Singles Are Shifting The Dating World In 2023 By Avoiding One Specific Type Of Relationship

Dating, especially since the rise of dating apps, has morphed into a whole new, largely unrecognizable animal. Gone are the days of spotting an attractive stranger at a bar, bakery, or bookstore, asking them to dinner, and declaring the rest history. Now, you swipe on your cell phone until you find someone whose profile looks promising, invest your time into getting to know the person behind it, and then risk getting ghosted, haunted, zombied, submarined, benched, breadcrumbed, faded, or orbited.


There is certainly nothing wrong with casual relationships. However, the switch from organic, in-person relationships to online romantic interactions has created a phenomenon where relationships progress faster than normal in some regards but slower than normal in others. Sexual activity, in particular, tends to happen earlier in online relationships, as reported by The Guardian. This can lead to emotionally charged frustration, hurt feelings, and unclear intentions on both sides. Fortunately, at least one problematic aspect of modern dating seems to be heading out with 2022. Here's what you need to know. 

Goodbye, situationships

A situationship is a largely circumstantial relationship that is typically based primarily upon sex and convenience. The union might feel like it has potential from time to time, but overall, it doesn't progress no matter how long it goes on. There is no commitment involved, and at least one of the partners involved is also seeing other people romantically most of the time. If both partners are looking to find an easy source of sexual satisfaction or physical affection without a real relationship attached, a situationship can be ideal. Unfortunately, one partner is often expecting more and can end up heartbroken when the reality of the situation(ship) becomes clear.


Shan Boodram, Bumble's sex & relationships expert, and Zac Stern, founder of dating app Official, both reported to The Knot that situationships are on the decline thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic and the time it provided people for self-development. "More and more people are realizing they can have whatever relationship type they want, as long as they're communicating their needs," Stern explained. "The concept of the situationship and other similar terms are likely going to pass because people now realize they want to get the most out of their relationships." 

Hello, intentional dating

If situationships are out, dating with intention is in. Intentional dating entails replacing falling into a situationship with anyone who shows interest in holding out for someone whose long-term relationship goals match yours. No more settling for surface-level matches who don't want a commitment and hoping that they'll change their minds. You're worth more than that and you know it. Set your intentions for your romantic future and don't budge.


While you're waiting for the right person to come along, continue working on yourself and developing your vision of the future. Identify what you have to offer, what you're looking to receive, and how you plan to proceed toward that future with or without a partner. Intentional dating is just one aspect of intentional living. Intentional living is simply living with purpose. Rather than drifting through your days and reacting impulsively to external stimuli, living intentionally means making mindful decisions each day that align with your values and goals. The same can be applied to dating for life-changing results.