobe style. 

Draping is key

After taking inspiration from the Greek goddesses, draping is back and in full force. The purpose of draping as a trend is to bring a sense of femininity and fluidity, which are concepts society is embracing in 2023. The prime example of this sense of embracing softness came during the Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2023. From draped tops to dresses, your options are endless and can be as whimsical as you would like them to be. The more movement you add to your outfit, the better.

Feminine details

As an overall theme, femininity is the star for spring 2023. To achieve this look, designers went for feminine details such as lace, ruffles, and softer silhouettes. Bottega Veneta Spring/Summer 2023 showed various examples of how to add feminine aspects, even in subtle ways. From embroidered flowers to soft textures like fringe, you can take this trend as big as you would like. In Spring 2023, try mixing masculine pieces with more feminine details for a statement, trendy look.

Bubble hems

Thanks to this revival of Y2K trends, we once again will experience the fun and flirtiness of bubble hems in 2023. If there was any detail that was common among all fashion weeks around the world, it was bubble hems. During the Proenza Schouler Spring Summer 2023 show, we saw this hem in full effect, as most dresses contained bubble hems. From mini to midi dresses, don't be afraid to have fun with the volume on your hem.

Metallic mania

Gone are the days when metallics and sequins were only brought out during the holiday season. For spring 2023, metallics will be the new tulle and chiffon you will see everywhere. From your typical gold and silver metallics to an array of colors, there are plenty of ways to pull off this trend. The Valentino Spring Summer 2023 show is a great example of how metallics are more than a festive holiday trend. Metallics can be straightforward and professional or street-style chic.

Boudoir wear

If you want to make a statement, the boudoir trend will be among your favorite fashion trends in spring 2023. While you don't need to sport your lingerie in public, aspects of nightwear and boudoir are coming to infiltrate your daytime outfits. From corsets to sheer fabrics, boudoir wear is the newest style. We saw this during the Acne Studios Spring Summer 2023 show when they showed details of lingerie all over tops and dresses in a sweet and spring-filled way.