The Zodiac Signs That Most Definitely Have Their Walls Up

Have you ever met someone and instantly bypassed the awkward, getting-to-know-you phase to blaze straight into best friendship? Sometimes we can meet someone so open and perfectly matched to our own personality that things just seem to fall into place, resulting in a healthy, long-lasting friendship.


However, not everyone is so easy to connect with. For every time we meet someone who seems like an open book, we're bound to encounter another person with emotional walls dense enough to withstand a siege. And often, these varying levels of emotional approachability and honesty can be tied to someone's zodiac sign.

In general, water and earth signs tend to be more guarded, while fire and air signs are known for being outgoing and upfront. "You can find your way into a fire sign's good graces pretty easily because they're more focused on being liked than being used," professional astrologer and psychic Stina Garbis tells Bustle. But each sign has its own unique array of traits and hang-ups — including that defensive streak. Out of all 12 signs in the zodiac, here are the ones who have the thickest emotional walls.



Falling roughly between June 22 and July 22 each year, Cancer is chronologically the fourth sign in the zodiac (via Britannica). But when it comes to ranking the most guarded zodiac signs, Cancer is definitely a top pick.


Represented by the symbol of a crab, it may come as no surprise that people with Cancer as their primary zodiac sign — a.k.a., their sun sign — can seem to have a hard outer shell. Just like their crab emblem, Cancerians feel the need to defend themselves because their inner heart is actually quite soft and sensitive (per Pinkvilla).

To avoid heartache, disappointment, or betrayal, individuals with a birthday falling in Cancer may be slow to trust or open up. As such, it can take some time and patience to work your way into a Cancerian's inner circle. But as Elite Daily points out, once you're near and dear, this water sign is extremely loyal and protective, making them a great friend, ally, or romantic partner. So even if it takes a bit of work to get started, dating a Cancer can be highly rewarding.



If you haven't spent much time with Virgos, it may surprise you to find them on this list. Born between August 23 and September 22, this sign is represented by the gentle-seeming imagery of the virgin (per And, indeed, Virgos can be extremely kind and generous. However, there is also a shy, self-protective aspect to Virgos that can result in some difficult-to-surmount emotional walls.


Think of it this way: A virgin could be seen as someone who is protecting a precious part of themselves. True to this archetype, Virgos tend to defend their internal life against intrusion by sticking to surface-level emotions and never revealing their innermost reality. As Co-Star describes, Virgos' natural tendency toward introversion can manifest as a self-contained fortress that hides their true thoughts and feelings.

To sneak by a Virgo's emotional fortifications, Popular Astrology suggests balancing a vivacious, outgoing nature with tact and dignity. This will show a hesitant Virgo that you are willing to be honest and open with them without taking things too over the top.


Depending on the year, Scorpio's birth dates can fall anywhere between October 23 and November 22 (per Scorpio Mystique). Represented by the innately threatening and defensive imagery of a scorpion, Scorpios are known to have a disposition as fiery as their sign. This can lead to deep and intense connections, both with friends and lovers.


But it can be a hard road to reach that level of trust. Scorpios tend to keep a guard up around strangers and casual acquaintances, and may even engage in some mind games to level the playing field if they're feeling out of their depth (via Today).

Scorpios also do not forget being wronged. They are the ultimate grudge holders and are quick to use that scorpion stinger to cut opponents down with words or actions when they feel attacked. As Your Tango notes, Scorpios are easily swayed by their feelings and may strike before thinking. So unless you tread carefully, you may find yourself on the wrong side of a Scorpio's emotional barriers.


Capricorn is the tenth sign of the Zodiac, straddling the new year from about December 22 to January 19 (via Britannica). It is represented by a goat-fish hybrid — essentially, the front half of a goat paired with a fishtail. But contrary to common misconception, this is an earth sign, which makes Capricorn well-grounded but sometimes inflexible and unyielding (per Labyrinthos). In terms of relationship building, this can translate into some difficulty if they've already made up their mind about your place in their life and consider you outside their circle of confidants.


Hardworking and independent, Capricorns don't mind working or interacting with others, but they aren't easily impressed (per Your Tango). To prove that you're worthy of getting closer and seeing their true selves, you may have to leap through a number of hurdles or pass some kind of emotional test. The key is patience. Capricorns can be slow to change their opinion, but if you consistently show your value, they'll eventually come around.


Falling roughly between January 20 and February 18, the water-bearer known as Aquarius is actually an air sign (via Almanac). This typically means easy communication with other people. But Aquarians also have a reputation for being aloof in close relationships, especially when things get romantic. This can make it tough to get a grasp on their inner world and forge meaningful connections.


"Aquarius is the sign of being misunderstood," astrologer Tess Lee tells Nylon. "Aquarians often think people don't understand them, and sometimes Aquarians do that purposefully because they prefer not to be understood by people. It gives them a sense of safety."

Of course, they'll still happily engage you in conversation. But, in a sense, Aquarians' natural curiosity and ease making small talk is a wall of its own. They can be perfectly pleasant and chatty without ever delving into something deeper or betraying their real emotions. As HubPages observes, Aquarians are unlikely to lower their guard until you've become close friends, which is why romantic prospects may be better off starting from the friend zone and proving their trustworthiness before making a move.



Generally occurring between April 20 and May 20, Taurus is represented by the bull (via Britannica). This symbol can go one of two ways. On the one hand, Taureans can be placid, practical, and quite stable, like a relaxed bovine. But once they've seen a red flag, these earth signs can tap into their inner bull and become a force of nature.


As Kyle Thomas Astrology notes, Taureans have a difficult time handling change and can get bogged down in stubborn, defensive behavior when their intentions are questioned or thrown off course. This can create a huge emotional rift between them and anyone more free-wheeling, such as spontaneous Geminis. A Taurus doesn't like to have their feelings trampled on or disregarded, and may throw up walls against someone they suspect of this behavior.

"When I think of Taurus, I think about the terrible twos. ... When it's time for change, they're extremely resistant to that," astrologer Cleo Neptune tells USA Today. "They're kind of scorpionic in their close relationships. They need someone who they know will have their back."