Everything You Need To Know About Dating An Aries

Dating an Aries is a whirlwind experience not for the faint of heart. As the first sign of the zodiac and the harbinger of spring, Aries possesses magnificent leadership qualities, magnetic charm, and intense energy unmatched by any other sign (via Astrology.com). They are sweet, playful, and loads of fun. But they can be difficult to keep up with and difficult to hold onto. 

According to Today, Aries enjoys the act of pursuit and thrives under the pressure of making a romantic connection. They love to take charge in their relationships, from planning dates to making sure things don't become dull. Love and intimacy come naturally to flirtatious, romantic Aries, and they crave the spark of new love. So much so that they have a hard time committing to one person for a long period of time. Additionally, while their zest for life can create ample opportunity for adventure and excitement, it has the potential to wear down their romantic partners, particularly those that are looking for something stable. 

If you think you have what it takes to date this fiery, passionate sign, the following guide will help you understand your potential for connection and long-term relationship success.

Aries are energetic, direct, adventurous, and romantic

These fiery, free-spirited rams are forces of nature. As action-oriented movers and shakers, Aries invigorate their romantic partners with their endless energy, bravery, and spontaneity, all while exuding a seemingly effortless confidence that is extremely attractive (via LiveAbout dotcom). Aries also possess an innate vitality, natural charm, and bold, magnetic personalities that draw people to them like moths to a flame.

For most people, confessing your feelings is a nerve-wracking experience wrought with sweaty palms and racing hearts. But Aries isn't like most people. "Like their ruling planet Mars, Aries is hot and heavy in love," astrologer Clarisse Monahan tells Bustle. "As this is a cardinal sign, they usually jump headfirst into love. If they're in love with you, there's a good chance that you will know it!" Aries want what they want and they aren't afraid to go get it. They are extremely direct about their feelings and will never play mind games. They also relentlessly pursue the objects of their affection, loving the thrill of the chase and the feeling of butterflies at the first sign of new love (via PrepScholar).

However, it isn't just the thrill of a whirlwind romance that Aries adores. On the contrary, Aries is a sign that loves being in love. They are an extremely loyal, generous sign that lavishes their partner with affection and support. If an Aries falls in love with you, you can expect grand romantic gestures and a lifetime of passion.

Aries love risk takers with big personalities

According to Co-Star, Aries are attracted to people who have big, bold personalities similar to their own. They want someone who is warm, direct, and fierce with loyalty and love. Someone who is upfront about their emotions and desires will not only impress Aries but make them feel safe and secure enough to be their true selves. They seek out romantic partners who are as flirtatious and physical as they are, finding the confidence of an assertive, self-assured person incredibly captivating.

Playfulness and impulsiveness are like catnip to Aries. As a spontaneous, action-oriented sign, they long for an adventurous, fun-loving partner who isn't afraid of a little risk (via Sarah Scoop). They love a partner that can keep up with their crazy ideas and impromptu excursions, be it a drop-in tango class or a last-minute weekend trip to the coast. No matter how you express yourself or the type of activities you prefer, a zest for life is necessary if you are to keep the spark alive between you and your Aries love.

Aries are intense and temperamental

Loving an Aries is not for the faint of heart. Aries are known for being independent, uninhibited, and impulsive, which can bring plenty of excitement to a relationship. And although they are loving and supportive partners, they also get a bad rap for being intense and temperamental individuals.

"Whatever an Arian does, he/she does it with absolute interest and drowns themselves in what attracts them at the first sight," astrologer Kritikka Mathurr tells Wedbook. They are notoriously single-minded in their romantic pursuits and will stop at nothing to win your heart. Once they do, they jump headfirst into the relationship and everything it entails, from meeting your parents to moving in together. While their ability to sweep you off your feet can be an alluring trait, the fast-paced nature of it all can also feel overwhelming and a bit domineering.

Aries also feel their own emotions quite intensely. They tend to simply react to their emotions, which can shift at a moment's notice, rather than approach things with a calm, level head. Furthermore, Aries are unafraid of conflict and are somewhat defensive of their opinions and feelings, particularly if they feel they have been wronged. Their natural impatience combined with their quick, fiery temper can cause them to lash out at their partner in times of stress. Aries never stay angry for long, but it can be hard to forget the blunt, harsh words they spout when they are upset (via Tarot.com).

