The Zodiac Signs That Give Off The Friendliest Energy

Zodiac signs: you either really vibe and connect with them, or you think they're a load of silliness. But if you think that zodiac signs are full of misguided attempts to explain people or are just plain fantasy, you might be surprised just how correct they can be. The most popular sign that people know about themselves is their sun sign. And just like the rest of their natal chart, it's based on how the planets and stars were aligned when you were birthed. So it makes sense that a lot of people born within the same time of the year share similar traits, just based on coincidence. But, of course, astrology is more than that.


And whether you want to see how you are in conflict or why you treat your romantic partners the way you do, zodiac signs can kind of give an overview of your personality. And when it comes to how mean or nice you are, you can bet there's an astrological explanation for why some signs are just kinder than others. So which ones would be voted Ms. Congeniality? Here are the four signs with the friendliest energy.


Libras are, first and foremost, the lives of the party. They love hosting and cultivating relationships, especially with people they can relate to. Libras are dreamers and visionaries who can sometimes have a hard time making those ambitions come true. Think of Rory Gilmore, Elsa from "Frozen," or Serena van der Woodsen as classic Libras.


With that said, it's not a surprise that Libras are also ranked the friendliest by Pinkvilla. Just like they do in their party host capabilities, Libras really make a genuine effort to get to know people and be nice to them in the process. There's a reason why their zodiac symbol is a scale; they're all about justice and peace, and of course, in doing s,o they strive to treat people with kindness. Their sense of equality means they typically come across as fair and nice in most situations. Astrotalk writes that Libras tend to have a lot of friends because of this. They write that after they've locked in friends, they "support them wholeheartedly and stand by their side like a rock."


Whether you're a self-identified extrovert or not, if you're a Sagittarius, you're into adventure, meeting new people, and being loud and proud about your own thoughts and beliefs. They are very into living life to the fullest, asking questions, and just having fun. Sagittarians are often passionate and won't foot around things, often wanting to just get straight to the point. If you need help conceptualizing Sagittarians, think of Hagrid (often saying what he means without a second thought even if he should take one), Sailor Jupiter from "Sailor Moon," and Penny from "The Big Bang Theory."


According to YourTango, Sagittarians are kings and queens of naturally getting to know someone, going up to anyone even if they've never met and chatting them up. No matter the situation, Sagittarians find some way to make a friendly introduction and start a conversation that isn't cheesy or mundane. Astrotalk agrees, writing that Sagittarians flourish in new company and in situations where they're making new connections. Of course, they're going to be friendly to get the most out of it.


Pisces are dreamers and very artistic and creative. This also leads them to be compassionate and really caring for others. Pisces get the reputation for being massive crybabies, and that's really just because they get deep into their feelings and are extremely empathetic. Pisces can be spiritual or believe in a higher power or magic more than others, and they're known for being a big source of healing energy for friends. If you're a Pisces and ever related to Villanelle from "Killing Eve," Michael Scott from "The Office," or Ron Weasley, the reason is that you all share a zodiac sign.


Even though Villanelle is a deadly assassin, and Pisces is one of the top four zodiac signs of serial killers, per New York Post, (and one of the most common zodiac signs) that doesn't mean they can't make the list for one of the most friendly signs either, right? Honestly, being friendly might help serial killers in their murderous pursuits, but still. Pinkvilla wrote that Pisces are known to be one of the nicest signs because they love to feel like they're doing good in the world. They say Pisces tend to be unselfish and therefore hate being downers. They much prefer to put a smile on people's faces.


There's definitely a reason why Leo's zodiac symbol is a lion. Leos are fierce, protective, and strong. They are leaders by nature and love to live in pleasure. They're very flirty, or can be, and are intensely in love with attention. Leos are charming and bright; their vibrant nature often lures people into their circle. When you think Leo, think of the MCU's Peter Parker, Harry Potter, and Love Quinn from "You."


Leo's attention-seeking nature isn't a bad thing, necessarily. In fact, it's part of the reason why they make great friends who always make time to see or spend time with their faves, according to YourTango. It's not negative because it's not for a self-serving reason; Leos just love seeing their friends. They call Leos the "glue" in friend groups, and their creative nature tends to make for some great hangouts. Astrotalk writes that Leos are not the type to let a friendship fizzle and therefore have long-lasting friendships that they care to cultivate and take care of.