How Steaming Your Outfits Can Instantly Elevate Your Entire Look

When your clothes are covered in wrinkles, what device do you turn to? While your grandma may still be wielding her trusty iron and ironing board, many have moved on to using something much more convenient: a steamer. According to Steamins, steaming your wardrobe can come with lots of benefits. First, it can remove odors, bacteria, and allergens from your fabrics. Second, there's no risk of this machine burning or badly creasing your clothes. Third, it doesn't make use of any harsh chemicals that could damage your pieces. And, as an added bonus, many agree that steamers are much easier and more convenient to use than irons, especially those that are handheld. However, to an iron's defense, you can't create crisp pant creases with a steamer, per Food52.

There's also another added benefit of steaming your outfits: it can elevate your entire look. Below, you'll discover why, as well as some tips on how to properly use a steamer.

How steamed clothes elevate your look

When getting dressed, we often just throw on our clothes without a second thought. As expert Esther Kim explains, "Regardless of the price tag, clothing in poor condition that is visibly pulled out of a drawer or marinating on your 'clothing chair' (we all have one) without being ironed, never looks good," per Byrdie. However, when you take the time to steam your clothes, even the most inexpensive outfit can look well thought out and may even appear quite pricey. Perhaps you've experienced this yourself. Imagine a classic white button-down shirt, which can be bought at a reduced price, without wrinkles, and half-tucked into blue jeans. Looks classy, right? But the same piece with some creases may more clearly give off a low-priced look.

Fortunately, LaundryHeap lists other benefits of adding this simple task to your morning routine. Aside from removing lingering smells, it helps your clothes last longer, and get rid of any stains. Therefore, steaming your clothes may give others the impression that you are well put together. 

Tips on using a steamer

Luckily, if you're considering investing in a hand steamer, there are several great choices on the market. For instance, Target sells a small portable version for $19.99. However, you can find another at Walmart, which can be scooped up for $55. Because these types are so compact, they'd also be easy to travel with.

When steaming your clothes, be sure to keep a few things in mind, per Food52. Unlike ironing, which requires you to lay your clothes out flat, your pieces should actually be hanging. Some of the best places to suspend them are in the shower or on the shower door. Next, you'll need to fill the machine with purified water and wait for it to completely heat up, which should occur about one minute after the steam starts to spew out steam. Once you're ready to begin, pull down your garment to make it stretch out and run the machine across the piece without touching it to the fabric. In addition, make sure you don't tilt the steamer too far forward, as this could get your clothes wet or burn your skin. Once you're done, Love Olive Co recommends waiting five to 10 minutes before getting dressed to ensure your clothes are fully dry.