Do Aries fall in love quickly?

No zodiac sign falls in love as hard or as fast as Aries. They crave the heady rush and excitement of new love, especially when their crush is witty, ambitious, and has an excellent sense of humor. "Aries flies out of the trap like a horse on race day," astrologer Terry O'Conner tells Bustle. "They explode into action and once they have set their signs on someone, their determination and needle-like focus will pursue that love — until they decide it's not what they want anymore."

Like a raging forest fire, Aries love is intense and all-consuming but can burn out as quickly as it started. At first, it is thrilling to be on the receiving end of their passion and adoration. They give their full hearts to their relationship, regardless of how long it has existed. However, if the initial spark fades and your energetic Aries lover finds themselves bored or uninspired, they may decide to end things with little warning. According to Astrograph, Aries tend to rush into relationships with little to no reflection, which means they sometimes hold onto people who don't understand them and jump into relationships that aren't good for them long term.

Aries women in love

Aries women are ambitious, enthusiastic, flirtatious, and independent people that tell it like it is. Astrology.com notes that Aries women possess a blunt honesty that keeps their romantic partners on their toes and a fearless, fiery energy that both warms and inspires. She is never in one place for too long, physically or emotionally, which can be difficult to keep up with. She is also highly individualistic. However, if you can match her optimistic and tireless energy, you will be rewarded with a boundless, protective, long-lasting love.

Equality is extremely important to her in a relationship, as is mutual respect. She will not tolerate misogynistic or chauvinistic tendencies, sexist jokes, or being talked about behind her back. Her goals and creative pursuits are important to her and she needs a companion that celebrates and supports her successes. She also looks for a partner that possesses great strength of character. Someone who is honest, direct, and reliable will easily capture her heart, but someone who is also capable of making her laugh will find themselves a loyal, lifelong partner.

If you want to keep an Aries woman, it is important not to get complacent (via Saga). She bores easily. Wooing an Aries woman is less about gifts or cozy sentimentality and more about memorable experiences. She craves adventure and loves to be whisked away on dates with plenty of action and activities to stimulate her buzzing, whip-smart brain.

Aries men in love

Aries men are the stereotypical alpha male. They tend to be proud, a little rough around the edges, and guarded with their emotions until they feel comfortable enough to show off their true selves. Like their female counterparts, Aries men are independent and hate to be tied down to anything too serious (via Astrologify). Although they themselves are prone to jealousy, they hate clinginess in their partner. Aries men also tend to prioritize fantasy over reality. They have a hard time reconciling their desire for true love with their need for freedom, and can therefore set impossible expectations for their romantic partners that they can never meet.

If you're crushing on an Aries guy, being direct is key. According to Astrostyle, he loves people who are bold and unafraid to come on to him. It is also important to openly admire them as he cannot resist a person who appreciates his good looks, good humor, and sharp wit. Odds are good that your Aries man is also a thrill seeker and adrenaline junkie that loves surprises. They also love a challenge and getting to pursue someone, so being too available isn't going to stoke their fire.

When an Aries man decides to commit they do so with gusto. He holds on tight to his significant other and will do whatever it takes to help them succeed and feel loved. Their powerful devotion, passionate lovemaking, and unique approach to life provide a lifetime of happiness and joy.

Is it easy to date Aries?

Aries are warmhearted, loving people that bring ample light and adventure into the world, but does that make them easy to date? The answer is: it's complicated.

According to Kyle Thomas Astrology, love needs to be fun for an Aries or they'll bail. Their personal happiness is too important to them to risk being tied down in a relationship that doesn't check all of their boxes. They can be self-centered and competitive with their love. They may also demand breathing room and a level of attention from their partners that isn't realistic. They also sometimes struggle to listen to their partner's needs which can make them feel invalidated or ignored. This sign often falls back on their volatile emotions when an argument arises which can cause long-term communication issues that are difficult to overcome. Aries must learn to be patient, dial back their impulsivity every so slightly, and open themselves up to more than their own perspective if they want their relationships to last.

It may not always be easy to date an Aries, but they are incredibly cool people to date. Aries love to lavish their partner with attention, spoiling them rotten with physical affection, fun dates, and pampering. This sign possesses a truly loving and generous heart that is totally endearing, even on bad days (via Astrostyle).

