What Is Your Black Moon Lilith Sign And What Does It Say About You?

As you explore your astrological signs, houses, and points within your chart, you most likely continue to learn more about yourself and delve deeper into your personality, desires, and relationships. You may know that your sun sign is the primary sign in your zodiac chart, your moon sign is the quiet force that encourages your inner world and emotions, and your rising sign is what curates your outward persona, per New York Post. But do you know what your Black Moon Lilith sign is and how it describes you?

The representation of Lilith in astrology is not synonymous with the asteroid called Lilith but is instead a point that describes the vulnerable aspects of your life, such as stimuli that lead you to feel repressed, ashamed, alone, ridiculed, and misunderstood (via Cafe Astrology). The latter, the experience of feeling gravely misunderstood, is very much a hallmark of the Black Lilith Moon on your astrological chart. Emotions and feelings that comprise the representation of Lilith are rooted in insecurity and lack of belonging. However, the Black Lilith Moon sign is not all about gloomy experiences of the dark moon. From many perspectives, the Black Lilith Moon represents ways in which you take control of who you are and own what makes you amazing in the face of adversity, akin to Taylor Swift's "Reputation" album, according to PureWow. Playing by your own rules and not caring what others think about you is often what your Black Moon Sign tries to teach you.

Finding and understanding your Black Moon Lilith sign

Found at the point where the location of the earth is mirrored to the lunar apogee, the Black Moon Lilith sign on your chart can delve into your personal liberation, deepest desires, sexual exploration, and ability to fully own who you are in the world, reports The Cut. Each person's Black Moon Lilith sign is as unique as they are, which makes this sign special in that it represents the true individuality and prowess of every person on the planet, with no two people being exactly the same. To find your Black Moon Lilith sign, you'll need to access your birth chart, otherwise known as your natal chart. Using your complete birth chart, you can identify your Black Moon Lilith sign and even locate which house it falls into.

Your Black Moon Lilith sign is your key to unlocking your fullest potential, pursuing your deepest desires, and reclaiming your autonomy. YourTango describes the namesake of the sign, a figure called Lilith, who is described in mythology as being independent through fiercely standing up for herself and refuting patriarchal oppression. She was banished, which emphasizes the vulnerabilities of the sign, but she continued to hold true to who she was. Her qualities make her a worthy role model to bring out your own fierce independence and autonomy! Locating your Lilith on your natal chart can be achieved by locating the Black Moon Lilith point on the moon's orbital path utilizing a birth chart calculator.

Unlocking your full potential with your Black Moon Lilith sign

After finding your Black Moon Lilith sign on your birth chart, you next need to figure out how to use it to unlock your fullest potential and deepest desires. Each of the signs that represent the Black Moon Lilith carries unique definitions. A Lilith sign in Aries can represent insecurity about making executive decisions on behalf of oneself and fear of leadership but will have the potential to become a confident leader. A Lilith sign in Taurus might indicate struggles with self-indulgences and guilt for treating oneself, while a Lilith sign in Gemini may feel ashamed for how little or often they speak up, which can be reclaimed through self-acceptance.

Lilith signs in Cancer, Pisces, and Aquarius indicate caring natures with vulnerabilities when it comes to how invested they are in relationships, though their strengths come in learning how to set interpersonal boundaries. Conversely, Lilith signs in Libra and Scorpio signal struggles to become close with others, but one's best will come out with successful social connections. When a Lilith sign is in Leo, a person may feel insecure having attention on them, and Capricorn Lilith signs likely undermine their achievements when praise is well deserved. Virgo and Sagittarius Lilith signs probably give too much energy to practicalities and logistical matters. Learning how to find the lessons in vulnerabilities will help each Lilith sign unleash their full potential. Self-acceptance, confidence, and investing in reciprocal relationships are paramount.