The Mascara Hack That Utilizes A Credit Card To Keep Your Eyes Mess Free

Since mascara is typically dark, it can be difficult and messy to apply. Luckily, according to AllWomensTalk, there are a few ways to create a clump-free and lengthened look. First, you need to make sure both the wand and the tube are clean. To do this, you could wipe down the wand with a makeup remover and remove any excess product from the edge of the tube. Second, it's also important to twist the cap on tight, as air can cause the formula to clump. Third, don't pump your mascara wand into the tube, as this pushes air into the formula. Instead, twist the wand to get more product. Finally, when applying, make sure you use the wand both horizontally and vertically, as this will help you coat each and every lash.


However, even when following all of these crucial steps, there's still an issue you could run into: smudges on your eyelid or underneath your eye. To avoid this, you could use a unique hack that only requires a credit card.

The credit card hack

If your mascara often smudges onto your eyelids or beneath your eyes while applying it, this hack may benefit you. All you'll need is a credit card or something similar that feels sturdy. According to Ipsy, you'll simply hold the card behind your lashes while applying so that the extra product doesn't get onto your face. To do this, you'll need to hold the credit card with one hand and apply mascara with the other. This could be done for both your top and bottom lashes, but make sure the card is held as close to your lash roots as possible. 


An alternative to a credit card is a tissue. In other words, use a soft tissue when applying mascara to your bottom lashes, explains celebrity makeup artist Brandy Allen via Self. In addition, placing a tissue under your eyes while applying eyeshadow could catch any fallout as well. However, keep in mind that the tissue may remove some of the makeup you've already applied to your face or eyelids.

How to remove mascara smudges

Nonetheless, even when using this trick, you may still accidentally get mascara where it's not supposed to be. If this happens, there are two ways you can remove it, and both are quite simple. The first way is with the help of makeup remover or face moisturizer, per Ipsy. Just place a small amount on a cotton swab or a small makeup brush and gently wipe away the smudge. However, perhaps the mascara is on top of your already completed makeup. For instance, maybe you've created an elaborate eyeshadow look that you don't want to ruin. If so, XLash recommends waiting until the mascara flake has dried to remove it. Once it has, which should only take a few minutes, you can easily swipe it away with the end of a clean mascara wand or dry cotton swab. 


Another tip is to wait until your lashes are completely dry before looking upwards. This will keep the product from transferring onto your eyelids. If you have oily eyelids, you could preemptively apply eyeshadow primer or concealer around your eyes, suggests another celebrity makeup artist, Mélanie Inglessis, via Self.