How does Aries handle a breakup?

Aries has a number of deal breakers that may cause them to break up with you. If they feel their independence or autonomy is threatened, Aries will cut ties immediately. A lack of physical connection and an overbearing sense of neediness from their partner may also cause them to run. On the other hand, if they don't feel that their partner truly loves or wants them unconditionally, they may flee before they have the chance to be left. Although they are generally optimistic and uninhibited people, they fear fully committing to someone and being rejected later on.

If you break up with an Aries you can expect them to move on fairly quickly (via Astroreveal). They are unlikely to beg you to stay, although their fiery rage is sure to lead to a big fight. Despite their bravado and courage, Aries are secretly sensitive people who struggle with the emotions surrounding a breakup. They are much more comfortable feeling anger and frustration, and may choose to coldly cut their ex out of their lives completely rather than express their pain (via Mysticado).

Two Aries signs are better than one

No one understands the complexities and nuances of an Aries personality quite like another Aries, which makes this pairing a match made in heaven. They feed off of their partner's competitive energy, ambition, and creative spirit, and are simultaneously unafraid of the constantly shifting moods present in the relationship. Both people in this relationship crave action and movement, and will therefore know exactly what to do or say to keep the relationship from growing stale.

According to Paired Life, two Aries in love means plenty of intense, blunt conversations. Explosive fights may come about now and again but a quick resolution always follows. A committed Aries couple will learn just the right amount of give and take required to make sure both parties feel they have control and responsibility within the relationship (via Compatible Astrology). If the couple fails to make this happen the relationship may turn into one giant power struggle.

An Aries-Aries combo may compound one another's strengths, but they also compound their weaknesses. Neither person in this relationship is good at backing down from a fight or viewing things from their partner's perspective. They also aren't always the best listeners. To combat these issues, Aries partners have to be willing to grow and live outside of their comfort zone for the well-being of their partner and their relationship.

Aries and Sagittarius will live happily ever after

If Aries wants to live happily ever after with a partner that just gets them, their fellow fire sign Sagittarius is a perfect fit. "Signs that are of the same element share compatibility. For instance, an Aries and a Sagittarius both bring similar energy [fire] to the table: enthusiasm, intention, and action," Certified Professional Consulting Astrologer Diana Brownstone tells Vogue. Aries and Sagittarius both possess similar extrovert qualities, love to lead, and are unafraid of a challenge. They are both competitive in spirit but can harness that competition in a way that furthers their relationship goals.

According to The Times of India, Aries and Sagittarius make excellent spouses and lifelong companions because they share a similar outlook on life. Both Aries and Sagittarius have an endless appetite for exploration and new experiences and are determined to live life on their own terms. Neither likes being tied down but will happily commit if they feel their partner trusts them and supports their dreams.

Astrotalk notes that an Aries-Sagittarius couple may struggle with taking their partner's advice. Their pride can get in the way of simple discussions, leading to big fights and feelings of being controlled. Ultimately, although there will always be a few bumps in the road, Aries and Sagittarius bring out the best in one another and have what it takes to make it through anything.

Aries and Virgo have conflicting needs

Although a Virgo-Aries relationship is never boring, it is fraught with conflicting needs, difficult communication, and poor emotional connection. According to ZodiacSign.com, Aries and Virgo struggle to bring out the best in one another. Where Aries is impulsive and quick to anger, Earth-sign Virgo is meticulous, thoughtful, and deeply emotional.

"Virgo rarely works out [with Aries] because they're too detail-oriented," Constance Stellas, author of "Sex Signs: Your Perfect Match Is In The Stars," tells Refinery29. Virgos are perfectionists that like to exist within their comfort zone. They don't like spontaneity and carefully plan out their adventures, two things that make Aries feel bored and suffocated. Virgos are also considerably shyer than extroverted, energetic Aries, which can lead to problems when it comes to intimacy and socialization. The pair also has radically different communication styles which can lead to frequent misunderstandings and one party always feeling unheard.

However, all is not lost. Both signs believe in being faithful, hate dishonesty, and strongly value trust from their significant other. Virgo can help Aries learn how to harness their chaos into something productive, while Aries can teach Virgo how to loosen up and enjoy life more. With time, understanding, and plenty of patience, these two signs have the determination and fortitude to make a long-term relationship work.